Urban Port

25 April 2018

Tongyeong (South Korea): international CALL FOR TENDERS for contract to convert a naval yard

The aim is to turn the 18.5 hectare site into a cultural and tourist hub, while maritime activities will be maintained in the district. The project must also take account of changes to the existing urban structure to create a waterfront town, improving the area’s appeal and generating greater economic benefits for the city and region.

Full article : The site, details and objectives (+ Drone videos) ; International Urban Design Competition

25 April 2018

The port of Fremantle renovates its iconic and historic passenger terminal at Victoria Quay in a bid to improve its appeal

Full article : Fremantle Ports

25 April 2018

Almeria: funding arrangements for the city-port master plan and rail and road links to the port mean projects can be launched more quickly

Full article : SER Almeria

23 April 2018

Brussels: an Urban Planning and Landscaping Quality Plan for the canal

The Brussels-Capital Region has produced a Master Plan for the canal territory. Since 2016, some 130 projects and studies have been examined, and it was concluded that a specific strategy was needed for the different types of public spaces in this area territory. Design firms Org Squared and Bureau Bas Smets have been chosen to come up with an Urban Planning and Landscaping Quality Plan to ensure consistency between the various projects.

Full article :

23 April 2018

Paper Island, Copenhagen: pyramid-shaped cultural and leisure complex designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates is selected

Full article : World Architecture (+ images)

23 April 2018

Brest Métropole launches an invitation to tender for urban elevators at the commercial port

Full article : Le Télégramme

23 April 2018

Limassol could introduce a water taxi service to ease congestion in the city

Full article : Cyprus Mail

18 April 2018

Reimagine the Canals: seven finalists named

The Governor of New York State has unveiled the seven finalists in the competition to redevelop the State’s canal network. The aim is to develop the canals’ tourism and leisure potential and economic sustainability, while preserving and showcasing their heritage value, and securing their long-term financial viability.

Full article : Reimagine the Canals Competition (+ video) ; Press Release

18 April 2018

Circl pavilion: a building designer on the principles of the circular economy and versatility to adapt to different uses

Full article : Inhabitat (+ images)



Citizen Port

23 April 2018

Ports: increasingly concerned with understanding the cruise industry’s impact on air quality

Several port authorities, including Marseille, Bordeaux and the port of the Balearics, have decided to carry out impact studies aimed at better understanding the environmental implications of the cruise business. Currently on the rise, cruises generate undoubted economic benefits for the local area, but there are questions regarding the social and environmental cost. Aware of this issue, the port of the Balearics has decided to set up a collaboration with a bird protection organisation, to incorporate their data into the impact studies being carried out with the University of the Balearic Islands.

Full article: Portal Portuario + Corse matin

23 April 2018

The Port of Dublin submits its Masterplan 2040 and the associated environmental studies for public consultation

Full article: Port of Dublin

23 April 2018

Cruise ships with on-board sustainable management of all waste. Italian builder Fincantieri will enlist the services of Scanship to work on the processes.

Full article: Cruise and Ferry

18 April 2018

Creation of an Italian national foundation (SILP) for future port-logistics training

The new body aims to provide a forum for contact between public institutions and private enterprise, in order to tackle the phenomena and processes driving changes in the port workplace. Automation, digitisation, the internet of things, and the rise of mega-ships all represent challenges that need to be faced quickly, in terms of jobs and the new skills needed. Genoa was chosen as the site for the Foundation by its creators: Isfort, employment agency Randstad, and the RINA Group.

Full article: Ship2shore

18 April 2018

Venice: new regulations come into effect for large cruise ships exceeding certain tonnage criteria

Full article: The Meditelegraphe

18 April 2018

The Martigues Tourist Board (France) is organising three tours of the port of Fos on the theme “Nature and Industry”

Full article: Fequence Sud

16 April 2018

Lorient’s Port Center website goes online

Having signed the Port Center Missions Charter in 2016, port community stakeholders in Lorient have now opened a digital Port Center, in the form of a website explaining and highlighting the port. The website, at carries the official “Port Center By AIVP” label. Lorient’s port community who came together around the project understand that three-way dialogue between the city, port and citizens is beneficial for the territory as a whole. Since 2016, a large working group has been actively implementing the project, led by Audélor, and bringing together the main stakeholders in the port territory (Lorient Agglomération, the City of Lorient, the Regional Council, SEM Lorient Keroman, the Morbihan CCI (Port of Commerce), SELLOR (marinas), the Espace des Sciences Maison de la Mer, the University of Southern Brittany, the Development Council, Bretagne Pôle Naval, and others.)

Full article: AIVP

16 April 2018

Seattle: three companies ordered to pay $4M for damage caused to the coastal fringe dating back to the start of the last century.

Full article: Herald Net

16 April 2018

Le Havre: invitation to tender including an engineering study on the future port center

The Port Center of Le Havre – a member of the AIVP Port Center Network – has just published an invitation to tender for a “Design study for the scientific and cultural project of the future Port Center in Le Havre”. The move is part of the Le Havre region’s candidacy for the PIA3 future investment project, for which the port city of Le Havre has been selected and which offers an ambitious programme entitled “Smart port city, towards a new model for urban and industrial-port territory integrated through innovation”. AIVP is delighted by this opportunity to work on the concept for the Future Port Center, an essential resource for developing a culture of harmonious development between city, port and citizens.

The specifications for the ITT can be found at + PIA3


11 April 2018

France: solar power plan for the river dam at Port Saint Louis du Rhône

Full article: Port of Marseilles


Enterprise-driver Port

25 April 2018

India calls on ports to invest in desalination plants and renewable energies to supply clean water to neighbouring towns and cities.

Full article: Business Standard

25 April 2018

Sri Lanka: to anticipate congestion, China is planning an underground road network to serve the new port of Colombo

Full article: Port Finance International

23 April 2018

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port focuses on industrial ecology to reduce its carbon footprint and develop future industries

Full article: Ouest France

23 April 2018

Though far from perfect, ship recycling in South Asia remains at the heart of a virtuous industrial ecosystem.

Full article: The Maritime Executive

23 April 2018

Port governance in the Netherlands: two scientists look at the true power of public sector shareholders in “corporatized ports”

Full articles: Port Economics

23 April 2018

Between Paris and Le Havre, Lafarge is counting on river transport and the circular economy to process waste from worksites in the Greater Paris area

Full article: Haropa Magazine pp 22-23

18 April 2018

Ports are key to accelerating trade in order to boost development in Africa

This is not a new observation, but was again highlighted in a recent report by PWC Africa. Besides infrastructures, investment needs to be targeted at measures to improve the efficiency of ports and logistics. Otherwise, there is a risk that no benefit will be seen from new ports and terminals. Finally, as underlined by UNCTAD, education and training is equally strategically important.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News 1 & 2 / Pdf reportJeune Afrique

18 April 2018

Canada: industrial development at the port of Saguenay and modernisation of rail logistics links in Montreal.

Full article: Radio Canada / Port Technology

18 April 2018

In its master plan for 2040, the Port of Dublin is focusing on modernisation of existing installations to absorb predicted high levels of traffic.

Full article: Irish Independant / Dublin Port

18 April 2018

Lack of available port space is hampering the development of offshore win on the east coast of the US

Full article: BloombergRennewableenergymagazine