Urban Port

1 October 2013

Rotterdam: call for projects for Rijnhaven

The role given to water and innovative ideas, including floating buildings, has been given pride of place in the call for projects launched by the Rotterdam City Council for the 21 ha Rijnhaven site. The projects must also provide the social benefits expected.

Source : Stadshavens Rotterdam ; Rijnhaven 

1 October 2013

Los Angeles Waterfront: past, present and future presented by Geraldine Knatz, Port Executive Director (video)

Source : Port of Los Angeles

30 September 2013

The port of Venice would not object to the re-location of cruise ship traffic to Trieste

Source: Il Piccolo

27 September 2013

Cable transport in port-city areas: the London service is being used less and less

Source : Deezen

26 September 2013

Evaluating the recomposition of a waterfront: the example of Toronto

Waterfront Toronto is organising a debate in October about its first Corporate Social Responsability and Sustainability Report. It will be a chance to examine the criteria used to evaluate the environmental, social and economic performance of this vast project to re-dynamise its waterfront.

Source : Waterfront Toronto

26 September 2013

Barcelona: a new stage for the Nautical Cluster with the selection of Cie Formentera Mar for the new marina

Source : El economista

26 September 2013

Cruise ships in Venice: a record of 12 ships and 35,000 passengers in 24 hours. The population is increasingly hostile

Source : Atlantic Cities

25 September 2013

Havana: towards a new port-city

Re-siting of a refinery, a clean-up programme, relocation of oil and container traffic to the north of the island: Havana is turning a new page to focus on tourism, based on cruise ships, yachting and taking advantage of its heritage.

Source: Msn ; Global Ports

24 September 2013

Boston: floating habitat against climate change

Constructing cities on the water is being increasingly studied as a way of dealing with rising sea levels. The latest example is Floatyard, a project for a floating habitat which will be built in a naval dockyard to the south of Boston and transported by sea to the Inner Harbor.

Source: Video

24 September 2013

Belfast: the Titanic effect?

Inaugurated in March 2012, Titanic Belfast welcomed its millionth visitor in August. However it is still a little early to talk of a “Titanic effect” from this museum conceived as an iconic building to galvanise all the conversion work going on in the Titanic Quarter.

Source : Deezen (+ images) ; Titanic Quarter News ; Titanic Quarter Development

Citizen Port

18 September 2019

The port of Antwerp will install an experimental system to catch floating plastic

Le système, développé par la société néerlandaise Allseas, sera installé dans des endroits stratégiques, tels que le Dock Doeld, bénéficiant des vents dominants. Ce collecteur en plastique passif est composé à 75% de matériau recyclé. C’est un excellent exemple pour les objectifs 8 et 10 de l’Agenda 2030 de l’AIVP.

Full article: Port of Antwerp, Portal Portuario

18 September 2019

Port of Almería will install new screens to capture dust generated in one of the port terminals

Full article: Portal Portuario

16 September 2019

Bilbao: two winners named in the “Port Tales” competition

“The crane that wanted to be a boat” is a story created by the young high school student who won the competition. At the same time, the port authorities launched the fifth edition of the competition for young people.

Full article : Bilbao Port

16 September 2019

CLIA and the Dubrovnik’s municipality sign a Memorandum of Understanding to protect the city’s cultural heritage and find solutions for sustainable tourism

Full article: CLIA, Spanish Ports

16 September 2019

AIDA Cruises reinforces its commitment to reduce cruise emissions by signing a partnership with Corvus Energy to develop batteries for increasing electrification of the vessels

Full article: Vessel Finder

11 September 2019

Ship emissions: the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur region is set to invest 30 million euros to “reconcile ports cities with citizens”.

Full article: Le Marin

11 September 2019

New App jointly developed by 21CC Education, Port of Moerwijk and private companies wants to bring the world of logistics closer to younger generations

Full article: Port of Moerwijk

11 September 2019

The port of Berlin launches the first emission-free “pusher”

Full article: Hafenzeitung

9 September 2019

Port of Leixões will host the 6th edition of the port race on Sept. 15. The program will include also several solidarity initiative

Full article: Port of Leixões

9 September 2019

Port authority of Antwerp hosts maritime cinema sessions in the port house

Full article: Flows


Enterprise-driver Port

18 September 2019

France: the port cities of Le Havre, La Rochelle, and Dunkirk selected by the Government to be innovation areas

Le Havre’s “Smart Port City” project, endorsed by the AIVP, will promote innovation in many areas of the City-Port relationship, including logistics, training, community relations, the future Port Center, the cruise industry, etc. Dunkirk will focus its efforts on energy by involving citizens in all the current changes. Finally, La Rochelle will bring in a wide range of innovative measures aimed at achieving zero carbon status. All of these projects are driven by AIVP members, and will provide inspiration for others.

Full article: Gouvernement français (pdf) / Haropa Port du Havre / Le Havre Seine Métropole / Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque / Communauté d’Agglmomération de La Rochelle

18 September 2019

According to the OECD, maritime transport subsidies are not effective enough and should be targeted at promoting jobs and cutting carbon emissions

Full article: International Transport Forum / Full report (pdf)

18 September 2019

Hydrogen industry: Hamburg demonstrates how ports can be ideal testing grounds as it unveils plans for a giant electrolysis plant.

Full article: Flows / Full Cells Works

18 September 2019

Douala: a third bridge planned on the River Wouri will support goods transport leaving the port for Chad and Central African Republic

Full article: Investir au Cameroun

16 September 2019

The Port of Portsmouth is the UK’s most prosperous municipal port

Figures for 2017 show the port contributed some £390 million to the national economy, and £189 million to the local economy. A total of 5,590 jobs are dependent on the port, including 2,410 in the local area. Portsmouth is an essential port city, and estimated port revenue of £8.4 million plays a major part in the city’s social and education policy.

Full article: Portsmouth International Port

16 September 2019

Ukraine: the Mayor of Nikolaev wants to take over management of the port to guarantee it is developed in the interests of the City, Port and citizens.

Full article: Observateur / Ukrinform

16 September 2019

Abidjan: Bolloré opens its “Aérohub” logistics hub near the port and airport, an important asset for the future African common market.

Full article: Bolloré Logistics

16 September 2019

Taiwan: work on the future offshore wind hub at the port of Taichung enters its final year. The project is of national importance.

Full article: TIPC

16 September 2019

North Sea Port is increasingly reliant on the waterway for container pre- and post-carriage, and is showing strong growth.

Full article: Flows

11 September 2019

River transport in France remains underused, despite its clear advantages

Benefits include a lower carbon footprint, extensive network, capacity reserve, storage options in central urban areas, and low negative externalities. Recent policies aimed at promoting cooperation between stakeholders along the Seine and Rhône or in the Hauts de France region are also ensuring a more consistent, dynamic approach. Isemar has taken an in-depth look at the issue.
Full article: Isemar (pdf)