Greenport : environmental practices in the port cities

webmaster15 October 2012

The Greenport conference took place in Marseilles from 3 to 5 October. Partners of the event, AIVP seized this occasion to meet its Marseille members and get updated on their projects. One session dedicated to port city relations was chaired by Greta Marini.

Accord de coopération entre le PROCIP (Costa Rica) et l’AIVP

webmaster10 October 2012

Luis Guillermo Carpio Malavasi, Recteur de l’Université nationale à Distance du Costa Rica (UNED), et Jean Pierre Lecomte, Président de l’AIVP, ont signé un accord dans le cadre du programme de recherche pour le développement des villes portuaires du Costa Rica (PROCIP).

Le Havre : 1400 participants for the « 1st Port Week »

webmaster3 October 2012

The programme of this week of discovery aimed at making the various facets of port life better understood by the public and schoolchildren. The “Port and the sea” visit for instance enabled the college students present to take size –and the outsize – of container activity thanks to the commentaries of the guides and a very close look at the vessels alongside that day in Port 2000. This success shows, as if it was necessary, a real interest in the port world often ignored by the wider public.

Espo Award 2012 : a short list of ten ports

webmaster11 September 2012

Denis Davoult represented AIVP for the first meeting of the jury for the Espo Award on societal integration in Brussels on 11th September 2012.

The 2012 edition is on the topic of Youth, a topic which AIVP is evidently very aware of, notably through its Port Center Network. 23 ports have posed their candidatures. A success for Espo, but also a wealth and a multiplicity of initiatives which particularly impressed the members of the jury. Obviously, for the ports youth of all ages, children as well as students, present a privileged target with one objective : to make them understand as early as possible the port world and to arouse vocations.

A pre-selection of 10 ports was made by the jury: Antwerp, Bremenports, Cartagena, Dover, Genoa, Marseille, Piraeus, Rotterdam, Santa Cruz de Tenerife et Venice. The winner will be announced in Brussels on 7 November next.

American ports and their communication strategies

webmaster23 March 2012

For a long time now, American ports have followed the general management principle that coexistence with citizens, local associations and territorial authorities, as well as pressure groups such as environmentalists, requires a constant, proactive communication and lobbying strategy. At a workshop run by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) at the end of February 2012 (Program of the workshop), AIVP attended a variety of presentations on this subject, in the company of some forty American ports including Portland, Oakland, Miami, New Orleans, Seattle, Montreal, Quebec, Long Beach and many more.

Cruises and urban policy: the CTUR project

webmaster4 January 2012

The Final Report of the CTUR project, with which AIVP has been closely associated, is available. It notably reveals that the economic impact of cruises is more often than not under-exploited and could be vitalised by an integrated and targeted policy. This strategy can be based notably on the creation of a cruise cluster, on training, and on the cooperation between port cities. Cruises can also constitute a tool for urban regeneration provided that a logistics strategy to optimise the flows of passengers be developed and that new terminals be multifunctional.

CTUR, mains results
CTUR – Final report and Good Practices

City–Port innovations

webmaster28 September 2011

Toward integrated Port City Projects

The French Federation of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU) have published a study which inventories the innovatory practices implemented in the port cities in order to associate the respective interests of territories, of the economic stakeholders and the “new” environmental deal. Seventy French and international initiatives have been inventoried and analysed with the help of AIVP. Four sectors are examined : economy, environment, urbanism, and governance.

Download the study – (Short version aivailable in english)

Contribution of AIVP to the Greenport Conference

webmaster20 September 2011

In the context of a collaboration initiated in 2009, AIVP have just played an active part in the sixth edition of Greenport Conference on 14 and 15 September last. This year the work of the conference had the objective of identifying solutions aimed at reducing the impacts of port and shipping activities on the natural and urban environment. On this occasion, ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) presented the draft of their “Green Guide” bearing on the issues connected with the management of the quality of the air, of noise, of the water and of wastes, as well as the question of energy consumption and climate change.