Urban Port

23 December 2013

Fremantle: the new plans for Victoria Quay give rise to debate, especially the spaces left as green areas

Source : Fremantle;

19 December 2013

Ports de Paris publishes a repertoire of good practices for port-city integration

It is published as part of the “Seine Sand” Charter, an initiative launched in 2000. Architectural and landscaping integration, mixed uses, environmental protection, communication and social acceptability are all concrete areas and actions which could inspire other urban ports.

Source : Ports de Paris, Répertoire des bonnes pratiques.pdf

19 December 2013

Los Angeles: the City Hall approves a 50-year lease on an old wharf. It will house “AltaSea”, a research centre

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19 December 2013

Cape Town: the old grain silo will finally find a use housing a museum of contemporary African art

Source : V&A ; iol

18 December 2013

Trieste Porto Antico: an old port territory which continues to provoke debate

After the check to the “Porto Città” project, Italia Nostra is now proposing a master-plan for making the area safe and minor rehabilitation, favouring the services sector functions such as training, education and research with the creation of a Harbour College.
Source: Il Piccolo

18 December 2013

Shanghai: 10 ha of the old port of Minsheng to become a cultural hub

The project is based on the redevelopment of brick warehouses and two grain silos, the larger of which is over 50 m high. This use of heritage constructions will be an additional strength in the face of competition from other cultural complexes already existing in Shanghai.

Source : Shanghai

18 December 2013

Le Port: 7 ha of industrial wasteland at the West Port to be redeveloped

After depollution, 180 high quality dwellings, a hotel and leisure activities will materialise on the site. A large area (48%) will be converted into public spaces, to fulfil the declared intent of opening the city to the sea.

Source : Zinfos 974

18 December 2013

Fort-de-France: inauguration of a “Cruise Village” to improve passenger reception

Source : Cruise Industry News

17 December 2013

Santander: an agreement which redefines the waterfront

Of the 60 ha affected by the agreement, 27 will now become city territory. The redevelopment will feature a promenade and public spaces, but overall this represents a new stage in port-city relations, with 83 million Euros planned for 2013-2017.

Source : El Diario Montanes ; Puertos del Estado

17 December 2013

Cartagena (Spain): the cruise ship terminal receives an award for its urban integration designed by Martín Lejárraga

Source : Proyecto ( + images, plans) ; Cadena de Suministro

Citizen Port

24 September 2018

A new Port Center in Dunkirk joins the “Port Center by AIVP” community

On Thursday 6 September 2018, the founding assembly of the Dunkirk Port Center association elected its Board of Directors. The decision to create the association was accelerated following a public debate on the “Cap 2020” plans for the Port of Dunkirk. During the debate, local residents expressed strong support for the project, indicating a desire to retain close ties with the port through a suitable vehicle, and the Port Center is the answer to that very legitimate request.

Full article: Mer et marine

24 September 2018

Analysis of environmental performance trends at Brazil’s ports

Full article: Portosenavios

24 September 2018

Code of ethics: the Port of Cartagena and the dedicated committee promote respect for human rights, professional development, equal opportunities, security and safety at work

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19 September 2018

A Norwegian fund to tackle the challenge of preserving our oceans

The fund, one of the largest of its kind in the world, invests Norway’s oil and gas revenues in over 9,000 companies in 72 countries. As a global investor, the fund’s aims overlap significantly with the United Nations 2030 goals for sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Full article: The Meditelegraphe Reuters

19 September 2018

The Port of Cadiz opens up to the city by creating a cycle path and demolishing some fences

Full article: Lavozdigital

19 September 2018

What if music could strengthen ties between cities, ports and citizens? The Port of Valparaiso launches a singing competition with the University INACAP and the Culture and Arts Centre Renaca

Full article: Mundo Marittimo

19 September 2018

Port of Long Beach: 20 million dollars transferred to the municipal fund to improve waterfront quality of life for residents

Full article: Port of Long Beach

17 September 2018

The Port of Valparaiso publishes its 5th report on sustainable commitments for the environment, social ties and economic development

Full article: Mundo Maritimo

17 September 2018

Overview of the growing cruise market with a summary note produced by ISEMAR, the Nantes Saint Nazaire higher institute for maritime economics

Full article: ISEMAR

17 September 2018

The Little Museum of Dublin and the Port of Dublin announce a new short feature competition on the theme “port, city and river”

Full article: Creenireland


Enterprise-driver Port

19 September 2018

In San Francisco, ports are launching a new initiative to combat climate change

At the meeting of mayors of the world’s major cities, the ports of Hamburg, Barcelona, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Vancouver and Rotterdam presented a programme of shared actions. Logistical efficiency, territorial governance, renewable energies, sustainable fuels and carbon neutrality are among the goals announced. These measures will be brought together under the World Sustainable Port Programme, of which AIVP is a founder member, while five of the ports involved in the initiative are members of the AIVP network.Full article: Maritime Executive / Port of Rotterdam / El Vigia / Port of Vancouver / Port of Antwerp

19 September 2018

The Argentine government keen to hand control of the Port of Buenos Aires to the city, which needs to be able to take advantage of the resource.

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19 September 2018

Plans to expand the port of Valparaiso get the green light from the environmental commission and pass another milestone

Full article: Portal Portuario

19 September 2018

Blockchain could significantly improve port efficiency and provide the traceability demanded by end consumers

Full article: Greenport

17 September 2018

Empty transport, a logistics problem that is becoming increasingly important with the growth of e-commerce

Packaging leader DS Smith has joined Forbes Insight to publish a white paper showing that on average, maritime containers shipped are 24% empty – equivalent to over 60 million TEUs! That represents 122 Mt of CO2. Yet consumers are increasingly worried about this footprint, and wondering if they really need to receive their purchases in half-empty cartons. This white paper is intended as a wake-up call to all concerned.

Full article: DS Smith

17 September 2018

PierNext, the Port of Barcelona’s new digital platform, aims to stimulate innovation in the maritime and port sector

Full article: Spanish PortsPierNext

17 September 2018

The British Port Association sees self-sailing ships as an opportunity to kick-start coastal cabotage and revitalise smaller ports.

Full article: BPA

17 September 2018

The Spanish government launches consultations on the 28 strategic port plans and infrastructure blueprints.

Full article: El Vigia

17 September 2018

Brittany’s maritime economy provides 65,000 jobs, not including the tourist industry, and it set to be strengthened still further by the impending merger of the ports of Brest and Roscoff.

Full article: Ouest France / CCI Bretagne

12 September 2018

Keen to accelerate the transformation of port cities, Wärtsilä is calling for a collaborative approach

With its “Oceanic Awakening” initiative, the leader in maritime innovation has issued a wake-up call encouraging port cities to tackle issues proactively. Rapid growth in maritime connectivity must benefit all parts of society and be an engine for more sustainable port cities. The aim is to connect 20 port cities very quickly in the newly established SEA20 forum. Singapore, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Helsinki are already on board.

Full article: Sea20 / Splash 24/7Wärtsila