AIVP participates in the Sustainable Development Day of Dunkirk

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In line with its strategic plan, the port of Dunkirk organised the 13th Sustainable Development Day on 6 December 2018, bringing together its partners to discuss the city-port relationship. Bruno DELSALLE, Deputy General Manager of AIVP, took part in the debate..

Organised by Dunkerque-Port, which has been a member of AIVP since its creation, the “Sustainable Development Days” are designed to bring together the port community, institutional stakeholders and civil society, to discuss the future and cohesion of the Dunkirk port territory. Fully integrated into the governance approach adopted under the port’s Planning and Sustainable Development Plan, these events ensure direct, transparent consultation between Dunkerque-Port and its partners. They take the form of face-to-face discussions at a morning meeting, continuing in the afternoon with a field trip specific to the chosen topic of the day.

The 13th Sustainable Development Day looked at the issue of city-port relations. AIVP was of course there to offer its views and expertise on the subject, with a presentation entitled “Cities and Ports, towards a sustainable commitment”. AIVP stressed the need for a co-construction approach to shaping city-port development strategies in constant dialogue with the community, and the importance of taking into account the environmental, societal and economic expectations of all concerned.

In Dunkirk, AIVP saw clear evidence that an open and frank debate gradually allows common visions to emerge and observations to be shared in the implementation of projects and strategic choices. The opening of a Port Center, planned for the end of 2019, will strengthen the co-construction approach further, by providing a space dedicated above all to communication.

A fine example of shared governance and dialogue between all port city stakeholders: city, port, citizens, and economic operators.


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