Risk in urban projects: a conference on new French approaches to urban development – Paris, 13 and 14 November 2013

webmaster30 October 2013

Risk – technological, natural, climate or safety – is an essential dimension of every urban project, and even more so in “port-city” projects. Jean-Pierre Lecomte, president of AIVP, will be talking in the final round table discussion of the conference to show the strengths of port-cities in the face of risks and of the challenges of economic and energy transition.

Many major players in French urban development will be taking part in this exchange of experience.

Complete programme and free inscription at: www.reinventer-la-ville.fr

Overview of progress on the “port-city” projects and development strategies of our members at Le Port, Reunion Island

webmaster25 October 2013

The local press has taken an interest in the actions of the Municipality of Le Port and the Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion, which aim to go beyond local development. The Indian Ocean Observatory for Ports and Cities, a regional offshoot of AIVP based in the town of Le Port, is following these projects, and the challenges which they present, with interest.

Study trip to Marseilles: A port at the service of its region

webmaster24 October 2013

A very intense programme awaited the participants in the Study Trip organised by AIVP. The quality of the speakers, the discussions and the detailed replies which the participants heard, enabled them to discover many aspects of projects and strategies which are still being defined, activities in progress or redevelopments which are already operational.

Ecocity Nantes: The port as partner and driver of the sustainable city

Bruno DELSALLE22 October 2013

The problems of port-cities were addressed at the Ecocity 2013 world summit from 25 to 28 September. This was an initiative of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port (NSN Port), which is particularly concerned about the challenges of sustainable management of its region in coordination with local organizations, in partnership with AIVP.The summit, held for the first time in Europe and attended by more than 2,000 participants, attracted all the players in the Loire Estuary region. Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port suggested to the organizers that Ecocity should discuss the specific question of the port-city relationship. This was an innovative idea for this world summit, which is more accustomed to a programme and a public taken essentially from the world of urban development.

Dock infos N°87, october 2013

webmaster15 October 2013

Editorial : “Did you say IPCC?”

The most recent IPCC report has raised less of a storm than its predecessor published 6 years ago.  In the absence of virulent controversy with climate-change sceptics, the press seems to be tiring of these alarmist reports, even though it continues to stress – paradoxically enough – that the data produced by the IPCC are conservative. Discouraging in advance all efforts towards a profound change in our development and consumption processes would be counter-productive. If nothing changes very soon, our children and grand-children, born today, may see water waist-deep in the streets of New York, Bilbao, Shanghai or Buenos Aires by the time they retire!  Not to mention the many serious climate disorders affecting particularly southern hemisphere countries, where the social and economic tissue is already fragile.

The positive economy, a new challenge for port cities?

webmaster10 October 2013

AIVP was present at the LH FORUM which took place in Le Havre from 25 to 27 September 2013. This second edition, organised by the Planet Finance group and the Movement for a Positive Economy, was attended by economic, financial and social figures who presented projects for a more supportive economy which will show greater respect towards future generations and the principles of sustainable development.