AIVP becomes an Associate Partner of WUC – World urban Campaign

Published by  7 September, 2015 10:03 am Leave your thoughts

WUC - World urban CampaignThe World Urban Campaign is a global partnership platform to promote dialogue, sharing, and learning about how to improve our urban future.  The Campaign is driven by dedicated partners (including the private sector, NGOs, international organizations, governments, research and educational institutions, and civil society groups) and coordinated by UN-Habitat.

As a unique network of partnership and collaboration, it also functions as a think-tank for the global urban agenda, facilitating cooperation and consensus-building on key issues. The World Urban Campaign has a Working Group, which is made up of voluntary members of the Steering Committee, which focuses on advancing partner collaboration in preparation for Habitat III. The WUC is working to raise awareness of the goals of Habitat III, its agenda, and areas of cooperation and collaboration.

AIVP is now officially an Associate Partner (August 2015).


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