Urban Port

28 May 2018

Swansea Bay City Deal: agreement in principle with the government

Once confirmed, the deal will allow work to begin on eleven major projects. A total of 1.8 billion GBP in investment is planned for this City Deal, which is expected to generate 10,000 jobs. The programme will be chaired by US business Edward Tomp. Some 168.2 million will be earmarked for the Swansea City and Waterfront Digital District, where offices will be built for high-tech firms, along with a conference centre and the Box Village, a container-based facility for start-ups.

Full article : Sir Gar Carmarthenshire newsroom ; Wales online ; Swansea Waterfront Digital District

28 May 2018

Buenos Aires: Corporacion Puerto Madero and the University agree to build a multi-purpose sports complex

Full article : Infobae

28 May 2018

Oslo Opera House: ten years after it opened on the waterfront, its architect returns to the project

Full article : Designboom (+ images)

28 May 2018

Palma, Old Port: the Port strikes a deal with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography to build the headquarters of the Oceanographic Centre of the Balearics

Full article : Ports de Balears

23 May 2018

Copenhagen: Blox, the Danish architecture centre, opened on 7 May

Designed by OMA, it will be partly raised above the dock on which it has been built, to preserve the continuity of the promenade. The multi-purpose building will house a museum, restaurant, offices, housing units, and more.

Full article : Le Moniteur (+ images) ; The Guardian (+ images)

23 May 2018

Newcastle (Australia): the maritime museum set to be relocated to the pumping station? The cost of moving the heritage site would be very high, according to the Port

Full article : The Herald

23 May 2018

Barcelona: Carnival Corporation has opened its new cruise terminal, capable of accommodating ships running on LNG

Full article : Cruise News

23 May 2018

Fort William (Scotland) wants to welcome cruise passengers directly onshore, in a bid to boost the Highlands’ tourist appeal

Full article : The national

21 May 2018

Winnipeg: a community-wide ideas competition for Alexander Dock

Activity ended in this sector alongside the Red River in 2015. The area is now owned by the City and a public consultation was organised in 2017. The main aim of the On the Docks competition is to restore access to the river, but all proposals for this public space will be welcomed.

Full article:  Competition Web SiteCompetition Brief ; Consultation report

Citizen Port

11 July 2018

The Port, University and Maritime Institute of Singapore invest S$18 million in a new Research Centre

Dubbed the “Centre of Excellence in Modelling and Simulation for Next Generation Ports (C4NGP)”, the facility will focus on the needs of industry, developing integrated systems and simulation platforms, as well as research into self-driving vehicles, traffic systems and flow optimisation.

Full article: Asia Today

11 July 2018

The Tourist Board in Aarhus (Denmark) announces plans for 1300 local volunteers to greet cruise passengers

Full article: Cruise Industry

9 July 2018

The Port of Quequen (Argentina) devises a plan to monitor marine wildlife

The port is committed to monitoring marine wildlife, and in particular eared seals. Aware of the impact of port activities on biodiversity, the port has joined forces with environmental groups to create a comprehensive programme including educational initiatives, research, monitoring, protection and care of animals.

Full article: Global Ports

9 July 2018

Festivities held at the Leixoes cruise terminal to satisfy the curiosity of local residents.

Full article: Journal da Economia do Mar

9 July 2018

The Abbot Point coal terminal (Australia) risks closure after the impact assessment on the site’s cultural heritage is found to be insufficient.

Full article: The Guardian

4 July 2018

The Port of Vancouver presents awards to several economic and industrial stakeholders from its port community, in recognition of their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint

Full article: Port of Vancouver

4 July 2018

Solar panels fitted to the roof of La Rochelle’s submarine base at the initiative of the port and the IEL group as part of a €2.5 million investment

Full article: UMLR

4 July 2018

The port of Civitavecchia introduces a 0.1% sulphur limit for ferries

Full article: Le Marin

4 July 2018

Nantes to host international oceanic exhibition “La mer XXL” next year

Full article: La Mer XXL

2 July 2018

Backed by the Grand Port Maritime and the urban community, Dunkirk’s Port Center will open by the end of the year

Full article:: La Voix du Nord


Enterprise-driver Port

11 July 2018

Port cooperation: a host of projects with diverse plans, strategies and policies

This issue of Research in Transportation Management and Business, edited by Theo Notteboom, Francesco Parola and Géraldine Knatz, features 13 international contributions on this essential subject from countries including Italy, Japan, the US, China and Chile, all of which have recently introduced reforms or hosted local initiatives with significant implications for the port authorities concerned.

Full article: Port Economics / Research in Transportation Management and Business 

11 July 2018

Copenhagen: the five sea taxis that serve the city centre every day are set to be 100% electrically powered.

Full article: Damen

11 July 2018

The Spanish cruise industry employs 31,000 jobs and contributes over 4.2 billion euros to the country’s economy.

Full article: El Vigia

9 July 2018

Port of the future: Port Technologie magazine offers free access to over 70 articles on the topic until 25 July.

Entitled “Linking the supply chain”, this special issue looks at subjects including automation, new sea routes, the energy transition, careers and training. All of these current topics are vital for understanding the future of the world’s port and logistics system, and rethinking the way cities and partner communities work.Full article: Port Technology

9 July 2018

The growth of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (13,000 km2, 15 million inhabitants) requires a rethink of the Buenos Aires / La Plata / Zarate port system.

Full article: La Nación

9 July 2018

The Antwerp / Brussels / Liège port and logistics system and the Thames Gateway: two sources of inspiration for the Seine Valley.

Full article: AURH

9 July 2018

The Seychelles Port Authority is handed responsibility for overseeing the Port Victoria extension plan, seen as vital to the country’s economy.

Full article: PMASEA

9 July 2018

The Seine Nord Canal: a crucial milestone reached with the imminent creation of an industrial and commercial local public establishment.

Full article: La Voix du Nord

4 July 2018

Venice: the port keen to focus more on the city and assume its role as a local player

Often a target for criticism due to the cruise ships crossing the lagoon, the port of Venice has unwittingly become a symbol of the mass tourism saturating Europe’s cities. Pino Musolino, who has been President of the port authority for a year, believes that perception is partly inaccurate, and requires urban policies and the port’s role to be redefined.

Full article: La Tribune

4 July 2018

The President of the port of Arica is keen to mark his new mandate by boosting regional economic integration and strengthening ties with the community.

Full article: Portal Portuario