portrait Alain Lefebvre

Lille’s ports targeting territorial integration

Hermeline DELEPOUVE6 February 2020

While the Urban Multimodal Distribution Centre is taking time to get up to speed, the task of integrating Ports de Lille into the metropolitan and regional fabric is more strategically important than ever.

Relying on 12 sites along the wide canals of the Hauts-de-France region, Ports de Lille is looking for innovative ways to meet the needs of logistics operators, who are faced with the daily challenges posed by e-commerce at the heart of France’s fourth-largest city.

Alain Lefebvre, Chief Executive of Ports de Lille, gives us more insight into the relationship between these ports and the territory in which they are based.

First group of students graduate in port-city governance in Chile

José SANCHEZ23 January 2020

10 students successfully finish the first edition of the diploma course in port-city governance and planning organized by AIVP Expert Dr. Sabah Zrari in Chile. The first edition of the Diploma “Planning, Management and Governance of Port Cities” took place in the University of Valparaíso, Chile, between July and December 2019.

logo WUF10

UN invites AIVP to present its 2030 Agenda at WUF10

Hermeline DELEPOUVE14 January 2020

AIVP has been selected among more than 800 candidates by the UN committee to organize a debate. The debate will focus on the contribution of cities and ports around the world to the 17 sustainable development goals. AIVP has developed an Agenda which constitutes a roadmap for port cities in 10 points, to be completed by 2030. This agenda will be presented on February 10, 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

portrait de Philippe Matthis

European Green Deal good news for port cities

Hermeline DELEPOUVE9 January 2020

By Philippe MATTHIS, President of AIVP, the worldwide network of port cities. The EU will be carbon neutral by 2050. If that target is to be met, every sector of the economy will need to take action, and naturally port cities have a crucial part to play in the transition.