Review of the AAPA Congress in Merida, Mexico

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AIVP was among over 400 participants at the 25th Latin American Congress of Ports in Merida, Mexico, from 29 November to 2 December 2016.

The event was an opportunity for AIVP to promote its values and vision of city-port relations, and to convey the message that dialogue between the two sides is vital to the sustainable development of ports.

Olivier LEMAIRE, General Manager of AIVP, led a working group on the topic of “smart ports – ports of the future”. This discussion resulted in two key conclusions.

The first is to show that ports and businesses have a role and a major responsibility in terms of the environment and society. Biodiversity is already becoming part of the business model for all port projects. During the round table, Jurgen Nieuwenhoven, boss of the company Van Oord, explained that dredging operations are now being carried out sustainably. Ports are taking into account the sustainable aspect of the project at an earlier stage, so dredging is done in the most responsible way possible, for example by reconstituting natural environments.

In its second conclusion, the working group emphasised the importance of dialogue with citizens. Ports understand that by presenting projects to citizens and taking account of their views, it is possible to anticipate negative reactions and stumbling blocks. This approach also saves time, as it eliminates legal challenges. “Better a good dialogue than a bad court case”. Dialogue with citizens is presented as key to success when it comes to competitiveness.

At the close of the conference, a declaration was drafted. To consult it, click here (available in Spanish only).

We remind members that AIVP signed a memorandum of cooperation with AAPA in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in 2006, in a move to bring the two organisations closer together. Participation in these discussions naturally forms part of the active cooperation between AIVP and the AAPA network of Latin American ports.

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