Transforming Ports, Changing Cities

The capacity of many port cities to attract international business can also be measured by the considerable increase in demand for cruise ships and other maritime tourism activities. These have a great economic impact on the city, although they are generally not assessed in as much depth as they deserve. Without knowledge of the socio-economic impact of these activities directly related to maritime tourism, development strategies cannot be implemented to enable their costs and benefits to be compared. At the same time, some cities with high levels of maritime tourism adopt qualitative objectives to complement the more common quantitative growth objectives.

Cruise: the ideal link between ports and cities
Luis de Carvalho, Chief Executive Officer, Consult DC, Copenhagen, Denmark

Luis the Carvalho is the CEO of port and destination development consulting firm Consult DC – offering a full menu of services including planning and design of new infrastructures, market analysis, training programs, marketing and promotion support.

Abstract : The cruise industry has experienced significant growth in the past decades. Towns and small communities are now destinations for mega ships. Ports are no longer just a point of arrival but a point of departure. The objective of this presentation is to illustrate how the cruise industry can be the ideal bridge between port and cities. […]

The development of the port as part of the city
Satu Lehtonen, Planning Manager, Port of Helsinki, Finland

Satu Lehtonen is the planning manager of the Port of Helsinki. She has been working as a project manager with large residential development projects in town planning, infrastructure and landscape planning as well as in development and research studies. In the Port of Helsinki she works with architecture, landscape and infrastructure planning and participates closely in town planning and city’s area development projects. She holds a master’s degree in public design and planning (landscape planning and environmental art) and has also studied sociology.

Abstract : […] Today large harbour areas in Helsinki are transformed into residential housing areas; the port has given away 140 hectares of land after a container harbour in Vuosaari was opened in 2008. Passenger traffic has been growing strongly between Helsinki and Tallinn since 2008, and at the moment the Port of Helsinki is preparing for growing passenger traffic especially in the West Harbour. The port is going to build an extension to West Harbour with contemporary facilities for passengers and traffic. The aim is to create an active and attractive port. Active as it is the busiest passenger harbour in Helsinki, and attractive as the port wants to open the harbour for passengers and residents alike.

The transformation of the Port of Barcelona into a passenger port
Carla Salvadó, Cruise and Marketing Manager, Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona, España

Born in 1965 in Spain, Carla Salvadó holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the Pompeu Fabra University and a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University School of Translators and Interpreters at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She Has worked for six years as Marketing Director for Odisea 2000,S.L. (management company of the shopping centre located in the Port of Barcelona). Carla Salvadó has been the Secretary General of MedCruise, the Association for Mediterranean Cruise Ports, for three years. Nowadays she is member of the Board of Directors. Currently, she works as Cruise and Marketing Manager at the Barcelona Port Authority.

Abstract : The first cruise ships to call at the Port of Barcelona were used as floating hotels during the 1992 Olympic Games. This event made the Port of Barcelona aware of the potential importance of this industry for its future. Work and investment started in order to transform the port’s infrastructure, and it has now become the premier cruise base port in the Mediterranean, and the fourth largest in the world.. […]

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