Urban Port

2 September 2013

Auckland: redevelopment of the central waterfront could generate $4 billion and 40,000 jobs by 2040

Source : Waterfront Auckland

2 September 2013

Baltimore: debate over public finance for private redevelopment on Harbor Point

Source: Baltimore Brew ; Afro

2 September 2013

Copenhagen: inauguration of “Kalvebod Waves”, a novel public space reclaimed from the sea

Source : JDS Architects

28 August 2013

Rotterdam: THE sustainable port-city?

The Mayor of Rotterdam hopes to make his port-city the most sustainable in the world, reducing its carbon footprint by 50%: floating habitat, “water plazas” to use up excess water, green roofs, reduction in port emissions, biobased companies, CO2 storage, the public transport network transformed into green corridors, etc.

Source (+ vidéo interview) : CNN

28 August 2013

Hastings to get back its Pier, some of the pavilions and a new Visitor centre

Source : BBC

28 August 2013

Pittsburgh: Allegheny Riverfront Park

From abandoned banks, squeezed between streets and highways and constantly threatened by flooding, to a high quality public space used by pedestrians and cyclists: the result of a redevelopment plan carried out by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates which has created links between a cultural district and the river.

Source (+ images) : Plataforma Urbana ; Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

27 August 2013

Ajaccio: study contracted for restructuring the Bay, including the relocation of marine cargo operations

Source : Assemblée Corse

27 August 2013

Dunkirk: first stone laid for a laboratory on pollution and industrial risks in the port-city sector

Source : La Voix du Nord ; Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment

23 August 2013

Oslo: “Harbour promenade”

White’s architecture studio has designed a 9 km promenade to provide continuity between the various sectors of the Oslo waterfront and promote integration between the city and the fjord. A secondary object is to make this an emblematic feature for both the city’s inhabitants and its visitors.

Source : White (+ images)

23 August 2013

Reconvertir un chantier naval : résultats du concours

“Smart Harbor”, concours destiné aux jeunes architectes, portait sur la reconversion de chantiers navals en des sites ludiques, récréatifs et faisant une large place aux espaces publics. Les propositions des lauréats, mais aussi des finalistes, sont autant de sources d’inspiration pour un problème auquel sont confrontées nombre de villes portuaires.

Source : Smart Harbor, results

Citizen Port

17 June 2019

France’s president announces a plan to increase the number and level of French marine protected areas

Full article: Mer et Marine

17 June 2019

Port authority of Singapore and Our Singapore Reefs sign an agreement for the next three years to disclose and protect the local biodiversity

Full article: Greenport

17 June 2019

CMA-CGM will receive 20 new LNG container vessels until 2022, reducing their environmental footprint

Full article: CMA-CGM

17 June 2019

Port of Tenerife to cut 15 tons of CO2 emissions per year with new plan including smart illumination, electric vehicles and renewable energies

Full article: Portal Portuario, El dia

17 June 2019

Port of Tarragona publishes the report of their port city activities for the year 2018, including numerous examples of animation.

Full article: Port de Tarragona

17 June 2019

Conferences about port governance organized in Chile. Dr. Miguel Angel de Marco gave two masterclasses in the cities of Valparaíso and Asunción, connected to educational and research programmes.

Full article: Portal Portuario

17 June 2019

Photo exhibition in Universitè Littoral in Dunkerque portraits port and maritime activities in the coast of France, Senegal and Togo

Full article: Université du Littoral

12 June 2019

Port of Vigo installs the first artificial micro-reefs to enhance the port’s biodiversity

Full article: Blue Growth Vigo

12 June 2019

Port of Long Beach awards 100 000 $ in scholarships for 77 local high-schools and colleges

Full article: Port of Long Beach


Enterprise-driver Port

17 June 2019

The future of sea transport requires global reflection on its environmental and climate impacts

Safety, pollution, giant ships – is shipping reaching a critical point? This question, discussed in an important debate on a large French public radio station, is being raised more and more frequently. The cruise ship industry, despite its efforts, is criticised for its impact on the health of port city inhabitants. Political and social issues seem to be outweighing purely commercial questions. More than ever before, Cities, Ports and Citizens must learn to understand one another and work together for a more sustainable shipping world. AIVP is working on this, day in, day out. .

Full article: France Culture / BFM TV / Transport & Environnement (pdf report) / CLIA

17 June 2019

If their urban territories are not competitive, port developments may suffer. Port cities must build their future in coordination!

Full article: El Comercio / Freeport of Riga

17 June 2019

Halifax: port capacity to be increased to reduce heavy vehicle traffic in the city, which is causing problems.

Full article: Red Deer Advocate

17 June 2019

Africa1: Guinea envisages a new deep water port and Morocco steps up the rate of its port investments

Full article: La Tribune / Les

17 June 2019

Africa 2: Nigeria looks to river traffic to strengthen its port economy, while projects on the future of the Sénégal River are moving forward

Full article: Teranga News / Ecofin

12 June 2019

Auckland: for Smart Cities expert Mark Thomas, the future of the city lies in more port cooperation, not moving the port itself.

Full article: Stuff

12 June 2019

Straits of Europe: the crucial issue of ferries between banks is encouraging cities to invest directly by acquiring stakes in the capital of companies.

Full article: European Straits Initiative

10 June 2019

Le Havre Smart Port City: definitive project plans submitted to the French government

Driven by the region’s leading urban and port stakeholders, the project brings together the research sector and local businesses, as well as some major international groups. The aim is to kick-start innovation in the City Port territory, as part of ambitious plans to tackle the challenge posed by the digital, energy and environmental transition.

Full article: Le Havre Seine Métropole / Havre Smart Port City

10 June 2019

The Port of Quebec joins forces with Hutchinson Ports and CN Rail for its planned container terminal

The move represents a crucial step forward for the project, which was introduced to all AIVP members at last year’s world conference. It sees the Port of Quebec join the operator’s 52 other ports in 27 countries, and cements Quebec’s position at the heart of commercial trade while making the Laurentia terminal a powerful engine for economic development for the City Port region. Mario Girard, CEO of the Port of Quebec and Vice-Chairman of AIVP, aims to make it one of the terminals with the smallest environmental footprint in the world.

Full article: Port of Quebec / Port Technology / Le Soleil

27 May 2019

United States: job creation has never been stronger in ports than over the last five years

Full article: Logistics Management