Urban Port

3 January 2014

Marseilles: work in progress to install 80 shops in the La Joliette docks, which have been graded as heritage buildings

Source : ; Les ; Le Moniteur, 8 nov 2013, p. 140

2 January 2014

InfoCenters devoted to port-city projects: the example set by Bremen, to follow the development of the 300 ha of Uberseestadt

Source : InfoCenter Uberseestadt

2 January 2014

Aarhus: “watch flower” – a promenade and belvedere in the shape of a flower opening on the port basin, designed by BIG

Source : A as ( + images)

2 January 2014

Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) inaugurates new public spaces between the city and the port in expectation of a new maritime station

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24 December 2013

Gdynia: conversion of a naval dockyard is in progress

gdynia_dd_24dec2013 8.5 ha of waterfront in the heart of the city will become a new mixed district of dwellings, offices and promenades by 2015. Ship repair Yard Nauta S.A. moved at the end of 2012. The start of work on the SwedeCenter last April launched the first phase of the project. (© Nauta S.A.)

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24 December 2013

Shenzhen: the business district on 45 ha of Qianhai Bay will be designed by GMP Architekten

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23 December 2013

Klaipeda: the 9 ha of the castle and the old naval dockyard to be turned into a museum

Source : Invest in

23 December 2013

Fremantle: the new plans for Victoria Quay give rise to debate, especially the spaces left as green areas

Source : Fremantle;

19 December 2013

Ports de Paris publishes a repertoire of good practices for port-city integration

It is published as part of the “Seine Sand” Charter, an initiative launched in 2000. Architectural and landscaping integration, mixed uses, environmental protection, communication and social acceptability are all concrete areas and actions which could inspire other urban ports.

Source : Ports de Paris, Répertoire des bonnes pratiques.pdf

Citizen Port

20 June 2018

The Port hosts the 6th edition of the Photo Program in collaboration with the Arts Council for Long Beach

Full article: Port of Long Beach

20 June 2018

A look back at the AIVP World Conference Cities and Ports in Quebec with the Port of Venice case study

Full article: Informazioni MarittimeLa Tribune

20 June 2018

Lorient: the Port Festival (Ports en fête) fulfilled all its objectives

Full article: Le Telegramme

6 June 2018

Contship’s PortoLab agenda ready for September 2018-2019

Sustainability is the focus for this year’s edition of the annual initiative, which gives children in various Italian port cities the opportunity to discover the world of the port and maritime activity. Through an account relating the story of an object – in this case, a printer – the children learn about the different sustainable development issues to do with transport and the logistics chain, along with the sometimes difficult choices to be made in order to act responsibly for our environment and for the planet. Since the Contship agenda was created in 2006, over 130,000 copies have been distributed with the support of various Port Authorities and public and private sector organisations.

Full article: Contship Italia + Informazioni Marittime

6 June 2018

“Propelling Montreal”: the Port Authority welcomes the City’s Action Plan which aims to enhance the international attractiveness of Montreal and position companies at the heart of the global exporting chains

Full article: Port of Montreal

6 June 2018

Santa Cruz (the Canaries): La Factoría de Cohesión Ciudad Puerto launches the “MarDEOportunidades” programme to make port activities known to the community

Full article: Facocip + Facocip 2

4 June 2018

Creation of an Italian national foundation (SILP) for future port-logistics training

The new body aims to provide a forum for contact between public institutions and private enterprise, in order to tackle the phenomena and processes driving changes in the port workplace. Automation, digitisation, the internet of things, and the rise of mega-ships all represent challenges that need to be faced quickly, in terms of jobs and the new skills needed. Genoa was chosen as the site for the Foundation by its creators: Isfort, employment agency Randstad, and the RINA Group.

Full article: Ship2shore

4 June 2018

California: tighter legislation on emissions boost research and development in green technologies

Full article: Port Strategy

30 May 2018

The OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) publishes a new report entitled: Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden

Full article: Port of Gothenburg

30 May 2018

The Port of Oslo to use drones to find waste in the docks

Full article: Next City


Enterprise-driver Port

20 June 2018

Alibaba announces its intention to invest 13 billion Euros in a smart logistics network.

The first investment made through its subsidiary Cainiao is in a logistics warehouse on at least ten floors in Hong Kong airport. Other projects exist for Dubai, Hangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Liege and Moscow. Alibaba plans to offer a commitment to deliver anywhere in the world within 72h. Does this point to a future logistics scenario which may have a positive or negative impact on ports?

Full article: Alibaba Group

20 June 2018

Bilbao: Haizea Wind factory inaugurated. Built to produce wind power towers, it will open with 86 employees, rising to 250 in full production.

Full article: Bilbao Port

20 June 2018

South-East Asia: the Yangon Port project is disputed in Myanmar whereas the extension of the logistical capacity of Matarbari (Bangladesh) is supported by Japan.

Full article: Irrawaddy 1 / Irrawaddy 2 / bdnews24

20 June 2018

To increase its multimodal offering the port of Guangzhou creates a new 32-hectare logistics park dedicated to rail transport.

Full article: Splash 24/7

20 June 2018

In Basse-Loire, France, Saipem starts talks with the Neopolia cluster to increase its competitiveness in offshore wind power.

Full article: Le Marin

6 June 2018

Denmark: municipal ports could be transformed into corporations for a more balanced competition between public and private sector.

Full article: Maritime Denmark

6 June 2018

For ensuring zero emission at berth, Grimaldi chooses renewable energies for its Roro ships

Full article: Knud E. Hansen

6 June 2018

The CNR and the Lyon Metropolis reinforce their partnership and make the port one of the main assets of their territorial strategy.

Full article: CNR

4 June 2018

The Port of Aalborg is encouraging a circular economy and the recycling industry

No less than 16 companies installed in the port are involved in this industry. It is taking on a real strategic importance for the port, which sees it as having great potential for the future. The companies have been regrouped in the same sector of the port to take advantage of synergies and to support a consistent environmental policy. Denmark imports 1.15 Mt of waste per year, mainly from Great Britain, where there is a shortage of treatment capacity.

Full article: Port of Aalborg

4 June 2018

After USA and Sweden, Germany is looking at the electrification of some motorways to take electric trucks.

Full article: El Vigia