The Port of Brussels and the Brussels Port Community sign up to the AIVP Port Center Missions Charter

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The Charter was signed in front of an audience of more than 260 delegates attending the AIVP Days, where the theme was animation in the port city. Since Port Centers are a key component of such animation, more and more AIVP members are committing to creating them.

They now include the Brussels Port Community, represented by Mohammed Jabour, President of the Port of Brussels, Olivier Auvray, Vice-President of the Port of Brussel, and Michel de Bièvre, President of the Brussels Port Community, who came together on 30 June to officially mark their commitment to the approach, which includes plans to open a Port Center in the next two years.

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As AIVP members actively involved in the work of the Port Center Network group for some years now, the Port and Port Community of Brussels have succeeded in uniting local businesses and users of the waterway around the concept of the Port Center. The move reflects a real need to promote a better understanding of the economic and industrial activities around the canal, which are often threatened by real estate pressure.

Brussels is an inland port offering a range of different services with strong potential for developing more efficient and environmentally-friendly multimodal logistics, making greater use of barge transport to the heart of the city. The canal plays a crucial role in managing mobility, ensuring more fluid traffic by reducing the numbers of trucks on the roads, offering a nascent public transport service and expanding river cruise business.

Today, Brussels residents still have a patchy awareness of the different economic and industrial realities facing the port, in a city dominated by the tertiary and service sector. The Port Center could eventually become an essential resource for developing a maritime and port culture and contributing more effectively to animation and synergies between all stakeholders: professionals, institutions and citizens.


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