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5 November 2013

Antwerp (AIVP member): the Red Star Line Museum opened its doors

Dedicated to emigration to America, the Museum has been developed by New York architect Beyer Blinder Belle in three old brick port warehouses. They are dominated by a new observation tower, offering a panoramic view of the city and the banks of the river.

Source : World Architecture News ; Red Star Line Museum ; Video

5 November 2013

Shanghai: pavilions pay tribute to the industrial character of the site for the Biennial of Art and Contemporary Architecture

Source : Bustler

4 November 2013

Bremen: After four years of the renovation of Hangar 1, the Centre dedicated to the automobile and mobility opens its doors

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31 October 2013

Amsterdam, waterside living: the winners of the Living in Borneo competition

In this competition for ideas for a part of Borneo Sporenburg, a very densely populated area of the Eastern Dockland, the challenge was to integrate public services and social mixing.

Source : AWR competition

31 October 2013

Paris (AIVP member), the Eco-port des 2 Rives de Seine: integration being the watchword

This new port will offer river transport as an alternative for businesses that come to the eco-port area. A large meeting has been organised and the businesses must fulfil with the requirements in the specification aiming for architectural, landscaping and environmental integration with local cities.

Source : Ports de Paris

31 October 2013

Port of Kinmen (Taiwan): international competition for a multifunctional passenger terminal


30 October 2013

Melbourne (AIVP member): an artistic performance exploring the Docklands and their maritime character

Source: Melbourne Docklands

30 October 2013

Valparaíso (AIVP member): cruise terminal to be built next to the new shopping centre on the Muelle Barón Pier

Source : Plataforma Urbana

29 October 2013

Auckland wants to make its waterfront a model of sustainable development

Future redevelopment must comply with the recommendations of the recently launched framework programme. This will particularly affect the next phase of the Wynyard Quarter, a sector where the carbon footprint is to be reduced as much as possible. Sustainable solutions have already been put into practice.

Source: Waterfront Auckland  ; Waterfront Auckland Sustainable Development Framework

Citizen Port

15 August 2018

Lorient: this summer, the port circuits will continue to offer programmes for exploring the port and its different facets

Full article: CCSTI

10 August 2018

The exhibition “Morocco and the Sea, Then and Now” opened on Wednesday at the Tanger-Med Port Center.

Full article: + Aujourd’

10 August 2018

The Port of Oakland publishes its new “Objective zero emissions” plan.

Full article: Port of Oakland

8 August 2018

A self-driving vehicle will be running by 2019, to take cruise passengers to the centre of Le Havre.

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8 August 2018

Plans for a desalination plant at the Port of Corpus Christi spark major concerns among local residents

To anticipate the potential need for water and to encourage inward investment, the Port has already decided to file a planning application. The move quickly drew criticism from environmental organisations and local residents, who fear the plant will have a serious impact on marine wildlife and endanger the regional fishing industry.

Full article: EU.caller

6 August 2018

The Port of Gothenburg has embarked on a project to replant seagrass, as a compensatory measure to accompany the construction of a new terminal.

Full article: Port of Goteborg

6 August 2018

Fincantieri to build two LGN-powered cruise liners for the company TUI, with delivery scheduled for 2024 and 2026.

Full article: Fincantieri

11 July 2018

The Port, University and Maritime Institute of Singapore invest S$18 million in a new Research Centre

Dubbed the “Centre of Excellence in Modelling and Simulation for Next Generation Ports (C4NGP)”, the facility will focus on the needs of industry, developing integrated systems and simulation platforms, as well as research into self-driving vehicles, traffic systems and flow optimisation.

Full article: Asia Today

11 July 2018

The Tourist Board in Aarhus (Denmark) announces plans for 1300 local volunteers to greet cruise passengers

Full article: Cruise Industry


Enterprise-driver Port

15 August 2018

New York: US$100 M of investment to rejuvenate barge and rail transport at the heart of the city

Currently, some 90% of freight transport within the city limits is shipped by truck. The new plan aims to create 5000 jobs at handling platforms and eliminate 40 Mkm per year of freeway traffic. One of the sites could be in the Bronx, inspired by the terminal already developed by the port of Brooklyn

Full article: The Maritime Executive

15 August 2018

The growth of ship repair activity on the Port Elisabeth waterfront is part of the port’s drive for integration.

Full article : Ports & Ships

15 August 2018

Following the example of Morocco, Tunisia becomes the latest country to sign a deal with China to link up with the “One Belt, One Road” new silk road initiative.

Full article: Jeune Afrique

10 August 2018

Chile: dialogue with communities and cities central to the new port policy

This is the key issue identified in the strategic orientations and priority investment policies unveiled by the Chilean government to the ten national port authorities, following the appointment of their new presidents. The focus is on proposing mechanisms to promote integration, notably in terms of governance. Employment, mobility and the environment will also be crucial to City-Port-Citizen dialogue.

Full article: Portal Portuario 1 / Portal Portuario 2

10 August 2018

The Port of Durban is counting on a broad programme of investments to secure its position as the leading maritime gateway for the Gauteng economy.

Full article: Port Strategy

10 August 2018

Smart Ports: Le Havre and Marseilles fast-track initiatives as they look to keep pace with Hamburg and Antwerp.

Full article: Les smart grids 1 / Les smart grids 2

8 August 2018

Mumbai metro project: what if the excavated material could be used to develop the port?

Currently, the material is trucked to abandoned quarries over 50 km from the city. The Port de Mumbai is now proposing to take them by ship the 10 km to Jahawar Dweep, to expand the docks and reclaimed land. The proposal has been submitted to the Environment Ministry.

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8 August 2018

“Traders Market”: a new 300 hectare logistics zone devised by DP World to boost trades between the Emirates and China.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

8 August 2018

Intermodal logistics: the port of Kiel strengthens its rail links and expands pre-stacking parks for trucks.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

6 August 2018

Valparaiso: the city and port slow to reach agreement on TCVAL terminal extension plan

Discussions are centred on the environmental challenges posed by the US$500 M project, although the ecological measures already announced have been accepted by the state and regional authorities. For the Mayor, more needs to be done in order to avoid compromising the landscape visible from the sea in the bay, which is a world heritage site. The President of the port is calling for dialogue to avoid putting the port’s economic future at risk.

Full article: Portal Portuario 1 / Portal Portuario 2Portal Portuario 3Portal Portuario 4