Dock infos N°92, october 2014

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Smart Port City?

Jean-Pierre Lecomte, Président de l'AIVPIn a few days’ time our 14th World Conference will commence in Durban, South Africa. This year we have chosen to base our discussions around the theme of the smart port city. More than just a fashionable term, being ‘smart’ for a port town is about the need, experienced by all of today’s stakeholders in the development of cities and ports, to think about our growth in a different way.

In a world threatened by lack of raw materials and space, being ‘smart’ is about knowing how to economise our resources whilst responding together not just to our own needs but also to the needs of the community, those of the port and those of economic stakeholders. There to help us in this task are many new technologies under development. Let’s discover them. Being smart is also about knowing how to innovate whilst anticipating the needs and the challenges of a world in transition: industrial ecology, the struggle against the effects of climate change, demographics…. a range of subjects around which port and city are also uniting and working together. Finally, being smart is about knowing how to engage in better dialogue. We need strong social cohesion to be able to more effectively counter the threats we are already facing up to. In these areas, city and port must also understand that cooperation is the foundation of a new dynamic that is as urgent as it is essential. Let’s be smart!

Jean Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

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