Transforming Ports, Changing Cities

The requirements of a compatible urban and port development impose a search for the most innovative solutions by the stakeholders of port cities. Today, the implementation of new strategies based on up to now little exploited resources on the city-port interfaces can enable the competitiveness of port cities and their international attractiveness to be strengthened whilst contributing actively to the improvement of the quality of urban life. Panorama of what already makes the success of port cities which have chosen the path of innovation.

These AIVP Days held in Barcelona are a great opportunity to learn about the innovative proposals being studied in the port and the city for cruise ship traffic, water-based leisure activities, economic activity related to the maritime sector, new urbanization proposals for the port environment, etc.

The visit to the port for members of the shipping industry will be oriented specifically towards the subjects and projects currently being promoted. The port visit, commented by professionals, will be focused on topics and projects which are actually strategic in Barcelona.

  • How can the economic spinoffs from cruises and maritime tourism be optimised?
  • What are the new energy strategies of port cities for the environment and quality of life?
  • How can marinas be laid out and managed for a shared City-Port benefit?
  • How can the mobility between Port and City be organised and the traffic flows rendered compatible?
  • What new City-Port urbanism can be implemented in the coastal buffer?

Contact AIVP : Bruno Delsalle – bdelsalle@aivp.orgDownload the brochure (pdf)