Urban Port

13 December 2017

San Diego: the port wins funding for its plans for a promenade for pedestrians and cyclists on Chula Vista Bayfront

Full article : Port of San Diego

13 December 2017

Newcastle (Australia): a new cruise terminal is set to boost the tourist appeal of the city and region

Full article : Cruise Industry News (+video)

11 December 2017

San Francisco: a new lease of life for the naval shipyards

The Port Commission recently approved plans to develop a derelict naval yard at Pier 70. The site could host up to 2150 homes, shops, parks and art studios. Redevelopment of the 263 hectare Mare Island and former US Navy shipyard began around fifteen years ago, based on a master plan designed by Lennar. The latest component of the project, as of 2017, is the opening of a new ferry terminal. The plans include a pro-active environmental approach developed by FivePoint Holdings.

Full article : Hoodline (Pier 70)Bizjournals (Mare Island) ; 4-traders (FivePoint Holdings)

11 December 2017

Brisbane: the State of Queensland approves plans for a cruise terminal designed by Arup and Arkhefield, to be privately funded

Full article : Architecture Australia

11 December 2017

Huelva, Puerto Umbria: EUR 2 million for developments that will boost fishing, tourist and recreational activities.

Full article : 20 minutos

11 December 2017

Colombo (Sri Lanka): measures to reduce the impact of the Port City Colombo project on the air, noise and some historic sites

Full article : Menafn ; Port City Colombo

6 December 2017

Dun Laoghaire: the old ferry terminal to become a campus for innovation

The Harbour Innovation Campus is planned to open next June. The external facade of the building will remain the same, but the whole interior will be reconfigured to house the activities, and nearly 1000 people coming from all over Europe. It will be the biggest innovation hub in Ireland, and one of the top 5 in Europe.

Full article : Dun Laoghaire Town ; Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company

6 December 2017

Flooding risks: an amphibious house which rises with the water level. A prelude to more coherent redevelopment operations in the future?

Full article : We Demain (+ images, video)

6 December 2017

Victoria, Seychelles: the first phase of Victoria waterfront, a pedestrian-oriented project, will get under way in 2018

Full article : Seychelle News Agency

Citizen Port

17 January 2018

A new museum for the Port and City of Aviles with more than 220 m2 dedicated to port history

Full article: Elcomercio

17 January 2018

Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) requests ports to reduce their emissions as a result of significant air pollution

Full article: Green 4 Sea

17 January 2018

The RP-PSA Experiential Laboratory has been launched in Singapore. It is a high technology simulator in which students will be able to develop their skills

Full article: Port Technology

15 January 2018

The adoption of a strategy to improve air quality now a priority for the Port of London

Full article: Tidal Thames

15 January 2018

With Euros 1.4 million of investment, the port of Antwerp is hoping to bring a halt to congestion caused by heavy goods traffic, aiming to cut the number of journeys by 250,000.

Full article: Constructions Cayola

15 January 2018

The Port of Auckland draws on a recent study to introduce cold ironing facilities for cruise ships and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 31%.

Full article: Cruise Industry

10 January 2018

MTCC- Network: a global network of centres of excellence in marine technology has been official launched at the headquarters of the IMO

The directors of the five cooperation centres have signed a MoA to create the network with centres in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific. Their mission is to promote new technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions from ships.

Full article: Maritime Executive + Port Calls

10 January 2018

Events and entertainments for all ages: a guide to the autonomous port of Strasbourg

Full article: Video

10 January 2018

Port fees in Helsinki favour operators who make efforts to reduce their environmental footprint

Full article: Greenport + Port of Helsinki

8 January 2018

Cruise ships are becoming more and more high-tech: five technological trends explained

Full article: Marinelink


Enterprise-driver Port

17 January 2018

Energy transition: Is offshore electricity the power source of the future for many north European ports?

Full article: World Cargo News

17 January 2018

Based on the model of Malaysia or Thailand, transport corridors can be a great asset for African port cities.

Full article: Ports & Ships

17 January 2018

Montreal: in 2018, the port will use predictive analysis to control access to its terminals in a self-perfecting system.

Full article: Journal of Commerce

17 January 2018

Data management accounts for 20% of shipping costs. Maersk and IBM hope to reduce these costs with Blockchain.

Full article: Port Technology / Business Time

17 January 2018

Ship-breaking industries: After Le Havre, Bordeaux and Brest, Le Trait, in the Seine Valley, is the 4th French site to gain certification.

Full article: Le Marin

15 January 2018

Marseille: Quechen Silicon Chemical announces plans for a silica production plant to be integrated into the PIICTO platform

The €100 million industrial investment by the world’s third largest silica manufacturer will help to create 130 jobs. The project represents recognition for the port’s ability to provide land, energy, good international links and an industrial ecology platform that allows the operators present to pool resources and fluids.

Full article: Le Marin / Marseille Port (pdf)

15 January 2018

Dutch firm Port Liner announces plans to launch fully-electric barges with capacity for 280 containers by autumn 2018.

Full article: Electrek

15 January 2018

French Guyana: the maritime and port sectors expect to play leading roles in the blue economy

Full article: Grand Port Maritime Guyane

15 January 2018

Australia: Newcastle, one of the world’s biggest coal ports, starts to mutate to prepare for a future with less coal.

Full article: Splash 24/7

15 January 2018

South Korea expects to have 3,000 ha of industrial-logistical zones to support its ports by 2030

Full article: Yonhap News