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22 November 2017

San Francisco: the Port chooses CHE2M and Arcadis for resilient redevelopment of the waterfront

The object is to strengthen the protection barrier along an essential 3.5 mile sector of the waterfront. A multi-risk analysis and an approach focusing on the idea of co-existing with the water will result in an action plan to forestall, mitigate and manage storms and the sea level rise.

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22 November 2017

Le Havre: a student residence known as Dock’City will open in 2018 in front of the Vatine basin, in the Vauban Docks district

Full article : Paris Normandie

22 November 2017

Chicago: new financing deals and returns on investment for public spaces on the waterfront

Full article : Urban Land Institute

22 November 2017

Launceston (Tasmania): hotel designed by Artas architects in the old Kings Wharf grain silo will open in April 2018

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20 November 2017

Morocco: the 1st international leisure ports meeting confirms Morocco’s potential

During the opening ceremony, the Minister noted that with 3,500 km of coastline, 7 marinas and 4,000 berths, the country already has great potential. The national port strategy to 2030, consistent with the tourism vision for 2020, expects to see infrastructure development and improved connectivity. Cooperation within the Mediterranean Basin is another strong point. The Moroccan Leisure Ports Association (APPM) signed agreements with its French and Spanish equivalents during the meeting. The organizing committee of this meeting included the Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development –SMIT-, member of AIVP.

Full article : Ministère de l’Equipement, du Transport, de la logistique et de l’eau ; Le Journal de Tanger

20 November 2017

Yokohama: in 2019 a new cruise ship terminal will open with shops and a 200-room hotel

Full article : The Asahi Shimbun

20 November 2017

The Port of Los Angeles announces that the industrial area of Wilmington is to be turned into a waterfront park, including a public art programme

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20 November 2017

Edinburgh (Scotland): less housing and more retail spaces in the revised masterplan for Waterfront Plaza

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15 November 2017

Melbourne: the State of Victoria proposes a huge development project for the 480 ha of Fisherman’s Bend

The declared object is to make it a benchmark for resilient, sustainable urban redevelopment. It is expected to house 80,000 people by 2050. Five sectors which have been identified. One of these, which has been defined as an economic and innovation cluster of national importance, will be devoted to generating up to 80,000 new jobs.

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15 November 2017

La Rochelle: the winner of the Recycling Port Landscapes award is organising “walking workshops” to get feedback on public perceptions of the port

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Citizen Port

11 July 2013

French Maritime Cluster pays homage to sea-related jobs in a series of pictures

Source: Le Marin


9 July 2013

Rotterdam: immersion day in the context of the Port Centre Network

rotterdam_gm_juin2013_04juillet13-AGreta Marini, who is responsible for running the AIVP Port Centre Network, accompanied the delegation from the Port of Leghorn, an AIVP member, on an organised tour of the Port of Rotterdam, which has been also a Member of AIVP since several years.

The delegation, consisting of the executives responsible for communications services, human resources and public relations, discovered numerous local initiatives intended to bring the city’s inhabitants, especially the young, into closer contact with port activities and careers. The tour was organised in the context of an exchange of good practices with a view to setting up a Port Centre in Leghorn.

Under the direction of Henk de Bruijn at the Port of Rotterdam’s Corporate Strategy department, Nathalie Backx has particular responsibility for relations with young people and measures to increase their awareness of careers in the port. She also sets up cultural and artistic projects to further strengthen City/Port links in Rotterdam. Today there are already several sites which bear witness to a rich, innovative, modern port culture, resolutely facing the future: Futureland, EIC Mainport and the “Research, Design & Manufacture Campus”, RDM Campus. The latter, an old industrial site that was home to the “Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij” (Rotterdam Dry Dock Company), today holds several schools which collaborate directly with nearby port companies. Together with Nathalie and her colleague Maartje Berendsen, first of all we visited Futureland, the information centre for the Maasvlakte 2 project located on the construction site 45km from the city centre. The centre was opened in May 2008 by the Port Authority in collaboration with the port terminals construction company. It is managed and promoted by the Port, and now receives nearly 125,000 visitors per year.  Here the object is to explain the Maasvlakte 2 construction project from the environmental, technical (notably polder construction techniques) and management angles. The Centre offers a permanent exhibition based on a fun, interactive information circuit which helps visitors to understand the challenges of an international project on such a scale. Futureland, which does not charge for entry, also offers visitors the chance to discover the site by boat and bus. A cafeteria offers people from further afield – including retired people with their families and groups of travellers attracted by the nearby beaches – a privileged view of the construction of Maasvlakte 2.

However, the Futureland initiative is linked to a construction site and is destined to disappear within a few years. This will coincide with the opening of the APM, DP World and CMA CGM terminals, and thus the arrival of the first containers. For the moment, there are no plans to continue visits to the site once it is fully operational. Discussions are under way to study the possibility of special visits, such as are already organised to other terminals at Rotterdam, for example Euromax Terminal ECT at Maasvlakte 1. These group visits are organised jointly with the EIC Mainport Rotterdam Port Centre, an educational centre directed towards industrial-port activities and an introduction to different careers associated with these areas.

When we arrived at the Port Centre (which is a member of AIVP’s Port Centre Network), the new director, Marie Dotsch, guided us round the permanent exhibition and the teaching modules aimed at a young and teenage public. 18,000 schoolchildren pass through the centre each year. They are offered guided visits on the ground coupled with a visit to the permanent exhibition. EIC is an associative, not-for-profit structure. The Port of Rotterdam has its boardroom and main office next to the industrial companies represented by the Deltalinqs group and representatives of the Shipping and Transport College.

In 2013, several public players in Rotterdam, including the port and the city, have adopted the education and awareness of young people as their mission. The port, which is the region’s biggest employer, has difficulty in finding qualified labour for careers in technical and industrial areas. For Natalie Backx, the Port Authority has been working on these aspects for a long time, trying to mobilise the economic players of the port. The creation of RDM Campus is the latest concrete manifestation of this policy. At all events, more effective coordination between the different associations, organisations and public bodies has become necessary; employment and training are a priority for the port and its surroundings.

Recently, the “Jinc” association, already very active in Amsterdam in the field of raising awareness in children aged 8 to 16, has been collaborating with the EIC Mainport Port Centre to develop immersion visits to companies in the industrial-port centre. The 10 – 12 age-group is being targeted particularly. This new partnership could double the number of visitors to EIC in the next few years. However it would appear to be necessary to target the efforts of each of the players involved more strongly. The Port of Rotterdam is also wondering how to re-focus its investments to make these different initiatives into the pillars of a better coordinated strategy. The closure of Futureland in a few years also raises the question of creating another site nearby to continue talking about the port to the many visitors to the sector. An old building close to the dredging spoil basin could be redeveloped for the purpose. However, its location a long way from the city centre remains a problem.

More Information: Case Study Rotterdam ©AIVP

4 July 2013

A bridge to link the old fortress of Leghorn with the city

At the end of this month, the city will publish notification of a project for the creation of a floating bridge. It will create a new pedestrian route between the port and the city, and improve the management of tourist flows from the Maritime Station. In the longer term, the fortress will be operated by the company managing the passenger terminal in order to hold cultural events and house the new Port Centre. (photo © AIVP)

Source: Comune di Livorno

4 July 2013

Rotterdam: Art in the Submarine Wharf

The Port of Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, is mounting a cultural exhibition to make the most of this exceptional port site. A ceiling more than 20 metres high has given three internationally famed artists a chance to let their imaginations run riot.

Source: e-flux


2 July 2013

The Port of Antwerp receives the CSR Charter initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Antwerp

Source: Port d’Anvers

2 July 2013

President Port of Cagliari Massidda reduces taxes in order to attract businesses and create jobs for youngsters

Source: Casteddu

2 July 2013

The International Maritime Organisation adopts additional measures from the Cruise Industry to enhance passenger safety

Source: CLIA

24 June 2013

The use of dredging for roads is complex and should only be carried out at a suitable distance around ports.

Source : Le Marin

Enterprise-driver Port

22 November 2017

Spain: the Court of Auditors expresses reservations on the multiplication of port investments.

The Court blames ports for not carrying out realistic studies of the real demand underlying every new infrastructure work. It demands the definition of a clearer national strategy and control mechanisms. The response to market demands must be analysed more deeply from a national perspective and not port by port. The Court does not recognise a direct correlation between infrastructure expenditure and efficiency gains.

Full article: El Vigia

22 November 2017

Occitania Region launches the extension of Port-la-Nouvelle and its platform dedicated to floating wind turbines.

Full article: Le Marin / France 3

22 November 2017

Abu Dhabi Ports fully contributes to the country’s food safety by developing dedicated port areas and industrial clusters

Full article: Port Technology

22 November 2017

The port of Tallinn goes onto the stock market to give confidence to investors and strengthen the local economy.

Full article: Port Technology

22 November 2017

Hamburg: the port and the local economy are suffering increasingly from failure to deepen the Elbe.

Full article: Journal of Commerce

20 November 2017

The impact of the Belt and Road initiative on China’s cruise industry

The Belt and Road initiative is a new vision and represents a new direction for the country’s tourist development. Covering 80% of the world’s cultural heritage sites, over 60 countries and 4 .4 billion people, the initiative will generate major growth for the Chinese cruise tourism economy.

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20 November 2017

Regulations for the clean air action plan at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles is becoming standard for the US port industry

Full article: JOC

15 November 2017

McKinsey’s 50-year vision for container transport: growth, gigantism, concentration, digitalisation. Is this credible?

Full article: McKinsey&Company

15 November 2017

Egypt, Suez Canal: DP World will develop a new industrial and residential area: 20 km2, 500.000 habitants and 400.000 jobs

Full article: Gulf Business

15 November 2017

Logistics: automation requires new professional profiles even if 80% of tasks are still being done manually.

Full article: El Vigia