Reinforcement for the AIVP team

webmaster3 December 2012

Two students have joined the permanent staff of AIVP. Their presence will enable the network to be developed and to bring a deeper knowledge of port city projects all over the world.

This step fits in with the missions of AIVP which is thus strengthening its capacity for action. It will also enable our network to play a citizen role by providing a new experience for future professionals.

Suitable urban development unlocking economic urban value

webmaster30 November 2012

36th INTA World Annual Congress – Paris (France) – 17-18 December, 2012

Six plenary sessions will discuss cutting edge issues that urban development has to face currently: a new economy for a new habitat; how urban smartness unlocks urban value; Can the re-engineered city meet the urban economic challenge?; Rediscovering mobility; City redevelopment at the heart of the metropolitan economy: centrality and peri-urbanisation; Shaping sustainable economic and urban development of the Mediterranean – intelligent tourism.

Challenges of the “State-City-Port Relationship”

webmaster26 November 2012

9th Pan- African Port Conference

Brazzaville (Congo), 10-12 december 2012

The stakes and challenges of the “State – City – Port Relationship” will be at the centre of the debates of the 2012 Pan-African ports Conference. The discussions will be based on testimonies of experiences in the various regions of Africa and elsewhere in the world. The event will bring together the leaders of port cities and infrastructures, representatives of the States and independent experts.

Three candidates for the 14th World Conference of Cities and Ports

webmaster21 November 2012

The Agence Nationale des ports du Maroc (Morocco), the Municipality of Durban (South Africa) and the local Port-City Stakeholders of Genoa (Italy) have proposed their candidacy for the organisation of the 14th World Conference Cities and Ports. The Board of Directors of AIVP has validated the definite confirmation of these propositions during its meeting of 20th November.

Publication : AIVP Directory 2012

webmaster6 November 2012

214 members in over 120 port cities !

On the occasion of the publication of the AIVP Directory 2012, it should be remembered that the worldwide network of Port Cities has been continuously growing since its creation. AIVP counts active members on the five continents which enables it to disseminate returns of experiences in all the domains dealing with port cities, their structural and economic development, their adaptability to climate change, etc… This Directory of over 1 500 personalised contacts is now an indispensible tool for all the members in order to exchange views and opinions, to enrich themselves from the experiences of others and to implement their own strategy.

For you who are a member, a copy will be sent to you personally during November. Use it, your membership is our strength, our network is your asset !

Contact AIVP : Corinne Monnet – cmonnet@aivp.org

Chine : Festival portuaire de Ningbo (16-18 octobre 2012)

webmaster5 November 2012

Jean-Pierre Lecomte, Président de l’AIVP, a prononcé un discours lors de la cérémonie d’ouverture du 3e Festival portuaire de Ningbo. Cet évènement a accueilli notamment des représentants de villes portuaires chinoises. Il a pour objectif de favoriser les échanges culturels et promouvoir la coopération et le développement économique.

Fórum Porto-Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, 8-9 novembre 2012

webmaster31 October 2012

Saber Global consacre son prochain Forum Port-Ville à la modernisation des zones portuaires comme levier du développement durable. Quatre thèmes guideront les débats :

les plans de modernisation et d’extension du port durable, l’importance des relations ville-port dans le contexte économique mondial, la planification des projets ville-port en Europe et en Amérique latine, les expériences et projets port-ville nationaux.

Dock infos N°82, october 2012

webmaster30 October 2012

Editorial : Rendez vous in Barcelona

A few months ago, coming to Saint-Nazaire for the 13th World conference of Cities and Ports of our Association, I discovered an industrial port city proud of its past and whose choices of development, urban, economic or cultural, reveal a shared vision of the future. Barcelona is, like Saint-Nazaire, a port city very concerned about the new global challenges, economic, environmental, climate, social… In 1989, we held there the second World Conference of AIVP when the first buildings of Port Vell had only just emerged from the ground in response to what was then called “the port wastelands”. Today, if the success of our initiative cannot be denied and contributed in profoundly transforming the image of the city, we have to go further and thus “build the city with the port” in order to implement new economic but also tourist, urban and social strategies. We have decided to engage down this path by mobilising all energies and I very warmly invite you to come on 13 and 14 December to the AIVP Days seminar in Barcelona to discuss with us the topic of “Transforming Ports, Changing Cities”.

Download Dock infos N°82, october 2012

Antoni Vives
Deputy Mayor
City of Barcelona, Spain

Obama Administration : “We Can’t Wait” Initiative, Five Major Port Projects

webmaster26 October 2012

by Franc J Pigna, CRE, FRICS, CMC, Managing Director Aegir Port Property Advisers

‘Obama Administration’s “We Can’t Wait” Initiative Expedites Five Major Port Projects’ – a concerted US maritime infrastructure investment initiative or just political expediency?

When the announcement was made with major fanfare by the Obama Administration that it was ‘expediting five major port projects’ through it’s ‘We Can’t Wait’ initiative, the maritime ports community in the US and in other countries started to wonder what exactly is ‘We Can’t Wait’, why was it needed, why can’t ‘we’ wait (and for what?), what is the rationale behind it, what will it accomplish and what are the real motivating factors behind it.