Urban Port

13 August 2013

MVRDV for “Caen Presqu’île”

The master plan for the 185 ha of the Caen Peninsula industrial-port site will be executed by the Dutch firm MVRDV. What really convinced the jury was the method of progressive, step-by-step urbanisation of a site conceived as a huge mosaic. The development area has been extended to 600 ha, and the flanks of the peninsula in particular will be developed to a higher density.

Source : Le Moniteur ; Caen Presqu’île ; Traits urbains

8 August 2013

London: OMA for the Morden Wharf master plan

Located near the O2 Arena on the Greenwich Peninsula, the 7.7 hectares of Morden Wharf should allow nearly 186,000 m2 of redevelopment. The site will be one of the essential strategic elements aimed at making this Peninsula the premier entertainment zone in London.

Source : OMA

7 August 2013

Rijeka: call for bids for “Delta and Port Baross area”

The Port and City of Rijeka have just launched an international competition for the redevelopment of the Delta and Port Baross areas. The object is to transform these port sectors into a new urban centre (Closing date: 22 October).
The project is an essential element of the “Rijeka Gateway Project”, about which we talked recently with the mayor of Rijeka, Mr. Vojko Obersnel. (See : AIVP case Study – Rijeka).

Source: Port of Rijeka, Tender ; Delta Competition



7 August 2013

The Port of Stockholm launches the Värtahamnen project. An opportunity for the city

The reconstruction of the Värtahamnen passenger port was launched in June. The new site and the passenger terminal, which will be more effective and environmentally friendly, should be opened in 2016. The land released will allow the city to build housing and office space in the city centre. It is an integral part of “Stockholm Royal Seaport”, a general redevelopment project.

Source : Ports of Stockholm Press Release ; The project (+ video) ; Stockholm Royal Seaport Project


7 August 2013

Bordeaux: a private maritime and naval museum and 220 housing units near the “Bassins à flot”

Source : Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment

6 August 2013

Pingtan (China): museum and city will replace military activities and fishing

The Pingtan Art Museum, designed by MAD architects, will be the biggest private museum in Asia. It is at the heart of a more general urban redevelopment project for the island of Fujian, the Chinese island closest to Taiwan. Launched in 2010, development of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone has accelerated recently. It is intended to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the economy, and also in tourism and culture.

Source : Archiscene (+images) ; Newsking

Citizen Port

19 March 2018

Brest port redevelopment: old oil slicks resurface

Full article: Les Echos

19 March 2018

A record 9.2 million cruise passengers visited Spain in 2017

Full article: Eladelantado

19 March 2018

The Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) is working to develop heritage tourism by offering guided tours of ships and iconic sites

Full article:

14 March 2018

Contrecoeur terminal in Montréal and federal public consultations

The Port of Montreal took part in public consultations by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) from 27 February to 1 March, to present the results of the environmental impact study. An open-day and two moderated public sessions were organised by the CEAA, allowing representatives from the Montreal Port Administration to meet citizens and the various interest groups, answer their questions and listen to their concerns.

Full article: Port of MontrealACEE

14 March 2018

New period of adhesion to the “Sector-based Sustainable Development Plan” for the Port of Barcelona

Full article :Cadenadesuministro

14 March 2018

The bird reserve developed by the Port of Fremantle in Rous Head shows its effectiveness

Full article: Port of Fremantle

7 March 2018

Singapore: building human capital to prepare for the future in port cities

Professional workers will also have to plan for the future by spending more time with teaching establishments to tell them about the varied, interesting and enriching careers which the industry can offer. Learning is a permanent, life-long process for employees and should be an integral part of a company’s culture. Moreover, companies will have to make themselves visible and attractive to talented young people who will be able to develop the digital world of the future.

Full article : The Straits Times

7 March 2018

Tallinn Tech University signs an agreement with local authorities to help develop the shipbuilding industry in Saaremaa

Full article : Baltic Course

5 March 2018

AIVP participates in the Contship Italia’s Portolab Academy for the second time

Greta Marini, responsible for the integration of ports with society in AIVP, spoke at the Portolab Academy (Marina di Carrara, Italy, 22 and 23 February 2018) about the new relations that need to be constructed between ports, cities and their citizens to ensure the sustainable development of tomorrow’s port cites. This project, run by Contship Italia, illustrates good practices in terms of education on the port.

Full article: AIVP


Enterprise-driver Port

14 March 2018

To retain their status as international infrastructures serving the territory, the EU’s ports need to invest 48 billion euros in the next years.

This is the conclusion of a recent study by the ESPO, which consulted 73 European ports. Without support for this investment programme from the EU Commission, ports risk being unable to play a full part in policy on transport, the energy transition and environmental improvement.

Full article: ESPO / Pdf Report

14 March 2018

France: the port city of Le Havre shortlisted as a future investment site for its Smart Port City project

Full article: Haropa Port

7 March 2018

Rotterdam moving towards a sustainable circular industry

The Port of Rotterdam has signed a development agreement with a business consortium to study the creation of a modern waste-recycling plant. The initial investment is 9M€. The consortium will take its decision on final investment in the project, estimated at 200 million euros, at the year end.

Full article : Port of Rotterdam

7 March 2018

Dominican Republic joins COCATRAM, a body which encourages port development to transform Central America into a logistics platform for the region

Full article : Actualidad Maritima y Portuaria

7 March 2018

Mary Rose Burke, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce has given a talk entitled: Why we should not move the Dublin Port to make room for housing

Full article : Fora

5 March 2018

Genoa: the City and the Chamber of Commerce are supporting a project for a circular economy

Smart Materials, the research team of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), presented a project for a circular economy in Berlin. The concept is to convert all plant waste into bio-plastics to help reduce the threat posed to the oceans by pollution with plastic packaging.

Full article : The MediTelegraph

5 March 2018

Video: the Port of Hamburg is the testing ground for 5G, the new standard which will transform communications

Full article : Port of Hamburg

5 March 2018

Computer technology at the service of an integrated sustainable development strategy allowing a multi-player approach

Full article : Port Strategy

28 February 2018

The CEO of Maersk wants to make the group a force for logistics integration on the model of Fedex or UPS – and shortly Amazon

Full article: Port Technology / Maersk