Urban Port

9 April 2014

Spain: “Puertos del Estado” sustains the development of the water-sports sector in port city interface areas

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8 April 2014

Sydney (Australia): call launched for investors and designers for Barangaroo Central

sydney_dd_2014avril03Of the 22 ha involved, half will be reserved for public spaces, including 3 ha for culture. After a first phase from now until 2015, work will continue until 2021. (Artist’s impression © NSW government) Full article :

8 April 2014

Denia (Spain): transparency and sustainability for the new passenger terminal designed by Alberich y Casqueiro

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7 April 2014

Casablanca (Morocco): port reconversion launched by the King of Morocco

casablanca_dd_2014avril03“Wessal Casablanca Port” will affect the sites of the fishing port and the naval dockyards. The hope is to create a new urban centre and to make Casablanca a major destination for culture, business and cruise ship tourism. The 6 billion DH (622 million euros) that the project will cost will be funded by an unprecedented financial arrangement based on a common fund, Wessal Capital, with Morocco, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as associates. (Photo © Wessal Casa Port)

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7 April 2014

Copenhagen (Denmark): after one year in existence and 1.3 million visitors, the Blue Planet aquarium is in need of renovation

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3 April 2014

Aqaba (Jordan): cruise ships to use a new waterfront

aqaba_dd_2014avril02The Marsa Zayed project will be developed by Al Maabar on 3.2 km2, including 2 km of waterfront in the centre of Aqaba. Sky-scrapers, business premises and international hotels are planned, as well as a business district, a financial district, marinas and a cruise ship terminal. (Photo © Al Maabar)

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3 April 2014

London (UK): the mayor approves Terry Farrells’ £1 billion project for the 16 ha Convoys Wharf site

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3 April 2014

Vancouver (Canada): 1,200 seat temporary theatre developed on the waterfront by David Rockwell

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1 April 2014

Lyons (France): from intelligent buildings to an intelligent district

Lyon_dd_2014avril01Innovation in energy optimisation has now reached the scale of a city block or an urban district, as the Bouygues construction company showed at the recent MIPIM. The Hikari project designed for Lyon Confluence by the architect Kengo Kuma will be the first energy-positive mixed city block in Europe. This new approach is based on intelligent, shared energy management. (photo © Lyon Confluence)

Full article : Le Moniteur , 28 mars 2014, p. 35

Citizen Port

16 October 2019

Chilean ports contribute to the quality of local life by collaborating in the maintenance of public spaces

Ports of Chile show their commitment with the local population with cleaning campaigns of beaches and coastal areas. The Captaincy and Port of Talcahuano lead a program with the help of 600 volunteers that removed more than 1,5 tons of waste. The port of San Antonio removed almost 8 tons of waste in September in several urban areas close to the port. The terminal operator DP World has led another cleaning program with the help of students in the beach of Lirquén.

Full article: Radio Galactika, Portal Portuario, Portal Portuario

16 October 2019

Port of Brisbane restates its commitment with sustainable development in the sustainability report of 2018/2019. One the main goals is to reduce 24% of the emissions by 2024/2025

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16 October 2019

Ports de la Generalitat, the regional organizations gathering the small ports of Catalonia, launches a new initiative called “Porta’m” to reduce use of plastic bottles at sea, providing the users with reusable alternatives

Full article: El Vigía

11 October 2019

New initiative to protect orcas in Seattle ports

Northwest Seaport Alliance (Seattle and Tacoma) partner up with other organizations to develop a program to protect endangered orca population in the Salish Sea. The main goal is to mitigate the effect of ship noise.

Full article: Port of Seattle

11 October 2019

The Maritime Heritage Institute of South Africa hosted the Inaugural Maritime Heritage Conference in the Vaal University of Technology, in Vanderbijlpark. The three days event focused on a broader understanding of maritime heritage and its role in sustainable economic development.

Full article: Maritime Heritage, The Heritage Portal

11 October 2019

Port of Mallorca installs 25 air quality monitoring stations as part of the SmartSensPORT project in collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands.

Full article: Mallorca Diario 

9 October 2019

The “No plàstic” campaign by the port community of Valencia achieves great success in just a few months

The port community of Valencia, including Aportem, the port’s solidarity organization, launched last June the “No Plastic” initiative to reduce the use of plastics in port companies. The focus is mainly on single-use products, recycling systems and environmental education. The main goal was eliminating from the port sector companies one million plastic bottles and other items of this material. First results have inspired the participating companies to a more ambitious goal: to become 100% plastic free

Full article: Aportem

9 October 2019

Port of St. Petersburg hosts a water tour for the children from port employees

Full article: Port News

9 October 2019

Port of Stockholm among the finalists for the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Award. Their shore power project in the Värtahamnen port has been selected for the Air Quality category.

Full article: Vessel Finder

7 October 2019

Only three months after been installed, the eco-structures of the underwater garden of Vigo show promising results to recover biodiversity

Full article: Faro de Vigo, Universidade de Vigo


Enterprise-driver Port

16 October 2019

Decarbonising shipping: 60 businesses from all sectors sign up to the “Getting to Zero Coalition” under the aegis of the Forum Maritime Mondial

Full article: Global Maritime Forum

16 October 2019

“Wind energy is part of the future of shipping.” Alizé’s sail-powered cargo ship wins the contract to transport the Ariane 6 rocket.

Full article: Le Marin

16 October 2019

Climate emergency: protecting Singapore’s port could cost US$90 billion. The bill will be between 9 and US$12 billion for Californian ports. Will all ports have such means?

Full article: Le Marin, 3 octobre 2019

14 October 2019

Autonomous shipping: successful test for NYK on a voyage between Japan and China, which is getting a dedicated research centre.

Full article: Port Technology / Portal Portuario

9 October 2019

Port and food production: Rotterdam and Sète announce new industrial investments in the beverage sector.

Innocent, a leader in the fruit juice industry will be the first company to set up in the Rotterdam Food Cluster. The production will be of 400 million bottles each year for all of Europe. In Sète, the OFW Ships project reaches a new milestone with the installation of a logistics base for the factory vessel dedicated to the desalination and bottling of deep-sea water for consumption. This technology could be developed in many port cities for local markets. The production capacity is 2.5 million liters per 5-day campaign.

Full article: Port of Rottedam / Le Marin / OFW ships

9 October 2019

Three Belgian ports compete to host a large hydrogen production unit. This energy sector is flying high.

Full article: Flows

7 October 2019

Moving goods storage closer the dockside to promote soft last mile logistics

With the huge growth in e-commerce, logistics operators are looking to move closer to city centres, while striving to centralise flows of freight as much as possible. With land increasingly scarce and expensive, the profitability of multi-level warehouses such as those in New York is rising, and more and more of these facilities are being built. Another solution is the use of floating warehouses, as demonstrated by the Fludis system currently being trialled in Paris.

Full article: Journal of Commerce / Bisnow / NPI

7 October 2019

Valencia: plans to expand the port of Valencia mark a new milestone, but the mayor remains cautious about the impact on the environment and living conditions.

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7 October 2019

Offshore wind: the Port of New York aims to position itself as a logistics hub for the offshore wind industry on the Eastern seaboard.

Full article: Renews

7 October 2019

More and more commuters in the Antwerp City-Port area are opting to travel by bike and waterbus, with the port set to continue its efforts.

Full article: Flows 1 / Flows 2