AIVP invited to contribute to a workshop held by the FNAU Urban and Landscape Project Club

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The Urban and Landscape Project Club, organised by FNAU (French National Federation of Urban Development Agencies) this year chose Fécamp in France, a port town on the English Channel, as a study location. Around 30 architects and urban development experts from all over France attended the three-day workshop, after which they carried out an audit of the main challenges and potentialities of the local area, and suggested a variety of development options to local stakeholders.

AURH (Le Havre Urban Development Agency), which is a member of AIVP, was tasked with producing an urban planning document (known as a PLUi) for the local conurbation authority Fécamp Caux Littoral. The agency approached AIVP to lend its expertise in opening this workshop. One of the major challenges for local development naturally concerns the town-port interface, a high-potential zone for which the Town, the Port and the Fécamp Conurbation have already identified a broad strategy. Denis Davoult, who is responsible for “Urban Port” matters at AIVP, assisted with the project after discussions at a preliminary meeting with the Town of Fécamp and the Port Director, to gauge the key issues and projects at two town/port interface sites.

On the first day of the FNAU workshop, which involved presentations of the various territories studied, Denis Davoult suggested that the two town-port interface sites should be treated as a single territory. Then, drawing on international examples, he set out four avenues to explore:

  • The possibility of mixing port and urban functions in one building;
  • A strategy for showcasing the town and the port by means of viewing points, either purpose-built or integrated into the design of buildings;
  • Creating a network of public spaces and promenades designed to provide views of the town and port, ensure a clearer and more coherent layout for the town-port zone, and reconnect the town centre with existing cultural amenities;
  • The possibility of moving the town onto the water as a solution to the lack of space, with some examples of floating urban facilities for cultural, recreational or habitat purposes.


After a marathon session, during which the members of the project club gave deep thought to the issues involved, Olivier Lemaire (AIVP General Manager) and Denis Davoult attended a presentation of feedback on the works. The workshop proved to be a fascinating process and produced some very stimulating strategic options for the whole Fécamp area, to put to local elected representatives and technical experts.

The suggestions proposed will no doubt enrich AURH’s work on the urban planning document and discussions with the Town, the Fécamp Conurbation, and the Port.

An illustrated booklet detailing the proposals from the workshop will be published by FNAU in the summer.


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