Dock infos N°91, june 2014

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Annual General Meeting 2014 in Genoa

Luigi Merlo, Presidente - Autorita Portuale di GenovaIn 1991, the Port of Genoa, a founder-member of AIVP, organised one of the association’s first world conferences. At that time, the “Magazzini del Cotone” were being renovated and the city was finally rediscovering its port with the preparation of the “Colombo ‘92” international exhibition. Over the last 25 years, cooperation between the port and the city of Genoa has multiplied: the spectacular redevelopment projects in the Porto Antico have been followed by initiatives to open the port more and more to the city and its inhabitants. The success of the Genoa Port Center, which on 25 June 2014 will sign the AIVP “Missions Charter of a Port Centre“, bears witness to this.

This dynamic of opening the port to the city’s population is widely shared today by AIVP members on every continent. With its monumental presence and territorial importance, the port is a major feature of a city’s identity. Our AIVP Days will show that the port is also an increasingly active partner in the local economy and the employment market, committed alongside other organisations to the huge challenges of sustainable development.
Together with the City of Genoa and its CCI, and the Porto Antico, I am happy to share with you our experiences and our projects. We welcome AIVP members to this 26th Annual General Meeting in Genoa!

Luigi Merlo,
Genoa Port Authority

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