Urban Port

14 November 2018

Swansea: Inauguration of the Construction Wales Innovation Centre on the waterfront

CWIC forms an integral part of the University redevelopment on the waterfront and will provide training in different areas of the construction industry. It is intended to anticipate future needs with on-going or planned projects for the next decade. The centre will have a particular impact on various projects planned for the waterfront: a digital indoor arena, shops and restaurants, offices for start-ups in a container village, etc.

Full article : Swansea Council (August 2017) ; Publicnow

14 November 2018

Auckland waterfront: the stadium project opens debate on the area of port space to be recovered

Full article : NZ Herald ; Stuff (+ video)

12 November 2018

Melbourne: revised project for Fishermans Bend

The State Government of Victoria had announced its intention to promote a model development on the site between the port, the Yarra River and the bay, housing 80,000 people by 2050. The proposal had attracted 26 projects by developers at the start of this year, and the prospect of a forest of skyscrapers stirred up debate. The number and height of the tower-blocks will be regulated, and the inclusion of low-cost housing will be a condition for acceptance. The new district must also be compatible with port needs.

Full article : AIVP news 2017 ; The Age (2018, Fev) ; The Age (2018, Oct)

12 November 2018

Palma: the commissary buildings are to be replaced by the new Oceanographic Centre of the Balearics

Full article : Ports de Balears

12 November 2018

Washington: The wharf, a new public space for pedestrians developed by Michael Vergason

Full article : AMC-archi (+ images)

7 November 2018

Boston: US$ 3 million announced for the Charlestown Navy Yard

The federal investment will be used mainly to turn the 19th century warehouse into a museum and visitor center. Another part of the site is set to be developed to stage events and concerts, while Pier 1 could host festvals and activities all year round, along with new Freedom Trail tours.

Full article : Boston Herald ; Curbed

7 November 2018

Province of Jiangpu: ship-shaped museum in Yangzhou and cultural parks in eleven cities along the Grand Canal

Full article : Ecns


Citizen Port

14 November 2018

Energy transition, community relations, human capital: three development priorities for the port of Antwerp.

For its Chief Executive, the port of Antwerp needs increasingly to become a business facilitator and a community builder. The port must take up the challenges of the future by fostering dialogue and acting with the community. Creating a working environment that promotes initiative-taking and respects the well-being of employees will also contribute, as will improving everyday mobility for commuters in the port zone.

Full article: ESPO

14 November 2018

The port of Vancouver is rewarded again for the consistency of its management practices with its sustainable development policy.

Full article: Port of Vancouver

14 November 2018

The Port de Southampton is speeding up the construction of cycle paths to improve links between home and work, thus reducing pollution.

Full article: Daily Echo

12 November 2018

Reducing emissions from maritime transport by 20% by 2050 raises economic and technological questions. Isemar tries to bring some elements of response.

Full article: Isemar

12 November 2018

Social network are increasingly at the core of the marketing strategies of cruise operators.

Full article: Port Economics

12 November 2018

The Port of Kiel acquires a power plant for cruise ships in order to cover the demand of 50% of calls by 2020.

Full article: World Cargo News

7 November 2018

Genoa: 5th meeting of the AIVP Port Center Network (PCN) Working Group

A reduced PCN working group meeting brought together around thirty people from Europe and Canada. The meeting was officially hosted by Porto Antico, the Port Authority and the City of Genoa. Over a day and a half, a series of presentations were given by local stakeholders, with opportunity for debate and discussion, sharing of ideas, and field trips including a visit to the Port Center which recently re-opened to the public, plus the Città dei Bambini, the Galata museum, and a research laboratory specialising in pioneering biomaterials.

Full article: Port Center by AIVP

7 November 2018

Shore power for cruise ships continues to be a debatable issue due to the high investment costs and relatively low use.

Full article: CruiseIndustry

7 November 2018

The French Parliament strengthens the polluter-pays principle for ship wastes management.

Full article: ESPO

5 November 2018

The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Area and the CCI of Var have been chosen to host the “Hydrogène dans les Territoires” Days 2019

Full article: Cap Energie


Enterprise-driver Port

14 November 2018

Increasingly strong ties between the actors involved in river traffic and sea ports force the former to review their strategies.

They face several challenges: preserving investment in the face of the responsiveness of the route, despite the fall in the availability of financing; becoming more closely integrated with global logistical systems; improving connections with other modes of transport; and finally, becoming engaged in local projects aimed at strengthening river services in urban areas, while sharing use of river banks which have become highly prized spaces.

Full article : ITF

14 November 2018

DP Word is giving Virgin Hyperloop a close race for the execution of a project to connect the Indian cities of Mumbai and Pune.

Full article: Port Technology

14 November 2018

Amsterdam: during the 2nd year of the Roboat project, scale models of autonomous ships have been validated. Next stage: a 1:2 scale prototype.

Full article: Cities Today

14 November 2018

New navigable routes will allow North East India to be served over Bangladeshi ports

Full article: Business Standart

14 November 2018

The Italian Government announces that the future of cruise ship calls at Venice should be decided within a few months at the latest.

Full article: The Meditelegraphh

12 November 2018

OECD: the power of alliances could prompt a rethink of port policies, especially in Europe.

The issue of maritime alliances is the focus of the latest report by the ITF, which shows that the concentration of container ship owners is currently impacting on quality and service. There is real pressure on terminal and port operators, whose development is partly funded by the public sector. The ITF is calling for competition law to be applied in full to shipping, port projects to be assessed on common principles and standards, and finally a rethink of national and supra-regional port policies.

Full article: ITF OCDE


12 November 2018

Canadian port policy: should the number of ports be reduced from 18, and territories be given more say in appointing their directors?

Full article: The Conversation

12 November 2018

70% of European trucking companies are convinced that there will be driverless trucks in 10 years. The same is the case for last mile freight.

Full article: El Vigia 1 / El Vigia 2

12 November 2018

Singapore invests 18 million SGD in a Centre of Excellence in Modelling for Next Generation Ports to optimise long term operation

Full article : Hellenic Shipping News

12 November 2018

By creating the largest green hydrogen cluster in Europe, the Port of Amsterdam wants to move towards a climate-neutral circular industry.

Full article: Port of Amsterdam