Urban Port

12 December 2018

Toronto: work starts on River Valley

The excavation of a stretch of the valley nearly one kilometre long is an important first stage for the Port Lands project and its huge flood-protection programme. It will allow more than 290 hectares to be built on, creating green spaces and welcoming thousands of inhabitants and new jobs.

Full article : Waterfront Toronto ; Urban Toronto (+ vidéos) ; Port Lands project

12 December 2018

Hong Kong: M+, a visual arts museum by Herzog and de Meuron, should be inaugurated in 2020 as the centrepiece of the West Kowloon cultural district

Full article : Design Boom (+ images, VIDEO)

12 December 2018

Port of AuckLand: after the stadium project, the next proposal is to hold a Grand Prix car rally

Full article : Stuff

12 December 2018

Miami: Virgin Voyages unveils its project for a new cruise terminal planned to open in 2021

Full article : Marine link

10 December 2018

Hobart (Tasmania): what future for the waterfront?

This review of the history of the Hobart waterfront redevelopment recalls how the transformation of the old port gave rise to multiple projects and debates. The same is true of a project proposed this year by Cumulus Studio, including an outdoor swimming-pool, a market and a maritime museum. The most recent project, by landscape architect Michael Haynes, aims to return priority to pedestrians and public spaces.

Full article : ABC ; ArchitectureAU – Cumulus project

10 December 2018

Rotterdam: a spiraling belvedere above a historic warehouse designed by MAD architects

Full article : Design boom

10 December 2018

Kolkata (India): the port is to commission a consultant for the redevelopment of more than 120 hectares, with a logistics hub and tourism complex

Full article : Realty Economic Times

10 December 2018

Santander receives an award from the Caminos Foundation for the urban regeneration of the waterfront and its bay

Full article : El Mundo

5 December 2018

Corunna: thousands visit an exhibition on 10 European cities which have converted parts of their port zones

These 10 models give an idea of what could be done at Corunna. All these port cities chose to organise international competitions to give their projects coherence through an overall plan. The solutions adopted vary, depending either on the diversity of the new uses introduced, the type of management adopted, the choice to build emblematic buildings (frequently the case), the uses given to water and the old docks, or the priority given to pedestrian promenades. Visitors were invited to vote for their favourite: Amsterdam was the winner.

Full article : La Voz de Galicia (+ images) + the 10 examples

5 December 2018

Strasbourg: redevelopment of the rue du port du Rhin for a better bridge between the city and the port

Full article : Strasbourg Port


Citizen Port

10 June 2014

The Port of La Rochelle opens its doors again and salutes the growing success of this demonstration of its awareness of public opinion

Full article: Port Atlantique La Rochelle

10 June 2014

The Nice Côte d’Azur CCI shows off the heritage of the Port of Nice

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10 June 2014

Port of Quebec (AIVP member): a sustainable future

At the last public meeting, Mario Girard, president of the Port of Quebec, was careful to underline the importance of developing the recreation and tourism dimension, especially with the increase of cruise ship activity. To ensure the continued quality of life of the community, he undertook to implement concrete environmental measures and to pursue the development of large projects while making space for public consultation.

Full article: Port of Québec

9 June 2014

Environmental and social policies of the Port of Cartagena (Spain) rewarded by the European Commission

Full article: Diario del Puerto

2 June 2014

Long Beach: the city mayor receives compensation together with ship-owners for their ecological commitments

Full article: Port of Long Beach

30 May 2014

Long Beach, municipal elections 2014: the two final contenders commit themselves to the port

Port-city relations have been troubled in recent months: the outgoing team in the city hall is accused of interfering in port affairs. Whoever wins the election, the next mayor of Long Beach is committed to supporting the port as a motor for economic growth, but without interfering in its everyday management.

Full article: Journal of Commerce

30 May 2014

The Port of Valparaiso holds the 39th edition of the Sea Marathon, which has become a not-to-be-missed event in the port community

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30 May 2014

The Port of Dunkirk redevelops a natural space of 38 hectares

Dunk_gm_jui2014This new space, devoted to Biodiversity, is part of the Master Plan for the Natural Heritage of the Port of Dunkirk. It takes the form of an eco-landscape corridor to allow the local flora and fauna to develop. The partner institutions and associations will open it to discovery by the public at its official inauguration on 6 and 7 June 2014.(© photo AIVP)

Full article: Port de Dunkerque

30 May 2014

Le Havre: the Propeller Club organises the 1st edition of Maritime Day to reinforce the image of an international maritime city

Full article: Le Havre Propeller Club

Enterprise-driver Port

10 December 2018

City Port territories move to kick-start the growth of the hydrogen industry and promote the urban integration of maritime activities

As Maersk announces plans to launch carbon-neutral ships by 2030, the engine manufacturer MAN Cryo has unveiled its hydrogen-based solution for short-distance transport. In Auckland, the port plans to build a hydrogen station in 2019 that will eventually serve trucks, trains, ferries and tugboats. In Antwerp, the port has rewarded CMB for its hydrogen-powered shuttle “Hydroville”, intended to transport commuters in the port district.

Full article: Maersk / Hellenic Shipping News / Energy Live News / World Cargo News

10 December 2018

CMA CGM joins the online freight reservation platform Freightos, in a first for a maritime shipper.

Full article: World Cargo News

10 December 2018

Riga: for its development, the port takes inspiration from Rotterdam by looking to create local industrial clusters

Full article: Port of Riga

10 December 2018

Port geopolitics: Singapore protests against plans to expand the Malaysian port of Johor Bahru into its territorial waters

Full article: Jakarta Globe

10 December 2018

Savannah: the port partners a new dry port in Gainesville (capacity of 150,000 TEUs) with a 350 km direct rail link.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

5 December 2018

Autonomous ships: Wärtsilä has successfully tested a 85-meter long ferry on a route linking various ports and during berthing operations.

Full article: Port Technology

5 December 2018

The complete logistics chain will not be made more efficient without adopting a joint approach between shippers and shipping companies.

Full article : Port Technology

5 December 2018

United Kingdom: an overview of the potential of port-industrial clusters for CO2 capture and storage.

Full article: / Report (pdf)

3 December 2018

Building off of the success from Lagos, Bolloré wants to develop a barge service in Abidjan, between the terminals and the logistics zones

Full article: Jeune Afrique

3 December 2018

Post Brexit: will British freeports enjoy an industrial and economic boom, or will industries be leaving elsewhere in the country?

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News