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Ibiza, Balearic Islands. The great port-city transformation

December 13, 2017 5:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

An interview with Mr Joan GUAL DE TORRELLA GUASP, Chairman of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands

Going for a stroll around Ibiza’s Marina today bears little resemblance to what the residents of this beautiful Mediterranean town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, experienced less than a decade ago. The port on the largest of the Balearic Islands has seen considerable change over the last 15 years and is in the midst of a unique restyling project.

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands is member of AIVP since 1995

Stockholm Royal Seaport: towards a smart port city model

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Interview with Johan Castwall, Chief Executive Officer, Ports of Stockholm

On October 2016, after three years of works, Ports of Stockholm inaugurated the new port of Värtahamnen. This reconstruction of Värtahamnen is part of the large urban development project, the Stockholm Royal Seaport. Stockholm Royal Seaport: this old industrial-port zone is gradually being turned into a port district which in 2030 will provide homes for 12,000 people, as well as 35,000 new jobs. Citizen consultation, new technologies, sustainable urban development, the project is nothing short of a demonstration of the smart port city. How the Port and the City of Stockholm are jointly working to achieve this ambitious goal?

Ports of Stockholm is member of AIVP since 2006

The last Dock infos has arrived!

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In this issue, you will find:

An interview of Yann Alix who is going to lead the AIVP Days in Le Havre (29-30 June), a selection of the AIVP brief news, a report on the participation of Philippe Matthis, the President of AIVP, to a workshop on the regeneration of port cities organized by the Committee of Regions, a news regarding the GID-Parmenides Forum about sustainable development in the Mediterranean ports in which the AIVP took actively part, etc.

Download the Dock infos

Competing Through Port-City Animation

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Interview with Yann Alix, Sefacil Foundation.

The AIVP Days in Le Havre will be led by Yann Alix, Chief Executive of the Sefacil Foundation, a think tank which studies forward-looking ideas for maritime, port and logistic strategy. Yann also works as Head of Marketing & Strategy for SOGET SA, the Port Community Systems market leader.
We spoke to him about the issue of port-city animation, which will be the key focus of our discussions on 29 and 30 June.

Soget is a member of AIVP since 2003

Saint-Nazaire: Collaborative effort the key to port strategy

April 10, 2017 9:08 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Interview with Jean-Pierre Chalus, Chairman of the Executive Board of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port. Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port is a member of AIVP since 1990

We recently spoke to David Samzun, Mayor of Saint-Nazaire, about plans to reroute the Boulevard des Apprentis. The scheme will benefit all stakeholders, by stimulating business for economic operators in the area, while preserving quality of life for local residents. The redevelopment of Saint-Nazaire’s port and industrial zone is a key plank of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port’s strategic project for 2015-2020, which is focused on three priorities: “being at the heart of existing and emerging industries”, “guaranteeing performance for port industrial facilities” and “following a shared policy for the sustainable development of port estuary spaces”.

AIVP invited to contribute to a workshop held by the FNAU Urban and Landscape Project Club

April 6, 2017 4:43 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Urban and Landscape Project Club, organised by FNAU (French National Federation of Urban Development Agencies) this year chose Fécamp in France, a port town on the English Channel, as a study location. Around 30 architects and urban development experts from all over France attended the three-day workshop, after which they carried out an audit of the main challenges and potentialities of the local area, and suggested a variety of development options to local stakeholders.

The Industrial Port of Saint-Nazaire, an XXL Development

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Interview with David Samzun, Mayor of Saint-Nazaire Ville de Saint-Nazaire become a member of AIVP in 1995.
Then, since 2010, the Communauté d’Agglomération de la région nazairienne et de l’estuaire become a member.
Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port is a member of AIVP since 1990.
The Agence pour le Développement Durable de la Région Nazairienne is also a member since 1992.

The “Boulevard des apprentis” project was unveiled to the press and local residents last autumn. It will allow us to open up a new access to the industrial-port zone of Saint-Nazaire while also creating new spaces for economic operators in the zone, particularly the STX naval yards. Work began at the beginning of 2017. The challenge is to reconcile the expansion of the port city’s economic activity with the quality of life of local residents. Interview with David Samzun, Mayor of Saint-Nazaire, who will also tell us about the latest developments with Saint-Nazaire’s City/Port development plans.

San Antonio Port: Incentivising Port-City Integration through Citizen Participation

February 15, 2017 3:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A contribution of Carlos Mondaca Matzner, Jefe Asuntos Públicos, Empresa Portuaria San Antonio, Chile Empresa Portuaria San Antonio is member of AIVP since 2011.

The Port of San Antonio, Chile’s first port by tonnage, aims not only to increase the volume of goods handled but also to ensure the development of human capital, essential criteria for ensuring competitiveness. The port also seeks to strengthen the link with the community and to promote the port city integration through citizen participation. The modification of the Urban Development Plan, in which the Port of San Antonio carried out an extensive participation program including a hundred meetings, is a perfect example.

Port of Vancouver: sustainably addressing the challenges of growth

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Interview : Duncan Wilson, Vice Président, Corporate Social Responsibility, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Canada. Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is member of AIVP since 2015.

More than 50 per cent of British Columbia’s population lives in Metro Vancouver, a region where available land supply is geographically restricted. According to current forecasts, Metro Vancouver’s population is set to grow by 1 million people by 2041. At the same time, trade with Canada is also growing, particularly with Asia and through the Port of Vancouver. The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port, enabling the trade of approximately 20 per cent of Canada’s entire trade in goods (by value). Most of the 1450 hectares of land under the stewardship of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (the federal body that manages port land) is in use. As a region, only about a 10-year supply of trade-enabling land remains, making the port authority’s job to prepare for growing trade very challenging.

Valparaiso, the Puerto Barón project is being re-launched

December 2, 2016 6:58 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Interview : Gonzalo Davagnino Vergara, Director General, Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso, Chile Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso is member of AIVP since 2002.

The Puerto Barón project, a planned urban and waterfront transformation, was awarded to Mall Plaza in 2006. It has been widely debated and must also comply with the requirements of UNESCO, as Valparaiso has been classed as a World Heritage City since 2003. Valparaiso Port Company, Mall Plaza and a number of authorities announced last July that it was being re-launched. Work on the final phase of the project is also due to be launched.

AIVP – Could you remind us of the main outlines of this project, and how they have changed in response to community debates and concerns about their impact on the city’s heritage infrastructure?

Gonzalo Davagnino Vergara – The origin and purpose of the Puerto Barón initiative is to open up the waterfront to the public, permanently – all day and every day. Today this space is used for port traffic and transfers, blocking any direct relationship between the city and the waterfront in the area opposite the El Almendral quarter; this is the widest flat area in the whole of the city’s low coastal strip before it starts to climb up the surrounding hills.