Debrief on AIVP’s study mission to Lisbon

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As part of the study mission organised by AIVP on 19 and 20 October 2017, members of the network visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and a dynamic international port. The purpose of the trip was to explore the issue of port integration in a fast-changing urban territory.

The delegates visited several sites, accompanied by experts and local stakeholders. They included the spectacular Santa Apolonia cruise terminal, which opened last November and is superbly integrated into the local urban fabric, and the regenerated Arsenal district and Maritime Security Agency. Other sites toured included the brand new MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology), part of a project to redevelop the promenade beside the river Tagus by playing on the association with the converted power station, the iconic Belem district, and of course the port of Lisbon with its Alcântara container terminal, which can be seen from the Port HQ and the port installations of Setubal.

The AIVP delegates attended presentations and took part in frank discussions with architects, project designers and port stakeholders, gaining valuable insights into the new projects and their impacts on the city-port relationship, both locally and regionally.

The trip showcased the wide variety of projects in progress, and offered a better understanding of the rapid transformation that the Portuguese capital is currently undergoing. Lisbon is adapting to the new economic outlook after a lengthy period of crisis. There are numerous opportunities opening up for the port sector, with the involvement of new international players. Meanwhile, the country’s government has responded by merging the two regional port authorities of Lisbon and Setubal. The quest for a more balanced city-port relationship is resulting in some ground-breaking new plans for the waterfront. The same creative energy is expected to drive the future container terminal in Barreiro which, while still under discussion, represents a future challenge for relations between the city and port of Lisbon.

The presentations given during this AIVP study trip are available here.


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