Dock infos #104, February 2017

Hermeline DELEPOUVE15 February 2017

The last Dock infos has arrived!

In this issue, you will find:

AIVP President tribune about the port cities century brief news an extract of the interview with D. Wilson, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, in which Mr. Duncan explains how Vancouver port is sustainably addressing the challenges of growth AIVP network news, especially one summary about the AAPA congress in Mexico.

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Supporting efforts to share passion for the city port

Hermeline DELEPOUVE10 February 2017

Port Academy by Porto Lab, Contship Italia in Milan, 2 – 3 February 2017

Greta Marini, who is responsible for the AIVP Port Center Network, was invited to take part in the “Port Academy” organised by the PortoLab project, launched eleven years ago by terminal operator Contship Italia. In line with the principles set out in the Port Center missions charter, PortoLab allows youngsters aged between 9 and 12 to learn about the terminals operated by Contship in various Italian port cities (Milan, Cagliari, Ravenna, Gioia Tauro, La Spezia).

Port of Vancouver: sustainably addressing the challenges of growth

Denis DAVOULT8 February 2017

Interview : Duncan Wilson, Vice Président, Corporate Social Responsibility, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Canada. Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is member of AIVP since 2015.

More than 50 per cent of British Columbia’s population lives in Metro Vancouver, a region where available land supply is geographically restricted. According to current forecasts, Metro Vancouver’s population is set to grow by 1 million people by 2041. At the same time, trade with Canada is also growing, particularly with Asia and through the Port of Vancouver. The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port, enabling the trade of approximately 20 per cent of Canada’s entire trade in goods (by value). Most of the 1450 hectares of land under the stewardship of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (the federal body that manages port land) is in use. As a region, only about a 10-year supply of trade-enabling land remains, making the port authority’s job to prepare for growing trade very challenging.

25 new members – 2016 was an exceptional year for AIVP

Hermeline DELEPOUVE6 February 2017

2016 was marked by a very positive balance for AIVP, with 25 new members joining the network. There was strong recruitment of professionals. The “local authorities” and “port authorities” groups recorded a stable, regular number of new members.

AIVP and social networks

Corinne MONNET25 January 2017

AIVP has been on Facebook and Twitter since 2009. To stay closer to its members and promote more interaction, AIVP also has a LinkedIn and a YouTube profile.

Roger Rios appointed President of INCOP

Hermeline DELEPOUVE16 January 2017

On a private trip to Costa Rica, AIVP President Philippe Matthis met with Roger Rios, a sociologist well known to AIVP members as coordinator of the city-port development programme “PROCIP”, and who was recently named President of INCOP, the body which operates ports on the country’s Pacific coast.

AIVP mission to Cameroon

Hermeline DELEPOUVE3 January 2017

Responding to an invitation extended by Mr Josué YOUMBA, Chief Executive of the National Port Authority (APN), Philippe Matthis, Chairman of AIVP and Olivier Lemaire, General Manager of AIVP, both travelled to Cameroon for the two national maritime and port days. The trip was an excellent opportunity to visit the country’s port facilities and discover the city-port cooperation projects in Douala and Kribi. 

AIVP member of the Industry Alliance for Multimodal Connectivity and Logistics

Hermeline DELEPOUVE14 December 2016

AIVP, together with 20 other organizations, have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the framework of the Industry Alliance for Multimodal (IAM). AIVP, through this Alliance, will express its positions and expectations with regards to EU policy initiatives that could boost and enhance sustainable European multimodal connectivity and logistics.

Dock infos N°103, december 2016

webmaster1 December 2016

In this issue, you will read: the AIVP President editorial an extract of the synthesis of the conference of Rotterdam news from port-cities projects AIVP network news

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