Urban Port

25 June 2013

New York – a massive plan in the wake of Sandy

The Mayor of New York has reaffirmed interest in New York’s waterfront by unveiling a massive plan to invest almost $20 billion in the face of the risks posed by climate change: The multifaceted programme does not involve a retreat from the waterfront, nor does it aim simply to protect. Instead it aims to help the 520 miles of waterfront to both adapt and continue to develop.
Source : “A Stronger, More Resilient New York” ; Gotham gazette ; New York Magazine

25 June 2013

Toronto Waterfront: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. Evaluation and overview of the situation

Source : Waterfront Toronto

25 June 2013

Copenhagen: Created by OMA, the Danish Architecture Centre will make the link between the historic waterfront, the city and the cultural quarter

Source : Architecture Lab; Cyber Archi

25 June 2013

Lyon Confluence: Lighting, photovoltaics, geothermics and rapeseed for three positive energy buildings

Source: 20 minutes

24 June 2013

Libreville: Urban development for “Port-Môle”

Chinese capital to be added to Gabonese State funding for a 45-hectare development including a conference centre, a museum, businesses, hotels, offices, etc.  Fishing and yachting activities will be preserved at the port.
Source : Afriqinfos


21 June 2013

Hamburg: Extension of old port warehouses

Gerkan, Marg and Partners are the winners of the competition launched by Gebr. Heinemann for the extension of its offices based in two old 19th and 20th century port warehouses at the heart of Hafen City.
Source : GMP Architecten (+ images)

20 June 2013

Izmir (Turkey): Zaha Hadid to lead work on a 276-hectare project if the city is chosen for the World Expo 2020

Source : ArchDaily

20 June 2013

Minneapolis: 3 teams shortlisted for “Water Works”, a park along the Mississippi at the heart of the city

Source : Bustler (+ images)

19 June 2013

Regensburg: A riverside museum

The German firm Woerner und partner has won the competition for the design of the Museum of Bavarian History. One of the main challenges was to integrate the modern building into a sensitive and historical urban context and to recreate the link between the old town and the river Danube.
Source : Nemetschek-Allplan ; Woerner und partner  (+ images)

Citizen Port

22 July 2019

Gala in Tenerife to celebrate the relationship between port and city

Factoria de Cohesión in Tenerife organized on July 18th the 2nd gala “Port and City together”, cooperating with the municipality and port authority. The event, celebrating the coexistence between city and port, also included awards recognizing individuals or entities that have actively contributed to improve the port-city relationship in different aspects, such as sustainability, job creation or social actions. Factoría de Cohesión is an innovative platform in Tenerife, lead by a young team to foster better relationships between the port community and the city. You can find out more in the interview we did last February.

Full article: Factoría de Cohesión

22 July 2019

Port of Amsterdam joins H2Ships project focused on using hydrogen as maritime fuel

Full article: World Maritime News

22 July 2019

Port of Riga inaugurates new LNG regular services, protecting the environment and increasing their traffic

Full article: Port News

22 July 2019

Transnet Port Terminals (South Africa) launched the student exposure program AIM for young port city citizens. The students will get to discover the port and the different careers paths that can take in it

Full article: Africa Ports and Ships

22 July 2019

Port of Barcelona celebrates its 150th anniversary with a public concert in the docks, by the Symphony Orchestra del Vallès, playing classical music and films soundtracks. On the same week, the port also presented their report on sustainability

Full article: El Mercantil

22 July 2019

The port authority of Vancouver donates 2 mill $ to improve the CRAB park and other community initiatives. The donation is framed under the new Centerm Expansion Project to increase the terminal’s capacity

Full article: Port of Vancouver

15 July 2019

German Government and the city of Hamburg will destine 38 million € for the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services, improving the facilities and developing new research for innovations in ports, shipping, shipbuilding and maritime logistics

Full article: Hamburg News

15 July 2019

The Port of Valencia is planning to become energy self-sufficient by 2025, using renewable energy sources. The plans includes installing wind turbines 4 or 5 km on the sea, photo-voltaic panels, an electrical substation and potentially creating a new artificial reef

Full article: Portal Portuario

15 July 2019

Port of Long Beach will fund a 26.3 million $ project to restore the coastal habitat of Colorado Lagoon

Full article: Port of Long Beach

15 July 2019

Ege Port of Kusadasi, first cruise port to receive the ECO Port certificate

Full article: Portal Portuario


Enterprise-driver Port

22 July 2019

Cruise ships: poor return on investment for share-holders, associated with high risk, may encourage companies to change their business model.

Full article: Times Malta

22 July 2019

Zadar: to limit impacts on the historical city, the port decides to build a cruise ship terminal away from the centre which will be able to absorb growth in traffic.

Full article: Port Authority Zadar

22 July 2019

“Clean Maritime Plan”: United Kingdom wants to speed up zero-carbon shipping and innovation in the industry.

Full article: Le Marin / UK Government / Report

10 July 2019

China: the province of Shandong initiated, in turn, a merger of ports with the takeover of the Weihai Port (45 Mt) by Qingdao.

Full article: Splash 247

10 July 2019

Marseille: the biological recycling of industrial CO2 through the capture of fumes by microalgae works!

Full article: Port de Marseille (pdf)

10 July 2019

CO2 impact of e-commerce: rapid and individual deliveries are responsible for a very strong growth in emissions

Full article: Journal du GeekAxios

8 July 2019

African port metropolis: logistics fluidity and governance at the heart of all challenges!

Since 2000, nearly 50 billion Euros have been invested in West African ports and traffic has tripled. Integrated into rapidly growing urban areas, ports today face the challenge of metropolitan freight corridors. These corridors could lead to new types of Private Public Partnerships based on governance that integrates local populations and environmental interests.
Full article: Ports et corridors

8 July 2019

On the Gulf of Bengal, India wants to make Machilipatnam a global port city on more than 25 miles of coastline.

Full article: The Hindu

8 July 2019

The Marseilles’ port community, along with the Port, the Chamber of Commerce and the University, wants to boost the blue economy and innovation.

Full article: Le Marin

3 July 2019

For terminal operator TTI, ports must move beyond logistics and improve their industrial competitiveness

The view, expressed by the director of the terminal at Algeciras, aims to prevent an endless trade war between ports. On the contrary, port territories need to make efforts to consolidate industrial activity and generate jobs. Control of the logistics chain and development of import and export business requires control of production.

Full Article: El Mercantil