Dublin: towards a new phase of regeneration

webmaster3 April 2013

Case study
Dublin: towards a new phase of regeneration

A first wave of the regeneration of Dublin’s Docklands started at the end of the 1980’s. The site was sparsely populated and those who lived there were connected in some way to the port activities. As a result of this regeneration, there is now a new community of 25,000 residents and 30,000 workers. The regeneration is not fully completed. A new phase is now underway further to the east which will be driven by tourism and the cruise industry. An opportunity for the AIVP to discuss with Eamonn O’Reilly, CEO of the Dublin Port Company.

To read this Case study, go to http://casestudies.aivp.org

Developing its membership: a priority for AIVP

webmaster22 March 2013

With more than 200 member organisations today, in 48 countries, AIVP is strengthening its international reach.With 14 active new members joining AIVP in 2012, the growth dynamic of the world network is continuing.

Contact : Corinne Monnet tel : +33 2 35 42 78 84 / email : cmonnet@aivp.org

Helsinki to host the AIVP General Assembly on 13 and 14 June 2013

webmaster19 March 2013

At the invitation of the Port and City of Helsinki, the next AIVP General Assembly will be held in the Finnish capital. The event will be coupled with the next AIVP Days.

We invite you to mark the dates – 13 and 14 June 2013 – in your diary right away.

Contact : Bruno Delsalle – bdelsalle@aivp.org – http://www.helsinki.aivp.org

New publication: the “Indian Ocean Flash” newsletter

webmaster15 March 2013

The first issue of the newsletter of the Indian Ocean Observatory for Ports and Cities has just come out, containing a dossier on cruise ships. Based on the Observatory’s expertise, this dossier contains the key elements of a strongly growing world market.

Dock infos N°84, february 2013

webmaster1 March 2013

Editorial : “Add a more human face to globalisation”

China, India, Africa, Latin America… For many years AIVP has encouraged the expansion of its worldwide network in emerging countries and supported local initiatives in port-city development. Stakeholders in development in these countries are regularly invited to AIVP’s international conferences to present their projects and raise their concerns.

There is a growing interest in AIVP’s work and new members have already joined from the southern hemisphere. There are also an increasing number of projects and research streams on the subject of port-cities: a port-city research centre in Costa Rica, port-city Observatory projects in Brazil and China, and working groups in various African associations. There is a notable interest in port-city relationships and many stakeholders seek AIVP’s expertise in this area. Naturally, AIVP’s management actively supports these advances and encourages their development through partnership agreements. Established 25 year ago, during which time AIVP has been engaged in on-going international development issues, the association draws strength from this new global dynamic and aims to help each port-city build its future and establish links with stakeholders in port and urban development worldwide. AIVP also seeks to add a more human face to globalisation by enabling stakeholders in port-cities to meet each other and talk.

Download Dock infos N°84, february 2013

Olivier Lemaire
General Manager of AIVP

Interview with Roger Rios Duarte, head of the national research programme on port-cities in Costa Rica (PROCIP)

webmaster28 February 2013

A few weeks ago, AIVP signed an agreement with the Costa Rican port-city research and development program PROCIP, to promote cooperation actions between the two organisations. With coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Costa Rica’s ports are involved in both tourism and international trade activities. In this respect, Costa Rica is now looking to optimise its maritime and port assets. The head of PROCIP, Roger Rios Duarte, tells us more about PROCIP’s goals and the issues facing Costa Rican ports.

AIVP outlines the Port Center concept in Dunkirk

webmaster26 February 2013

14th February 2013: During a meeting of the Board of Dunkirk’s maritime museum, the Musée Portuaire, the AIVP set out the concept behind the ‘Port Center’. The concept represents a programme of social integration that encourages the main stakeholders of port cities to devise more educational initiatives to raise awareness of the port, its activities and its tasks.