Urban Port

5 September 2013

Port-City relations in Spain: integration and cooperation are the key

For José Llorca, the President of Puertos del Estado, the key question in port-city relations in Spain is no longer simply about the transformation of port spaces for urban use, but rather about the integration of the city with the port. He is convinced that dialogue and cooperation between the different institutions are an essential instrument for achieving this.

Source : Diario del Puerto

5 September 2013

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): AECOM’s master plan for the Olympic Park on the waterfront

Source : Deezen

5 September 2013

Bordeaux: work starts in the Bassins à Flot on the “Cité des civilisations du vin” (Wine Civilisations Centre)

Source : Sud-Ouest

4 September 2013

Environmental performance and cost control: a complex equation

The next phase of Euroméditerranée at Marseilles will be a response to the ambition to develop an “Eco-city”. This desire to set an example in urban redevelopment requires combining permanent environmental performance with cost control: this is a complex equation, but it can be solved by new practices and a new way of conceiving projects.

Source : Euroméditerranée

3 September 2013

Marseilles: call for projects for J1

The call to submit projects for hangar J1 which we announced in August has been officially launched. The call is for projects for 25,000 m² on three levels in the emblematic building, in addition to 750m of wharf and the 4 ha area of open water at the heart of the Marseilles waterfront.

Source : GPMM

2 September 2013

Auckland: redevelopment of the central waterfront could generate $4 billion and 40,000 jobs by 2040

Source : Waterfront Auckland

2 September 2013

Baltimore: debate over public finance for private redevelopment on Harbor Point

Source: Baltimore Brew ; Afro

2 September 2013

Copenhagen: inauguration of “Kalvebod Waves”, a novel public space reclaimed from the sea

Source : JDS Architects

Citizen Port

21 August 2019

All ports of the Balearic will have a air quality and acoustic pollution monitoring system. The system was already functioning in Palma, and will be extended to other islands during the next two years

Full article: Ports de Balears, Esmartcity

21 August 2019

Port of Seattle implements the innovative Blue Carbon project to capture carbon through aquatic plants and sediment. The project will also contribute to reducing ocean acidification, improving water quality and enhancing maritime habitat

Full article: Port of Seattle, Crosscut, CEDAR

21 August 2019

Port of Buenos Aires launched a website with the port’s construction sites, constantly updated, including brief descriptions and photos

Full article: Portal Portuario, Puerto de Buenos Aires

19 August 2019

The port of San Diego will install 72 Econcrete tide pools to provide ecological protection and stabilize the shoreline, while contributing to the the regeneration of the local ecosystem. The three-year pilot project is the eight initiative of the port’s Blue Economy Incubator

Full article: Port of San Diego

19 August 2019

Hafencity in Hamburg will start testing a self-driving bus. Until mid-2020, the tests will run without passenger in a limited area. The second phase, including passengers, will continue until 2021, to finally start the final phase with the full route including stops

Full article: Hochbahn, Abendblatt

12 August 2019

The port of Barcelona tackles air pollution with quay electrification and joining the Lean and Green program

The port president, Mercè Conesa, explained that the port will requested a new connection to the electric network, that should be approved in less than 18 months. This initiative complements the investment done in LNG infrastructure and the participation in the Lean & Green program. The goals of this initiative from the regional producers association is to reduce the CO2 emissions by 20% in the next five years. The port authority, along with the municipality and environmental organizations, also propose creating a SO2-free zone in the Mediterranean to reduce the emissions of this harmful polutant.

Full article: Port de Barcelona, La Vanguardia

12 August 2019

Port of San Diego will test innovative solution, using NASA technology, to clean toxic pollutants from sediment, soil and groundwater. This initiative is part of their Blue Economy Incubator functioning since 2016

Full article: Port of San Diego, Ecospears, Portal Portuario

12 August 2019

Antofagasta Terminal Internacional, en Chile, implements new lighting systems to improve the working condition and reduce light pollution

Full article: Portal Portuario

12 August 2019

The port of Helsinki celebrated on August 11th its open door event, including concerts and circus acts

Full article: Port of Helsinki


Enterprise-driver Port

21 August 2019

The Port of Lisbon presents its study of navigability on the Tagus estuary, essential to the competitiveness of the City Port territory

Full article: Cargo Revista / Porto de Lisboa

21 August 2019

Helsinki: 5G to be deployed in autumn 2019 for the benefit of the 7 million passengers using West Terminal 2

Full article: Port of Helsinki

21 August 2019

Madagascar: to promote development in the south of the country, the government is planning transport corridors for goods leaving the ports of Tuléar and Ehoala

Full article: Ecofin

21 August 2019

Hydrogen Industry: liquefaction plant developed at Port Hasting (Australia), prospective study published in Rotterdam.

Full article: HESC / Le MarinPort of Rotterdam

21 August 2019

Greener shipping: nine French shipping lines adopt commitments above and beyond their regulatory obligations

Full article: Le Marin

19 August 2019

Kribi: City-Port agreement for territorial development balanced between economic, environmental and social priorities.

The framework cooperation agreement aims to achieve harmony between City and Port, as the new port of Kribi grows in stature. The quest to reconcile port and urban strategies needs to promote the local territory as a port conurbation, and a Socio-Economic Support Programme for the Kribi area (PASEK) will soon be created to this end.

Full article: Afrik Info

19 August 2019

The Port of Gdynia becomes the nerve centre for the development of offshore wind power in Poland, with target of 6 GW of capacity by 2030.

Full article: World Energy Trade

19 August 2019

Port of Lyon: container installations modernised, renewable energies dock opened, and new logistics hotels developed

Full article: L’Antenne / Les Echos

19 August 2019

Odessa: City-Port land issues surround road access to terminals at Ukraine’s main port.

Full article: usionline