Smart Port City

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Smart_port_city_bd_november2514th WORLD CONFERENCE
Durban, South Africa, 3-6 November 2014

With AIVP, optimise the organisation of your port-city territories and the constant flows passing through.
Let’s build the Smart Port City!

– Building a Smart Port City for today and tomorrow
– Tools and good practices to built the Smart Port City
– Durban, a competitive port and a dynamic city in the Indian Ocean
– Smart Port, Smart City : how to match performance to challenge?
– Anticipating consequences of global challenges with an Urban Smart Port
– Logistical organisation, the key for an Enterprisedriver Smart Port anchored in its territory
– The Citizen Smart Port is built jointly with the inhabitants
– Urban Smart Port : spatial optimisation, density and mix
– Energy transition, the industrial challenge of the Enterprise-driver Smart Port
– What dialogue tools are available to the Citizen Smart Port?
– Smart Port, Smart City, how to match performance to challenge?



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