Urban Port

8 January 2018

Port Adelaide (Australia): redevelopment work set to begin on 21 hectares of Dock One, with 1150 homes planned.

Full article : The Advertiser

2 January 2018

Dunedin (New Zealand): master plan for the waterfront

Architectural firm Van Brandenburg’s vision for the next 25 to 30 years has been welcomed by the main stakeholders, including Port Otago, which is already looking at moving its remaining activities to a new site. With private and public funding, the Harbourside project will provide a mixed-use development with public spaces and promenades, a ferry service, marine research centre, aquarium, cultural amenities and more.

Full article : NzHerald ; Otago Daily Times (+ images, video)

2 January 2018

Castellon: the President of the Port calls for new legislation to facilities investment and port-city integration

Full article : El periodico mediterraneo

2 January 2018

Buenos Aires: the State sells its last plot of land near Puerto Madero and the passenger terminal, with the proceeds to fund the Paseo de Bajo.

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2 January 2018

Hobart, Macquarie Point: following a call for projects, a former refrigerated warehouse can now be used for temporary purposes

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20 December 2017

Saint-Nazaire: call for expressions of interest in the pumping station

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port is launching a call for expressions of interests in the former pumping station building in Saint-Nazaire’s outer harbour zone. The building is remarkable in architectural and port terms. Proposals will need to form part of a wider strategy aimed at generating economic value while preserving and showcasing a sought-after heritage site. All kinds of projects and financing arrangements will be considered, as the Port seeks investors, organisations or any other candidates. The deadline for submissions is 12pm on 30 March 2018.

Full article : AMI

20 December 2017

Port Elisabeth: the bulk liquids terminal is set to be relocated to Coega in 2018, freeing up space on the waterfront

Full article : Algoa FM

20 December 2017

Bahia Blanca: the Port’s President reaffirms the need for development in harmony with the municipality of Ingenerio White and meets with citizens

Full article : Cronista ; Puerto Bahia Blanca

20 December 2017

Hull (UK): the City decides the new cruise terminal will be developed close to aquarium The Deep, despite objections

Full article : Hull Daily mail

18 December 2017

Dublin: a common strategy and approach to create an attractive Water Quarter

The Dublin Docklands area has changed considerably in recent years, but still does not feel like a genuine Water Quarter. There is no contiguous and intuitive promenade for visitors in the different clusters, which are sometimes separated by abandoned spaces or even sections of apparently dangerous canals, etc. The report currently being examined by the various stakeholders concerned should lead to a common master plan designed to boost the area’s tourist appeal.

Full article : The Independent

Citizen Port

14 February 2018

Hong Kong: being a leading maritime metropolis still requires a prosperous port

Full article: China Daily

14 February 2018

The wahoo effect plays a role for port employees. We look at the Kalmar example

Full article: Kalmar Global

14 February 2018

Lorient: winter port circuits to learn about the region’s maritime economic identity

Full article: CCSTI

12 February 2018

France: what does the future hold for the sea and the coastline?

The State has set up a participative platform for members of the public to obtain information and submit their views on the future vision proposed for each of the country’s coastlines, in order to ensure the right ecological balance and maximise economic and social benefits from the sea and coast.

Full article: Mer Littoral + Magazine Environnement

12 February 2018

Valparaíso: the port launches the fourth edition of “Vive Muelle Prat”, with festive activities for all the family

Full article: Portal Portuario

12 February 2018

The Port of La Rochelle launches a consultation on its “Port Horizon 2025” development project

Full article: Port of La Rochelle

7 February 2018

Thanks to a long-term societal integration policy, the Dutch people now love the port of Rotterdam!

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7 February 2018

The ASEAN member nations sign a joint declaration to promote the development of the cruise industry in the region

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7 February 2018

A report on maritime growth in the United Kingdom underlines the need for greater engagement with the public and more support for education and training

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5 February 2018

Liverpool: the public to be invited to contribute to plans for a new ferry on the river Mersey

The passenger service is coming to the end of its life. The Mayor of Liverpool wants the ferry to remain an icon that reflects the city’s identity, and the new service will be a key part of the transport and tourism strategies. The new ferries will need to meet the needs of passengers, while generating additional revenue from the organisation of events and local cruises. Full article:


Enterprise-driver Port

14 February 2018

Smart Port: Hamburg launches a platform to test 5G at an 8,000 hectare area of the port

One of the key aims will be to ensure infrastructures can be used more reliably and securely by boosting real-time management capabilities. The project will see Hamburg become one of the first test sites in Europe to confirm the protocols for 5G applications. Logistics is one of the sectors where the new technology, which combines both terrestrial and mobile network support, could provide much-needed flexibility.

Full article: Port of Hamburg

14 February 2018

By doubling its capacity over the next ten years, the Port of Savannah hopes to reinforce its role as a key economic growth engine for the State of Georgia

Full article: Splash 24/7 / Georgia Ports

14 February 2018

Dubai Ports invests in the development of interior logistics platforms in the Indian provinces of Jammu and Kashmir.

Full article: Business Standard

12 February 2018

The port of Hamilton set to pursue its industrial operations while continuously improving its integration into the urban fabric

For the port’s CEO, this strategy is vital. Space is scarce and redeveloping the port on its current site will be a priority for the local economy, although the strategy must not prevent urban development. Creating more green spaces and landscaping the port, while working in permanent consultation with local residents, is essential.

Full article: CBC

12 February 2018

Modal shift and mobility: Antwerp announces 16 initiatives, including seven projects developed by private operators, each of which will receive 200,000 euros in funding from the port

Full article: Port of Antwerp 1 and 2

12 February 2018

Sydney: maintaining and expanding the Glebe Island terminal in the heart of the city is crucial to the local area

Over the next 30 years, between 6 and 8 Mt of bulk construction materials will pass through the terminal to supply urban building projects! One of those projects will be the Bays Precinct redevelopment designed to kick-start innovation for the maritime industry.

Full article: Port Authority NSWThe Bays Sydney

7 February 2018

Riga: improvements to infrastructures, logistical development, and the environment will be the three key priorities for the 10 year port plan

Full article: The Baltic Course

7 February 2018

Keen not to miss out on the development of offshore wind, New Jersey targets 3.5 GW of capacity by 2030, although no decision has yet been made on the base ports.

Full article: Le Marin

5 February 2018

Climate change, drought: fresh water shortage in Cape Town forces a liner to return to sea

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