Urban Port

3 January 2014

Marseilles: work in progress to install 80 shops in the La Joliette docks, which have been graded as heritage buildings

Source : ; Les ; Le Moniteur, 8 nov 2013, p. 140

2 January 2014

InfoCenters devoted to port-city projects: the example set by Bremen, to follow the development of the 300 ha of Uberseestadt

Source : InfoCenter Uberseestadt

2 January 2014

Aarhus: “watch flower” – a promenade and belvedere in the shape of a flower opening on the port basin, designed by BIG

Source : A as ( + images)

2 January 2014

Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) inaugurates new public spaces between the city and the port in expectation of a new maritime station

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24 December 2013

Gdynia: conversion of a naval dockyard is in progress

gdynia_dd_24dec2013 8.5 ha of waterfront in the heart of the city will become a new mixed district of dwellings, offices and promenades by 2015. Ship repair Yard Nauta S.A. moved at the end of 2012. The start of work on the SwedeCenter last April launched the first phase of the project. (© Nauta S.A.)

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24 December 2013

Shenzhen: the business district on 45 ha of Qianhai Bay will be designed by GMP Architekten

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23 December 2013

Klaipeda: the 9 ha of the castle and the old naval dockyard to be turned into a museum

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23 December 2013

Fremantle: the new plans for Victoria Quay give rise to debate, especially the spaces left as green areas

Source : Fremantle;

19 December 2013

Ports de Paris publishes a repertoire of good practices for port-city integration

It is published as part of the “Seine Sand” Charter, an initiative launched in 2000. Architectural and landscaping integration, mixed uses, environmental protection, communication and social acceptability are all concrete areas and actions which could inspire other urban ports.

Source : Ports de Paris, Répertoire des bonnes pratiques.pdf

Citizen Port

15 October 2018

BE MY PORT: A new identity to promote the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire and make the port part of city life

Together, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Port, the Union maritime Nantes ports (UMNP), the Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Pays de Loire Region, the Carene, Nantes Métropole and the Loire-Atlantique département have decided to create promotional resources including a new visual identity. The new identity is designed to inspire inclusiveness and adoption by all potential users.

Full article: Nantes Metropole  + Port de Nantes Saint Nazaire

15 October 2018

London: controversy surrounds air quality impact following the announcement of plans for a new cruise terminal

Full article: The Guardian

15 October 2018

Interview with Tiedo Vellinga, professor at the University of Delft, on his roles in academia and business and the tangible interactions between them.

Full article: Dredging Today

10 October 2018

The port of Vigo unveils a new strategic plan open to the port community: “what the port needs”

The plan has been produced to anticipate the needs of the port community and prepare the way for future infrastructural developments at the port. Drafted internally by the Port Authority, the document must now be completed by contributions from all stakeholders in the local community. This collaborative process is not new to Vigo, as its strategic plan for blue growth was based on contributions from 18 external working groups.

Full article: Apvigo

10 October 2018

UK: Arup publishes a new report on ports and air quality

Full article: Ukmajorports

10 October 2018

Santos (Brazil): the port sector is looking for funds for worker qualifications

Full article: Portosenavios

8 October 2018

Responsible cruises: a scientific study attempts to deal with the global socio-economic impact

Full article: PortEconomics

8 October 2018

The Normandy Region prepares a regional maritime strategy. The aims include promoting maritime careers and strengthening Normandy’s maritime identity

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8 October 2018

The Port of Papeete adopts measures to halve its energy use

Full article: Port of Papeete

3 October 2018

The University of Santiago in Chile to offer a diploma in port city planning. Interview with the responsible.

With the holistic approach increasingly influential in sustainable development, the university has opted to create a programme teaching students about harmonious port activity. Subjects covered will include planning and management of the urban environment, management of access roads and quality of life for port city residents. Each module of the course will treat the Port City as a unified system, rather than as two separate entities.

Full article: MundoMaritimo + Portal Portuario


Enterprise-driver Port

17 October 2018

Semi-submersibles mother vessels and barges as an alternative to megaships, an idea revisited by FREBS Marine International

Full article: World Cargo News

17 October 2018

Canarian ports will reinforce their cooperation and build bridges to propose a joint offer against competition

Full article: El Vigia

15 October 2018

Mexico: new port law may encourage ports to support urban development.

This law, currently under discussion in the Senate, may recognise the need for harmonisation between ports and cities as a means of respecting the quality of life of city inhabitants and the urban environment. For Administradoras Portuarias Integrales (APIs), this may mean that 30% of port profits revert to local authorities for stronger, closer relations.

Full article: AF Medios /

15 October 2018

Paris: following the example of Franprix, Ikea and Metro could promote the use of waterways for urban distribution.

Full article: NPI

15 October 2018

The City and the Port of Setubal have common ambitions concerning maritime issues and affirmed their satisfaction with their good cooperation.

Full artcile: Jornal de Economia do Mar

15 October 2018

The Port of Barcelona will share its 30 year experience with the port of Cadiz in terms of urban transformation of port spaces.

Full article: Diario del Puerto

15 October 2018

The Port of Marseilles launches its Smart Port Challenge: 7 start-ups will be selected by the end of the year for support throughout 2019.

Full article: Econostrum

10 October 2018

The success of offshore wind power in Europe depends on ports, which are indispensable industrial and logistics links

Data provided by the Wind Europe platform, an association of a dozen ports which specialise in offshore windpower, show that further investment of 500 million to 1 billion euros in the ports is necessary to achieve the aim of 10,000 turbines installed by 2030. Efficiency gains in port operations will allow production costs to be reduced by 5.3%. This investment is also indispensable for scrapping the oldest turbines.

Full article: Wind Europe / Offshore Wind / Renewable Energy Magazine

10 October 2018

The saturation of the port of Lagos is a burden on the city, where movement is paralysed. Public transport by water could be a solution.

Full article: RTBF

10 October 2018

From 2019 the city of Dubrovnik will limit the number of cruise ships: a maximum of two cruise ships a day with no more than 5000 passengers per unit.

Full article: turist