Urban Port

3 April 2019

Port of Vancouver (USA): moving towards a mixed-use development for terminal 1

In recent years, the Port of Vancouver has been looking at redeveloping its terminal 1, on the edge of the Columbia River. The aim is to create a complex of offices, retail spaces, public spaces, and a visitor centre, using part of the existing facilities. An invitation to tender was recently launched, but the City’s Shoreline Master Program stipulates that all riverside structures must have water-dependent use. This rule was amended after consultation between the City and Port.

Full article : ClarkCounty Today ; Port of Vancouver ; Terminal 1 project (+ vidéo)

3 April 2019

The Mayor of Rosario (Argentina) keen for the Puerto de la Música project designed by Oscar Niemeyer to become a reality

Full article : Ojo de Prensa

1 April 2019

Brest (France): a new lease of life for Les Capucins

Les Capucins, the former French navy workshops, became the property of the City of Brest in 2011. The aim now is to turn the area into a creative and innovative hub. A media library opened in 2017, followed by a start-up incubator and a digital canteen. “We Art Minds”, a creative co-working space, is due to open by the end of April. These facilities will be completed by a maritime excellence centre, and “Le Fourneau”, a centre dedicated to street art and the public space designed by François Chochon. The development will also include retail spaces.

Full article : ; We Art Minds ; Le Fourneau

1 April 2019

Yokohama (Japan), cruise industry: Shinko Pier will also host a hotel, leisure facilities, a park and a promenade

Full article : Cruise Industry News

1 April 2019

Hong Kong: plans for an artificial 1000 hectare island costing 70 billion are challenged on environmental and economic grounds

Full article : Dezeen

27 March 2019

The Mayor of New York unveils a plan to protect Manhattan from rising sea levels

With a price-tag of 10 billion US$, this climate resilience plan aims to protect Lower Manahattan, a sector which has already proved vulnerable to storms and flooding. The lack of space and the constraints of the existing terrain offer few options for large-scale adaptation and protection. In addition to installing “pop-up” barriers, the solution adopted is to extend the line of the existing riverfront into the East River between the Brooklyn Bridge and the South Ferry Terminal to protect the Sea Port and the Financial Quarter.

Full article : Archinect ; Inhabitat ; Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study

27 March 2019

Hong Kong, West Kowloon Cultural District: Xiqu Centre, the opera house designed by Revery Architecture, has been inaugurated in January 2019

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images, plans)

Citizen Port

22 April 2019

Port of Authority of Halifax in Canada (HPA – AIVP member) is undertaking a public consultation to co-construct with its citizens the future of the port

The online survey is only the latest step on a broader consultation process started in 2016. The Port of Halifax has since discussed and presented the different options to structure its growth, profiting form the expansions of containerized cargo. In the website created for the online consultation, citizens can get first hand information on the different alternatives and take the survey to express their opinion and preferences. Besides information about the planning alternatives, the website also includes didactic material and port terminology to help locals to understand what is been discussed, so they can give a well educated opinion. AIVP has supported this kind of processes, particularly linked to Port Centers. The case of Halifax resonates with goal 4 of AIVP Agenda 2030: Promoting a renewed governance approach.

Full article : PortCityHfx ; The Chronicle Herald

22 April 2019

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) raise awareness to the issue of gender equality in the maritime sector. NPA also expressed its commitment for women welfare.

Full article : Safety4sea

22 April 2019

The port of Leixões (PT) shows its commitment with citizens’ health, with a program for the World Health Day including sport events, check-ups and massages.

Full article : Revista Cargo

17 April 2019

Port of Venice develops an intense event calendar to engage younger generations with the port.

In the past week, the Port Authority of Venice has showed an extraordinary engagement with younger generations, in initiatives raging from play days to theater groups and plastic recycling. The playday 2019 was the final event of a broader port community project for. In this years’ edition, the port authority created a “Venice port square” with several workshops for children to get to know the port. Other partners included disabled sport organizations a local stakeholders. Additionally, a high-school students’ theater group won an award for their interpretation of Otello in the port. Italian ports have shown an increasing sensibility to societal engagement, also visible in the agenda of the ports Trieste, Livorno, Genoa or Naples.

Full article : Twitter 1 ; Twitter 2 ; Port of Venice 1 ; Port of Venice 2 ;

17 April 2019

Bolipuertos, the national entity responsible for Venezuelan ports, will create 8 new university centers to foster higher education for port workers

Full article : Portal Portuario

17 April 2019

New efforts in France for energy transition and reducing emissions. The French government proposes shipping speed limits and the maritime cluster creates working group

Full article : Mer et marine ; Safety4sea

17 April 2019

Porthos project in the Port of Rotterdam for carbon capture gains momentum as a realistic option to reduce pollution.

Full article : Port of Rotterdam ; Greenport

15 April 2019

GloFouling project launched in London to protect marine biodiversity

Full article : Profesionales Hoy

15 April 2019

Port of Oslo presents their project for a zero-emission boat dedicated to cleaning the harbour

Full article : Nettavisen ; OsloHavn


Enterprise-driver Port

22 April 2019

To protect jobs, the port of New York hires more dockers instead of relying on automation

Under an agreement signed in February 2019, the port plans to hire 650 additional workers by the end of 2020. In exchange for this social policy, productivity improvements are expected, guaranteeing 30 container movements every hour. Less efficient dockers may be allocated fewer hours. Agreements of this kind are applied in many ports around the world.

Full article: Ajot

22 April 2019

To compensate for the lack of profits from cruise activity, Tanzania is planning to build a dedicated terminal in Dar Es Salam.

Full article: Tanzania Ports Authority

22 April 2019

Maritime container transport is shaping up to set standards for digitisation and improved efficiency

Full article: World Maritime News

22 April 2019

Bremenports joins forces with Icelandic partners to create a port on the future Arctic route, as part of a project for the next 40 years

Full article: Finnafjord Port Project

22 April 2019

Paris, urban river-based logistics: success for the Franprix project launched in 2012, and new initiatives with the Lud’Eau project

Full article: NPI 1 / NPI 2 / Green Switch Meridian

17 April 2019

Los Angeles / San Pedro: Container business growth boosts office real estate needed for support and research services

Full article: GlobeSt

17 April 2019

Perth Fremantle: Port lands available for industry and logistics are scarce and sell quickly

Full article: The Sydney Morning Herald

17 April 2019

Canal Seine Nord Europe: To avoid any delay, the French Government should provide funding soon

Full article: NPI

15 April 2019

More and more ports are looking to kick-start innovation through industrial clusters

There are a host of projects in this area, including PierNext in Barcelona, RDM Campus and MH4 in Rotterdam, the Smart Port City programme in Le Havre, the COVE project in Halifax, and others. For Maurice Jansen, the aim is the same: to orchestrate collaborative innovation and converge financial, social, human and cultural capital.

Full article: Port Strategy

15 April 2019

Artificial power generation islands in the North Sea: projects continue to move forward with a test site potentially to be created within five years

Full article: Recharge Wind