Urban Port

4 October 2013

Valparaiso: work starts on the commercial centre on the old “Muelle Baron” wharf. Opening late 2015-early 2016

Source : Plataforma Urbana

4 October 2013

Building along river banks as a protection against storms. Pretext or sustainable solution? Seaport City Project, New York

Source : New York Daily News

2 October 2013

Rio, Porto Maravilha: towards a sustainable waterfront

US$ 5.1 billion, 5 million m2 of old port areas which have been abandoned for years, and 15 years of works through the biggest Public-Private Partnership in Brazil. The city of Rio de Janeiro has plunged into one of its most ambitious projects with a public commitment to sustainable development.

Source : Porto Marvilha (+ video, images) ; City Climate Leadership Award (+ vidéo)

2 October 2013

Hong Kong: competition for an Arts Pavilion

Launched in the framework of the West Kowloon Cultural District Project, the Arts Pavilion will be connected with the M+ Museum, the visual arts museum designed by Herzog & De Meuron which is due to open in late 2017. Closing date: 28 november.

Source : West Kowloon Cultural District

1 October 2013

Rotterdam: call for projects for Rijnhaven

The role given to water and innovative ideas, including floating buildings, has been given pride of place in the call for projects launched by the Rotterdam City Council for the 21 ha Rijnhaven site. The projects must also provide the social benefits expected.

Source : Stadshavens Rotterdam ; Rijnhaven 

1 October 2013

Los Angeles Waterfront: past, present and future presented by Geraldine Knatz, Port Executive Director (video)

Source : Port of Los Angeles

30 September 2013

The port of Venice would not object to the re-location of cruise ship traffic to Trieste

Source: Il Piccolo

27 September 2013

Cable transport in port-city areas: the London service is being used less and less

Source : Deezen

26 September 2013

Evaluating the recomposition of a waterfront: the example of Toronto

Waterfront Toronto is organising a debate in October about its first Corporate Social Responsability and Sustainability Report. It will be a chance to examine the criteria used to evaluate the environmental, social and economic performance of this vast project to re-dynamise its waterfront.

Source : Waterfront Toronto

26 September 2013

Barcelona: a new stage for the Nautical Cluster with the selection of Cie Formentera Mar for the new marina

Source : El economista

Citizen Port

23 May 2018

The Port of Montreal organises a major event inviting visitors to discover the Iberville promenade and its new cruise terminal

Full article: Newswire

23 May 2018

The Gironde Estuary Conservatory (Conservatoire de l’estuaire de la Gironde) is organising the 8th Estuary Conference in partnership with Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux

Full article: Port of Bordeaux

23 May 2018

Roma Cruise Terminal inaugurates its new cruise terminal, one of the largest in Europe, capable of accommodating latest generation vessels

Full article: Ansa

21 May 2018

The Province of Antwerp prepares to move the Port Center to a new site closer to the city centre, next to the Port Authority HQ, by 2022

Full article: Havencentrum

21 May 2018

The OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) publishes a new report entitled: Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden

Full article: Port of Gothenburg

21 May 2018

The Port of Oslo to use drones to find waste in the docks

Full article: Next City

16 May 2018

The European HERIT-DATA project aims to develop sustainable management of cruise tourism

Taking advantage of technology and the latest innovations in management tools (open data, connected objects, etc.), the project aims to reduce the impact of tourism on the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean regions. The consortium brings together organisations, businesses and technology centres, along with local and regional public authorities from Italy, Spain, Croatia, France and Portugal, including four regions which are members of the Intermediterranean Commission, namely Tuscany, Valencia, Occitania and Western Greece.

Full article: Fundacion Valenciaport

16 May 2018

Cruise operators are increasingly looking to promote and create private tourist destinations

Full article: Maritime Executive

16 May 2018

California: tighter legislation on emissions boost research and development in green technologies

Full article: Port Strategy

14 May 2018

University of Concepción (Chile) initiates a project on sustainability in port cities

The initiative is led by the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Geography, and is financed by an innovation fund to boost regional competitiveness. Mabel Alarcón, project director, explained that the object is to solve the problems which arise between ports and their associated port cities, in particular logistical problems.Full article: Portal Portuario


Enterprise-driver Port

23 May 2018

Brooklyn gets a new port vocation, with a large focus on serving the domestic economy, while it could also become a new centre for the wind power industry.

Full article: The Maritime Executive

21 May 2018

Between plastics and ship waste, the challenges around waste in ports are reaching critical point

Since the start of the year, China’s restrictive policy on plastic waste imports has been causing a build-up at European ports, where storage areas are becoming gradually saturated. Some countries are looking at landfill as a temporary solution. Elsewhere, such as at the Port of Amsterdam, new possibilities are being found, including turning waste into fuel. At the same time, Europe’s ports are calling for new legislation on the collection of ship waste to include higher taxation.

Full article: / Maritime Executive / ESPO

21 May 2018

The Port of Bordeaux welcomes the first clients at its experimental SEENEOH site dedicated to tidal energy.

Full article: Bordeaux Port Atlantique

21 May 2018

Energy transition: the port of Antwerp and Fluxys target a strategy to capture, transport, store, and re-use CO2.

Full article: Port of Antwerp

16 May 2018

With its new port at Turkmenbashi on the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan aims to become a regional hub between Europe and Asia.

Full article: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberté

16 May 2018

From the port of Montreal to the port of Quebec, the provincial government wants to promote – but not control – maritime development.

Full article: Le Soleil

14 May 2018

Quebec keen to encourage industrial synergies between the port zones of Contrecoeur Varennes and Sorel Tracy

Full article: Gouvernement du Québec

14 May 2018

Reducing logistics costs is crucial to efforts to attract industrial operators abandoning Asia and make Mombasa a new global trade hub

Full article: Business Daily

14 May 2018

Seychelles: the AFD and Europe back plans to extend Port Victoria, a vital project for lowering the cost of living in the islands

Full article: Le Marin

14 May 2018

Vietnam: a lack of investment is preventing the country from taking proper advantage of its maritime and river port system

Full article: Viêt Nam News