Urban Port

28 January 2019

Paris (France): a pioneering floating restaurant

In a densely-populated port area, the 100% electric-powered boat will be able to seat up to 120 guests for a culinary cruise with cuisine prepared by top French chef Alain Ducasse. Citysurfing (a member of AIVP) joined forces with Ducasse Paris following an invitation to tender by Haropa Ports de Paris. The project has just been awarded the 2018 River Fleet Special Innovation Prize organised by Haropa Ports de Paris, Voies Navigables de France, Paris City Hall, and the Committee of River Boatowners.

Full article : Haropa Ports de ParisDucasse sur Seine

28 January 2019

Almeria (Spain): the Cable Inglés, a heritage-listed quay for minerals, set to become a promenade and belvedere by the end of 2020

Full article : Ideal

28 January 2019

Copenhagen waterfront (Denmark): it will soon be possible to ski on the new waste recycling plant

Full article : Design boom (+ images, video)

23 January 2019

Marseilles (France): Reichen et Robert architects’ studio selected for Warehouse J1

Their project, called La passerelle, was chosen principally because it allows the aesthetics of the building and views of the maritime and city spaces to be preserved. Among other facilities, it will be home to the Lab’ du port (an office building with particular emphasis on innovation incubators and training in the shipping industry), an area for events and leisure activities, a 230-room hotel, restaurants and other places to eat and drink, a space for sports and recreation, and services linked to water-sports and yachting. Planned opening date: 2023

Full article : MarseillePortLe Moniteur (+ video) ; Interview Bernard Reichen

23 January 2019

Buenos Aires (Argentina): property prices in the redeveloped Puerto Madero district are higher than ever and set to rise further as new projects see the light of day

Full article : La Nacion

23 January 2019

Wuhan (Chine): Hankou Jiangtan Park, a new public space to give access to the Yangtze, and an infrastructure to prevent flooding

Full article : Project for Public Places

21 January 2019

Copenhagen: an extension on 9 new islands

Conceived by Urban Power for the Danish government, Holmene while provide an extension to what is already the largest industrial zone in the country. It could create up to 12,000 new jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. 230 ha will be devoted to these activities. In addition, 70 ha will be allocated to natural spaces accessible to the public for recreational and sports activities, or set aside for the preservation of biodiversity. Start of work in 2020 for completion in 2040.

Full article : Deezen (+images + vidéo) ; Citylab

21 January 2019

The Balearic Islands Port Authority launches a CALL FOR TENDERS for the building of a new passenger terminal in the port of Ibiza

Full article : Diario de Ibiza

Citizen Port

13 February 2019

The port of Barcelona is counting on international climate cooperation to reduce the carbon footprint of its own activities

Full article: El Vigia

13 February 2019

The cruise market, as buoyant as ever, will see its ranks swelled by 14 new companies in the next two years.

Full article: Cruise Industry News

11 February 2019

Santa Fe (Argentina): the Port has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education to include the port museum in the guided tours for school children.

Full article: Notife / Museo del Puerto

11 February 2019

Success for the SeePort festival created by the Port of Auckland to showcase the port and maritime heritage as part of a three day event.

Full article: Newsie / Seeport

11 February 2019

Valencia: continued experiments with the use of hydrogen for port logistics as part of efforts to achieve zero emissions.

Full article: Greenport

6 February 2019

Halifax: co-construction around the port infrastructure plan continues

Launched in 2015, the process is continuing with the aim of uniting the community around two key objectives: capitalising on the economic opportunities generated by maritime traffic, while improving the living environment for local residents. Reducing truck traffic is one of the main priorities. Several scenarios have been created, with citizens now being asked to give their reactions.Full article: Port City Halifax

6 February 2019

Valparaiso: the Mayor and port workers’ union set up a working group to promote dialogue on the port’s future

Full article: Portal Portuario

6 February 2019

Palma: the Port and City launch an app to help cruise tourists, especially with getting around

Full article: Ports de Balears

4 February 2019

Port Juneau (Alaska): citizens asked to take part in a study or air quality linked to the growing cruise activity

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4 February 2019

The Port of San Diego regularly consults the public on the future of its waterfront through public meetings and online surveys

Full article: 7 Sand Diego


Enterprise-driver Port

13 February 2019

The ports of Ghana are crucial to the country’s development, while gradually integrating environmental issues

As the region’s third largest economy, Ghana is able to rely on a port system. In addition to terminals, investment has also been made in infrastructural links, notably with Burkina Faso, and smoother goods tracking procedures. Alongside this, and with the help of an international pool, the port of Tema has become a pilot project for an integrated and sustainable approach to port design.

Full article: Greenport / Marcopolis

13 February 2019

Saudi Arabia: LogiPoint, a member of AIVP this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, is now in charge of 178 hectares of logistics zones

Full article: LogiPoint

13 February 2019

Hamilton / Oshawa (Canada): jobs the priority in proposals for a potential merger of the two port authorities.

Full article: cbc

13 February 2019

The City and Port of Altamira (Mex) keen to work together to improve the competitiveness of the port and local region.

Full article: La Régión

11 February 2019

The City of Quebec is keen to strengthen innovation in the Littoral Est sector, as a complement to port development projects.

The initiative forms part of the wider Saint Lawrence project driven by the Province. At these sites, which have a clear economic purpose, a technological innovation zone will be focused on logistics activities, life sciences and clean technologies, particularly in the field of energy. The project is intended to generate synergies with plans to extend the port into the Beauport area.

Full article: Ville de Québec

11 February 2019

Futur port of Achères (Paris) dedicated to building materials: questions remain among residents about the height of the silos.

Full article: Les Echos

11 February 2019

Driverless rail wagons: inspired by baggage sorting in airports, the system could inject a whole new degree of flexibility into rail transport.

Full article: Flows

11 February 2019

Palermo: the port and Fincantieri, which will invest 20 ME in 20109/20, signed an agreement to reactivate shipyards

Full article: Palermo Today

11 February 2019

Bremerhaven: the planned terminal for the offshore wind industry ruled illegal due to a lack of economic justification. The decision may be appealed.

Full article: Junge Welt

6 February 2019

Helsinki is counting on regulation and multimodality to improve access to the port and smooth urban traffic.

Full article: City of Helsinki