Espo Award 2016: the jury selects a shortlist of 5 ports

Corinne MONNET27 September 2016

The ESPO has chosen “Nature in Port” as the theme for the 8th Award on Societal Integration of Ports. The jury convened in Brussels on 26 September, drawing up a shortlist of five ports from the eleven proposals received: Bremerhaven, Cartagena, Dunkirk, Guadeloupe and Riga. The winner will be announced in Brussels on 9 November.

San Antonio Port: Incentivising Port-City Integration through Citizen Participation

Corinne MONNET19 September 2016

The Port of San Antonio, Chile’s first port by tonnage, aims not only to increase the volume of goods handled but also to ensure the development of human capital, essential criteria for ensuring competitiveness. The port also seeks to strengthen the link with the community and to promote the port city integration through citizen participation. The modification of the Urban Development Plan, in which the Port of San Antonio carried out an extensive participation program including a hundred meetings, is a perfect example.

To read this Case study, go to: www.members.aivp.org

Dock infos N°102, september 2016

webmaster15 September 2016

New practices, new challenges

The biennial World Conferences Cities & Ports are always exceptional events in the life of AIVP. Prepared well in advance and with great enthusiasm, they are an opportunity to mobilise our global network around themes selected for their key relevance to the challenges and projects of today’s port cities. They also bring together the community of AIVP members, active stakeholders in the development of cities and ports, some of whom have been following our work assiduously for over 20 years.

Developing the cruise business in Casablanca: AIVP offers support to SMIT – Société Marocaine d’Ingénierie Touristique

Corinne MONNET7 September 2016

SMIT has approached AIVP to enlist the network’s help with its study on the development of the cruise industry in Casablanca. The study covers a range of aspects, including economic development strategy, ways of making the destination more attractive for tourism, and also promoting the urban integration and development of the cruise business locally.

Juliette DUSZYNSKI, Deputy Director of the Urban Development Agency for the Le Havre and Seine Estuary Region), and Co-Director of the Club “Maritime Territories” talks with AIVP.

Corinne MONNET24 August 2016

The Club “Maritime Territories” was created in 2009, at the initiative of two French urban agencies (Marseilles and Le Havre) looking to create a club to discuss issues specific to port cities (sea and river ports). “This Club is an ideal forum for exchanges between city port stakeholders across the country and beyond” J. Duszynski tells AIVP. Read the interview.