Le Port (La Réunion) signs the Port Center Missions Charter

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At the Indian Ocean AIVP Days, held from 7 to 9 November 2018 in Le Port (on the island of La Réunion), stakeholders from the city and surrounding area came together to sign the Port Center Missions Charter! The City of Le Port, Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion and the West Coast Territory all came to the table to make their commitment a reality.

With the geostrategic advantages of a European island at the heart of a vast, rapidly-growing Indian Ocean region, the port of La Réunion and the associated local communities are keen to commit to a new economic and social approach built around the port. Extending the port, creating logistics and business zones, promoting education around maritime careers, an urban development programme designed to attract new socio-professional categories… local ambitions are combining to make the port city of Le Port an essential player in local and regional development. Against this backdrop, the decision to sign up to AIVP’s charter reflects a commitment to promoting a better knowledge and understanding of port activities within the different communities, and particularly among citizens. The eventual aim is to develop a Port Center-type structure. 

In 2014, the AIVP took the initiative of conceptualising the idea of the Port Center – a tool at the service of improved integration between the city, the port and the public- that has been expressed in an innovative charter already adopted in more than 14 port-cities: Antwerp (Belgium), Genoa (Italy), Le Havre (France), Leghorn (Italy), Montreal (Canada), Ashdod (Israel), Guadeloupe (France), Transnet Port Authority (South Africa), Dublin (Ireland), Lorient (France), Quebec (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), Brussels (Belgium), Marseilles (France). The Port Center is an education and action tool essential for developing a maritime and port culture and contributing more effectively to animation and synergies between all stakeholders: professionals, institutions and citizens.


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