Review of the 3rd Citizen Port workshop, organised in partnership with the Antwerp Port Center, 27-28 April 2016

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© Port Center Antwerp (2016)Around forty delegates from AIVP came together in Antwerp for two days of visits and presentations on the theme of city-port-citizen relations. This special event is reserved for AIVP members, providing an opportunity to share feedback and experience on specific topics such as Port Centers and societal integration.

The first day, dedicated exclusively to the experience of Antwerp’s Port Center and the city’s projects, was completed by a morning of international experience review, with contributions from: Montreal, La Spezia, Rotterdam, Nantes Saint Nazaire, Valencia and Le Havre. All are currently committed to promoting a common maritime and port culture shared by all local stakeholders. This approach is principally aimed at citizens and young people, requiring the development of information tools and educational resources on the realities of port life, with which the target audience is often unfamiliar. Several members of AIVP’s network are now actively developing Port Center projects, and the expertise acquired by AIVP in this area is increasingly sought after.

The presentation highlighting the Antwerp Port Center’s own experience was greatly appreciated. Its director, Philippe Demoulin, talked about the many events and projects organised as part of a policy introduced by the Province, aimed at encouraging young people to take a closer interest in port industry careers (over 60,000 direct and 120,000 indirect jobs). This work is being done in collaboration with a number of partners, including Antwerp Port Authority, which is also investing heavily in societal integration efforts with projects such as the Port Pavilion at the foot of the MAS Museum, the “Havenland” or Portland experience and the recently launched consultation on the creation of a water bus ferry service for the local population.

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