Port Centers and port reputation

Hermeline DELEPOUVE8 July 2020

Hilda Ghiara is Tenured Researcher and Professor in Maritime Traffic, Ports and Regional Economies at University of Genoa (Italy). She has been member of AIVP network of experts for almost 10 years. She attended on July 2, the AIVP webinar on Port Centers and provides a perspective that complements the webinar quite well.

The health, climate and tourism crisis

José SANCHEZ23 June 2020

Following the webinar on 18 June 2020 on the return of cruise activity in our post-covid port cities, Dr. Pedro Marín Cots, Director of the Urban Environment Observatory of the city of Málaga (Spain), gives his point of view on the subject. In his characteristic direct style, he clearly thinks that they cannot return, especially following the same economic and tourist model from before the Covid-19. He raises several questions regarding the actual adaptation capacity and emphasizes that the real challenge is climate change, that we should not get distracted from it. This is indeed an opportunity to accelerate the necessary changes towards new economic and cultural behaviours.

Global Supply Chains, Post-pandemic Port Cities, and the Future Role of Waterfronts

José SANCHEZ10 June 2020

We invited Dr. Zaheer Allam to comment the discussion on the 1st webinar of AIVP "How to Plan Waterfronts After Covid-19?". In this article, he raises new points to be taken into consideration for the economic recovery plans and the effects the Corona-Crisis may have on waterfront areas. Zaheer also emphasizes how this moment is as well an opportunity to reflect on dominant principles for waterfront planning, such as the application of smart tech, and to reconnect these areas with local inhabitants. The article is an invitation for AIVP members to continue the brainstorming and improve the port-city relationship.

How has the Spanish government responded to the crisis of Covid-19 in the port sector? The answer from Puertos del Estado

José SANCHEZ20 May 2020

Spain has been one of the most affected countries by the COVID 19 in Europe. The strict quarantine imposed by the government limited most economic activities and restricted the mobility of people. In the meantime, during the past weeks, ports have continue functioning as crucial infrastructure to reduce the effects of the pandemic. In this article, the president of Puertos del Estado explains the main economic, legal and security policies and actions taken to cope with the consequences of the COVID 19 crisis.

Towards a Better Port Industry

José SANCHEZ12 May 2020

Peter de Langen, one of the AIVP experts, recently published the Book Towards a Better Port Industry with Routledge. We asked Peter to relate some of the insights from his book to the current state of turmoil in the global economy and specifically global value chains and ports.

Port life in Italy during the coronavirus emergency: stepping up to the challenge

Hermeline DELEPOUVE23 April 2020

Italy was the first European country to suffer the full consequences of the COVID-19. In this article, Tiziana Murgia from Assoporti, Francesca Morucci and Massimiliano Barbera from the North Tyrrhenian Port Authority Network explain the main measures taken in the maritime sector to face this crisis. The authors also reflect on the serious consequences for passenger activities and the role of international organizations in the global response to the corona virus challenge.

portrait de Philippe Matthis

What can each of us to do about climate change?

Hermeline DELEPOUVE27 January 2020

My wish for the start of this New Year is for every member of AIVP to make a concrete commitment to the fight against climate change, in line with the n°1 priority identified by our worldwide association in the 2030 Agenda. How? Let me explain.

portrait de Philippe Matthis

European Green Deal good news for port cities

Hermeline DELEPOUVE9 January 2020

By Philippe MATTHIS, President of AIVP, the worldwide network of port cities. The EU will be carbon neutral by 2050. If that target is to be met, every sector of the economy will need to take action, and naturally port cities have a crucial part to play in the transition.

Senadora Gabriela Benavides Cobos

Mexico : Senate wants ports to pay for urban development

webmaster22 May 2019

The legal definition of the port-city relationship, and the responsibility of each one of the main actors is one of the key issues in port city governance. In AIVP, we have seen an increasing discussion about this issue. Recently, there have been new initiatives and debates in Chile and Spain. The most recent development has taken place in Mexico, where last April, the senate unanimously approved the law reform, increasing the implication of port authorities in urban development. These organizations will contribute with 30% of the surplus annual income. Considering how important this debate is, AIVP invited senator Gabriela Benavides, main sponsor of the law, to write an article explaining this initiative and help us understand how it functions, and the possible consequences.