Urban Port

30 May 2014

Lorient (France): the Conurbation Community building rises out of the ground

lorient_dd_2014mai27Built on piles facing the sea, the location of the building on the Péristyle site will also be symbolic: this was the site of the historical birth of the city. For many years the population of Lorient had no access to the 7.5 ha site as it was occupied by the French navy. (photo © Jean Giacinto, architecte)

Full article : Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment, 23 mai 2014, p. 34-36 ; project (+ images)

27 May 2014

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: the port intends to create a pedestrian corridor between the cruise terminal and the city

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26 May 2014

San Francisco (USA): the Pier 70 project may be high-rise

sanfrancisco_dd_2014mai26Forest City Development proposes 1,000 flats and houses, more than 204,000 m2 of offices, and a park on part of the 65 ha site. Modifications to the current height limits could help to make changes in the project. In parallel, Orton Development will convert historic warehouses. (photo © Forest City)

Full article : Bizjournals ; Pier 70 project (+ images) ; Orton Development project


22 May 2014

Hong Kong, West Kowloon Cultural District: UNStudio team selected for a 1,200-seat lyric theatre

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22 May 2014

Malaga (Spain): construction of a 500-berth yacht marina under study

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20 May 2014

Rostock (Germany): call for tenders for Bussebart

rostock_dd_2014mai14The call is for a 13 ha zone and the aim is to reconnect the city centre with a port sector beside the Warnow. A theatre will be part of the plan. Deadline: 18 June (photo © Hansestadt Rostock)

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20 May 2014

Kinmen (Taiwan): the Japanese Junya Ishigami for a combined terminal offering passenger, tourism and leisure services

Full article : 1st Prize (+ images) ; shortlist

Citizen Port

12 December 2018

Guadeloupe: the port’s biodiversity policy launched in 2016, “manage, avoid, anticipate”, is producing results.

Full article: L’Antenne

12 December 2018

Noise pollution from the port of Las Palmas: a new “noise map” will allow the creation of an action plan.

Full article: El Diario

10 December 2018

Valencia: go-ahead for the special plan for the port logistics zone aimed at creating a green belt and a landscaping policy

Full article: Presse Europa / Diario del Puerto

10 December 2018

CSR policy: the port of Huelva provides 61,000 euros of funding to 29 non-profit organisations in the cultural, sports, educational and social sectors.

Full article: Diario Huelva

10 December 2018

Ukraine: a national plan aims to develop cold ironing in ports to improve quality of life for local residents.

Full article: World Maritime News

5 December 2018

Buenos Aires: mural frescos to give new life to the Sand Terminal

Argentina’s flora and fauna have inspired the artists in this programme to recover buildings and sand silos which have been abandoned for years. The programme is part of the current project for F Dock, which will be converted into a riverside promenade. However, the manager responsible for the Port’s project stresses that the idea is for the Sand Terminal’s equipment to be brought back into use as well, as it can play an essential role in construction work around the city.
Full article : La Nacion (+ images)

5 December 2018

Kiel: a pollution measurement campaign suggests that cruise ships are not the main cause

Full article: Greenport

5 December 2018

The inland port of Goole will become self-sufficient in electricity, thanks to photovoltaic power. Other ABP ports are following the experiment closely.

Full article: Hull Live

5 December 2018

Seattle: the five-year port plan (US$348 M) pays special attention to energy and environmental issues and to relationships with the community

Full article: Port Strategy

3 December 2018

La “New York Harbour School” has declared his intention to reintroduce oysters in the port to improve water quality

Full article: Market Screener


Enterprise-driver Port

12 December 2018

For UNCTAD, ports are poorly prepared for climate change and its impact on infrastructures and quality of service.

Full article: Port Technology / Port Calls Asia

12 December 2018

Drogheda (Ireland): initial feedback on the new port master plan confirms it as a vital economic asset.

Full article: Afloat

12 December 2018

New Orleans: in collaboration with the city, the port is kick-starting economic development along one of its historic canals.

Full article: Port of New Orleans

10 December 2018

City Port territories move to kick-start the growth of the hydrogen industry and promote the urban integration of maritime activities

As Maersk announces plans to launch carbon-neutral ships by 2030, the engine manufacturer MAN Cryo has unveiled its hydrogen-based solution for short-distance transport. In Auckland, the port plans to build a hydrogen station in 2019 that will eventually serve trucks, trains, ferries and tugboats. In Antwerp, the port has rewarded CMB for its hydrogen-powered shuttle “Hydroville”, intended to transport commuters in the port district.

Full article: Maersk / Hellenic Shipping News / Energy Live News / World Cargo News

10 December 2018

CMA CGM joins the online freight reservation platform Freightos, in a first for a maritime shipper.

Full article: World Cargo News

10 December 2018

Riga: for its development, the port takes inspiration from Rotterdam by looking to create local industrial clusters

Full article: Port of Riga

10 December 2018

Port geopolitics: Singapore protests against plans to expand the Malaysian port of Johor Bahru into its territorial waters

Full article: Jakarta Globe

10 December 2018

Savannah: the port partners a new dry port in Gainesville (capacity of 150,000 TEUs) with a 350 km direct rail link.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

5 December 2018

Autonomous ships: Wärtsilä has successfully tested a 85-meter long ferry on a route linking various ports and during berthing operations.

Full article: Port Technology

5 December 2018

The complete logistics chain will not be made more efficient without adopting a joint approach between shippers and shipping companies.

Full article : Port Technology