Talcahuano port’s general manager, very happy to be part of AIVP

Published by  1 March, 2017 4:52 pm Leave your thoughts

The General Director of the Port of Talcahuano (Chile), Rodrigo Monsalve Riquelme, expressed his satisfaction at the “Portal Portuario” media to have become an AIVP member:

rodrigo-monsalve-foto-PortalPortuario.cl_-300x169We are convinced that the spirit of dialogue within the AIVP will enable us to learn from the experiences of other ports in the world that have succeeded, effectively and in a win-win manner on City-port subjects, to overcome the potential conflicts implied by the coexistence of an intensive productive activity in cities requiring more spaces for housing, services and recreation.

You can read the entire interview on the Portal Portuario website (in Spanish).

You too, join AIVP and find solutions and inspiration for your city-port projects!

The website of the port of Talcahuano: http://www.puertotalcahuano.cl/


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