AIVP at the first Smart Port Day in Marseilles

Hermeline DELEPOUVE15 July 2019

CCI Marseille Provence, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille and Aix-Marseille Université organised the first Smart Port Day on Thursday 4 July in Warehouse J1, an emblematic location for the City Port integration in full swing on the port of La Joliette. On this occasion, the 7 award-winners of the Smart Port Challenge, launched last year, presented the results of their work. The innovation and quality of the projects, carried out in partnership between Start-ups and established businesses, show the importance which must be given to human capital in contemporary City Port dynamics. .

River and maritime tourism in the Seine Valley

Hermeline DELEPOUVE9 July 2019

AIVP recently attended the 4th cooperation meeting of planning offices for the Seine Valley. The event is intended to provide a forum for exchanges and allow participants to gauge the development of river and maritime tourism, while gaining a better understanding of the role that can be played by local and regional authorities and stakeholders.

The Dock infos #116 is online!

Denis DAVOULT4 July 2019

In the latest issue, you will find:

In focus, the AIVP Agenda 2030 whose 10 goals have already been ratified by 52 members at our General Meeting in Riga in June; a selection of our port cities news; an excerpt from our full interview with Senator Gabriela BENAVIDES COBOS, Chairman of the Committee on External Relations Europe, about a law reform to make Mexican ports pay for urban development; and the news from the AIVP network.


Download the Dock Infos #116

The AIVP Agenda 2030: an international press coverage

Hermeline DELEPOUVE24 June 2019

In Riga (Latvia), on 7th June 2019, 50 AIVP members have ratified the 10 commitments that form the AIVP Agenda 2030, which will help port decision-makers and elected representatives from our cities to act for more sustainable and responsible development. This ratification has had a worldwide press coverage, promoted and relayed by our members and our various press contacts.

Plan the city with the port: guide of good practices

webmaster30 May 2019

Designed as an aid to decisionmaking, the AIVP Guide of Good Practices is now available via a dedicated online platform.

It currently contains 116 examples of good practices, with more to be added regularly. The guide is an invaluable tool for identifying practices that can be transposed to your own Port City and implementing the AIVP 2030 Agenda, to ensure that your Port City contributes actively to the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.