Dock infos N°86, may 2013

webmaster13 June 2013

Editorial : “Culture and competitiveness of port cities”

The AIVP Days in Helsinki (Finland), 13-15 June 2013

It is with great pleasure that we are to be able to welcome you to the General Meeting of AIVP, the worldwide network of port cities, in Helsinki on the 11th and 12th of June. More than one hundred delegates, representing port cities on every continent, are due to attend. Finland largely looks out onto the Baltic Sea and this entire European region has experienced remarkable economic dynamism since the end of the Soviet era more than twenty years ago. Helsinki and other Baltic port cities are at the front line of this growth. This economic impetus is accompanied by an equally remarkable urban revival. All around the country, pride is taken in architectural heritage whilst the improvement of quality of life in cities is of constant concern. This is why I am delighted that these new AIVP Days in Helsinki are dedicated to the theme “City-port culture and competitiveness”. Cultural strategies play an active role in the improvement of citizens’ wellbeing. It is also an important factor in the development of tourism. When it is possible to bring together culture with the port and its activities, then we have an extraordinary lever for development in each port city.

Hannele Luukkainen, Chairman of the Board, Port of Helsinki

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L’Amazone women’s 6 km race, 2 June 2013: the AIVP team

webmaster4 June 2013

A big cheer for the AIVP women workers who bravely took part in the 5th L’Amazone 6 km race at Le Havre last Sunday, 2 June. Sarah Guermi, Greta Marini, Paula Dominguez, Corinne Monnet, Chloé Colboc and Corinne Lallemand (pictured left to right) ran the 6 km course wearing pink “AIVP” t-shirts to raise money to help the fight against breast cancer.

World Seastems, a new approach to maritime traffic in the development policies of port cities

webmaster22 May 2013

In the context of research projects into the dynamics of port cities, AIVP would like to draw its active members’ attention to the World Seastems project. This project, financed by the European Union to the tune of one and a half million euros, began in March 2013 and will go on for 5 years. The World Seastems project is under the scientific responsibility of César Ducruet, CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) researcher and member of AIVP’s network of experts.

French Inland Ports: Promoting Multimodality and Proposing New Governance

webmaster16 May 2013

AIVP was invited to give its opinion on these two strategic themes during a meeting of the Association of French Inland Ports on 29th March 2013. Three points were stressed:

That local authorities are increasingly involved in economic development. That land development policies for riverside areas must prioritise plans that make use of the river. That the city port blending is vital for economic performance and for the wellbeing of citizens.

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AAPA XXII Latin American Congress of Ports, 25-28 June 2013

webmaster24 April 2013

The Colombian ports of Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Buenaventura will host the AAPA (American Association of Port Authorities) 2013 Latin American Congress of Ports in Bogota. The conference will address the integration of Latin American ports in the world in an era of free trade agreements and common markets.

AIVP presents the concept of “port centres” to Indian ports

webmaster23 April 2013

Organised by Mercator Media, the first edition of GreenPort South Asia, in Bombay, brought together around one hundred delegates from India, South-East Asia and Europe. AIVP was an associate in the initiative. At the event, Greta Marini, responsible for studies in AIVP, has presented the concept of “Port Centres”, with particular emphasis on societal integration strategies for ports and the relationship with the citizens of port-cities.