Urban Port

7 February 2018

The Port of Marseilles reaffirms its strong interest in a city-port combination

The presentation of the year’s balance and the perspectives for 2018 was used to announce the launch of a study on the redevelopment of the 400 hectares of the East Docks. The object is to combine industrial and urban activities on the site. This strategy follows the same line as the Port-City Capillarity Charter signed in 2013 between the Port, the City and Euroméditerranée, or the Terrasses du Port which brings a passenger terminal into the same building as commercial facilities run by the city.

Full article : Le Moniteur

7 February 2018

Southampton: Eling Wharf could finally be used for a port extension rather than urban development

Full article : Daily Echo

7 February 2018

Shoreman-by-Sea (UK): the local authority has approved construction of 540 homes on Free Wharf former port site

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7 February 2018

Helsinki: a sauna designed as a sculpture and public space by Avanto Architects at the former industrial and port site of Hernesaari

Full article : World Architecture (+ images)

5 February 2018

Bellingham waterfront: first developments and public consultation

With the first roads, a park and commercial facilities set to open in 2018 at the waterfront area near the converted grain silo, the Port has just organised a consultation inviting the public to choose one of two options allowing access to the waterfront through a new park. Housing, offices, commercial spaces and a hotel will also be developed in this 96 hectare sector.

Full article : Waterfront District Redevelopment ; Consultation ; Brochure/Options ;

5 February 2018

Port Royal (Jamaica): a floating pontoon to limit the impact of the cruise terminal on the historic city

Full article : Seatrade Cruise News

5 February 2018

Port Moresby: an agreement will allow work to be started on the first phase of the redevelopment of 1.7 hectares on the waterfront

Full article : One Png

5 February 2018

Manila: major building programme on a 35-hectare former industrial site of the waterfront

Full article : Business Inquirer

31 January 2018

Bilbao: call for tenders for Zorrotzaurre

Last December, the call for tenders was launched for the first phase of Unit 1 of the vast redevelopment project in the old industrial and port sector of Zorrotzaurre. The zone to be converted is located on the right bank of the Deusto channel.

Full article : Tender ; Zorrotzaurre Project

31 January 2018

The Port of San Diego validates the project for a permanent installation for the San Diego Symphony on the Embarcadero Marina Park site

Full article : Port of San Diego

Citizen Port

19 February 2018

Tauranga (New Zealand): how can a sustainable cruise tourism policy be implemented?

The tourism development agency is currently questioning the growing number of cruise ship passengers arriving in their territory. How can they maintain a balance while responding to the expectations of both the cruise ship passengers and the local population? To inform her decision, the agency’s director considers that much more precise knowledge of the data on visitor arrivals and the associated financial flows is required.

Full article: Sunlive

19 February 2018

The Port of Bordeaux launches PowerPort BOX: a mobile power supply module for river vessels

Full article: Mer et Marine

19 February 2018

Port of San Diego terminals invest in smart technologies to fight pollution

Full article: Greenport

14 February 2018

Hong Kong: being a leading maritime metropolis still requires a prosperous port

Full article: China Daily

14 February 2018

The wahoo effect plays a role for port employees. We look at the Kalmar example

Full article: Kalmar Global

14 February 2018

Lorient: winter port circuits to learn about the region’s maritime economic identity

Full article: CCSTI

12 February 2018

France: what does the future hold for the sea and the coastline?

The State has set up a participative platform for members of the public to obtain information and submit their views on the future vision proposed for each of the country’s coastlines, in order to ensure the right ecological balance and maximise economic and social benefits from the sea and coast.

Full article: Mer Littoral + Magazine Environnement

12 February 2018

Valparaíso: the port launches the fourth edition of “Vive Muelle Prat”, with festive activities for all the family

Full article: Portal Portuario

12 February 2018

The Port of La Rochelle launches a consultation on its “Port Horizon 2025” development project

Full article: Port of La Rochelle

7 February 2018

Thanks to a long-term societal integration policy, the Dutch people now love the port of Rotterdam!

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Enterprise-driver Port

19 February 2018

In a fast-changing economy, what does the future hold for the maritime industry?

In a recent publication, Danish Ship Finance offers some answers based on a macro-economic analysis. The report touches on issues including purchasing power and impact on maritime trade, new technologies and social impacts, urbanisation and industrial change. Meanwhile, British Ports Association is launching a more comprehensive study to predict the shape of the port environment in 2050. Will there be a larger number of smaller ships visiting more ports?

Full article: Danish Ship Finance / British Ports Association

19 February 2018

China acquires a 770 km2 stretch of maritime space in the Wanshan archipelago for testing autonomous ships.

Full article: Le Marin

19 February 2018

Professor Rodrigue gives his thoughts on the organisation of container traffic on the Saint Lawrence between Quebec and Montreal.

Full article: Jean-Paul Rodrigue – Linkedin

19 February 2018

To improve its urban logistics, IKEA will take over 50,000 m2 of a dual-level warehouse at the Port of Gennevilliers

Full article: Haropa Ports de Paris Seine Normandie

19 February 2018

Faced with queues at the terminal, the port of Long Beach refines its predictive analytics and considers a “peel pile” stacking system to reduce truck turn times when collecting import containers.

Full article: World Cargo News

14 February 2018

Smart Port: Hamburg launches a platform to test 5G at an 8,000 hectare area of the port

One of the key aims will be to ensure infrastructures can be used more reliably and securely by boosting real-time management capabilities. The project will see Hamburg become one of the first test sites in Europe to confirm the protocols for 5G applications. Logistics is one of the sectors where the new technology, which combines both terrestrial and mobile network support, could provide much-needed flexibility.

Full article: Port of Hamburg

14 February 2018

By doubling its capacity over the next ten years, the Port of Savannah hopes to reinforce its role as a key economic growth engine for the State of Georgia

Full article: Splash 24/7 / Georgia Ports

14 February 2018

Dubai Ports invests in the development of interior logistics platforms in the Indian provinces of Jammu and Kashmir.

Full article: Business Standard

12 February 2018

The port of Hamilton set to pursue its industrial operations while continuously improving its integration into the urban fabric

For the port’s CEO, this strategy is vital. Space is scarce and redeveloping the port on its current site will be a priority for the local economy, although the strategy must not prevent urban development. Creating more green spaces and landscaping the port, while working in permanent consultation with local residents, is essential.

Full article: CBC