Dock infos N°94, march 2015

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Your success is our business

If an international network can be judged in terms of the diversity of its projects, then AIVP can without doubt be said to have made a very active and dynamic start to 2015! For evidence, consider the renewed international monitoring of city-port projects, a Guide of Good Practices, a regional seminar in Guadeloupe, another in Dublin, a 2016 world conference in the pipeline, various study trips planned, a partnership being developed with our Chinese friends in Ningbo, actions to promote societal integration through AIVP’s Port Center Network…

The small team of staff familiar to AIVP’s loyal members has been kept very busy indeed. Yet there are a host of new hurdles to be overcome, with disengagement by local communities and port authorities, increasingly complex business decision-making processes, not to mention legal and institutional obstacles to initiatives. Like any non-profit association, the AIVP is currently having to contend with late subscription payments, the increasing challenge of finding new members, drastic cuts in public subsidies… Is it possible to keep doing more, with fewer and fewer resources?

Our motivation and ambitions for port cities remain intact, and we remain a vibrant and dynamic organisation, and for that we have to thank our network of faithful members. They understand that the road to success is built on active collaboration and international exchanges. Such has been our guiding philosophy for almost 30 years. Thank you for your loyal support.

Jean Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

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