Urban Port

16 August 2013

Dundee: revised project for Kengo Kuma Museum

Kengo Kuma has revised its project for the Dundee V&A Museum to reduce costs. The new version has now been approved and the museum should receive its first exhibitions in 2016.

Source : Deezen (+ images)

14 August 2013

Auckland: new life for Shed N°10

After nine months of work, Shed 10, the last warehouse on Queens Wharf, reopened at the end of July. Nearly 100 m long and over a century old, it has been converted to receive cruise ship passengers and events. Its energy will be supplied by 400 m2 of solar panels.

Source : Waterfront Auckland ; Shed 10

14 August 2013

Marseilles: an urban cable car could serve the port-city interface and also target cruise ship passengers

Source : La Marseillaise

13 August 2013

MVRDV for “Caen Presqu’île”

The master plan for the 185 ha of the Caen Peninsula industrial-port site will be executed by the Dutch firm MVRDV. What really convinced the jury was the method of progressive, step-by-step urbanisation of a site conceived as a huge mosaic. The development area has been extended to 600 ha, and the flanks of the peninsula in particular will be developed to a higher density.

Source : Le Moniteur ; Caen Presqu’île ; Traits urbains

8 August 2013

London: OMA for the Morden Wharf master plan

Located near the O2 Arena on the Greenwich Peninsula, the 7.7 hectares of Morden Wharf should allow nearly 186,000 m2 of redevelopment. The site will be one of the essential strategic elements aimed at making this Peninsula the premier entertainment zone in London.

Source : OMA

Citizen Port

16 January 2019

Taiwan: the port of Hualien displays outdoor artworks to encourage residents to stroll in certain public port spaces.

Full article: Taiwan International Ports

14 January 2019

Marc Van Peel, former alderman of the port of Antwerp, is to work towards the creation of a port museum by the Port Center Havencentrum

Full article: Flows

14 January 2019

Cruise industry: Chile adopts a draft law to allow cabotage for liners between port cities.

Full article: Portal Portuario

14 January 2019

Castellon (Spain): more than 1,100 pupils from 28 schools visited the port in 2018 as part of the “Know Your Port” campaign

Full article : Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón

9 January 2019

The Port of Prince Rupert sets aside Can$ 1 M to preserve the Skeen river salmon, vital to the local economy.

Full article: Marine Link

9 January 2019

The Port of Bilbao is continuing to organise free tours of the port for adult members of the public every Saturday and Sunday, an idea first launched in 2004.

Full article: Bilbao Port

9 January 2019

Port of Guadeloupe: the Cayoli environmental project enters a new phase with the restoration of a mangrove area

Full article: Port Guadeloupe Caraïbes

7 January 2019

Awareness of the maritime knowledge ecosystem will be an advantage for port cities in the 21st century

Researcher Maurice Jansen, well known to AIVP, is convinced of it. Future demographic growth in coastal areas and port cities will force them to adopt an increasingly holistic management approach to become true maritime capitals. Mapping the ecosystem of maritime knowledge production in the Port City, and maximizing the potential of that human capital, will be key to their success and their ability to adapt to change.

Full article: Port Strategy

7 January 2019

Smart Port City: Le Havre puts the finishing touches to its territorial project, key to a City-Port-Business-Citizen relationship focused on innovation and talent.

Full article: NPI

7 January 2019

Chile is working on a new cruise route from Panama to Valparaiso via Peru, Ecuador and the port city of San Antonio.

Full article: Portal Portuario


Enterprise-driver Port

14 January 2019

Port and circular economy: growing potential, particularly for ports attached to large urban centres

In this article, the authors and researchers provide an overview of the potential of this new economic concept, which aims to re-use, recycle or re-manufacture. Numerous examples from the Netherlands highlight four priorities: preparing for a reduction in raw materials shipped, attracting new logistics and industrial activities, developing genuine clusters, and pooling energy flows.

Full article: Port Economics

14 January 2019

The Mayors of Valencia and Sagunto keen for dialogue with the port in the interests of their joint City Port territory.

Full article: Diario del Puerto

14 January 2019

The Mayor of Iquique hails an agreement between Brazil and Chile on a bio-ocean corridor that will strengthen the ports of northern Chile.

Full article: Portal Portuario

9 January 2019

Whether vertical or horizontal, port cooperation remains a key priority

Many ports are currently looking at establishing closer ties with operators in their hinterlands, in some cases even developing their own terminals there or seeking cooperation with neighbouring or complementary ports. Joost Hintjens of Antwerp University proposes an academic approach to these strategies, while on the ground the likes of Barcelona and Tarragona are working together.

Full article: Port Technology / Diario del Puerto

9 January 2019

Carbon capture projects made a comeback in 2018, providing an opportunity for ports in the fight against climate change.

Full article: Le Marin, 3 janvier 2019, pp 8-9

9 January 2019

The Port Community of Valencia comes together to share initiatives and promote innovation for the long term.

Full article: El Vigia

7 January 2019

The City of Hamburg wants to shift some of the port authority’s remit to the city

The plan is backed by the new Minister of the Free City for the Economy, Shipping and Port Affairs, who took office in autumn 2018. The areas concerned include flood defences, the management of Neuwerk island, and the management of certain roads. Most importantly, however, the Minister wants strategic port planning to be shared between the City and Port.

Full article: World Cargo News

7 January 2019

The Port of Busan chosen by the South Korean government for a blockchain trial aimed at optimising maritime activities.

Full article: Port Technology

7 January 2019

Puertos del Estado supports the World Food Programme, which has a strategic logistics base in Las Palmas.

Full article: Diario del Puerto