Urban Port

24 September 2018

Borkum (Germany): urban redevelopment and offshore wind

Ten offshore wind farms are planned for Borkum, an island that was used as a military base during the Second World War. The real estate subsidiary of WPD offshore is proposing a programme of 240 housing units for workers at these plants. An initial phase should see 100 homes built in the port of Borkum by 2020.

Full article : Windpower offshore

24 September 2018

Melbourne: the Chamber of Commerce invites bids for a permanent light and sound show at Victoria Harbour in the Docklands

Full article : Docklands News ; Expression of Interest

24 September 2018

The Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía announces 13.8 million euros in funding to improve spaces between its ports and their cities

Full article : La Opinion de Malaga

24 September 2018

Mossel Bay (South Africa): Transnet wants to redevelop the waterfront, with plans to include a cruise terminal

Full article : CapeTownetc ; Video

19 September 2018

Bellingham (WA, United States): the port and city in partnership to develop a heritage trail

The aim is to showcase historic heritage across the 237 acres of the Waterfront District. The Heritage Trail Concept Plan is the brainchild of firms Walker Macy and Aldrichpears Associates, whose recommendations are based on a detailed inventory of uses, heritage value and historical context of the different buildings and elements of interest at the site.

Full article : Waterfront District Redevelopment ; Heritage Trail Concept Plan

17 September 2018

The future of city-port relations in the Canaries

The President of Puertos del Estado, Ornella Chacón, recently met the Mayors of Arrecife and Santa Cruz de La Palma, and representatives from the port authorities. In both cases, she highlighted the need to develop port capacities, but also underlined the importance of permanent dialogue to identify which port spaces could become port-city areas, and foster harmonious city/port relations.

Full article : Diario de Lanzarote ; El Dia

17 September 2018

Dunedin (New Zealand): Regional funding and a MoU with project partners to redevelop the waterfront

Full article : Stuff (+ project video)

17 September 2018

Rio de Janeiro: a public-private partnership could save Porto Maravilha and restart the suspended work to redevelop the former port district

Full article : Porto e Navios1 ; Porto e Navios2

12 September 2018

Bremen: Uberseeinsel in 2040? Interview

The Uberseeinsel project will be developed at the site of the former Kellogg’s plant and its silo. The peninsula is at the heart of the Uberseestadt project, the masterplan for which is set to be adjusted. Several international architects have been approached, some for their knowledge of urban ports. Klaus Meier believes the priority is to create a living district, free from traffic and full of children.

Full article : Uberseeinsel ; Interview


Citizen Port

14 February 2014

News from the French Maritime Cluster on the Synergy Groups, including the one on the attractiveness of the seafaring occupations

cmf_gm_fevrier2014The main objective of this group – which was created in 2012 – is to promote the seafaring professions through video clips showing young professionals. In the future, a website dedicated to the seafaring professions will be created ( article: Cluster Maritime Français
Lettre du Campus Naval France

14 February 2014

PEPS (Port of Strasbourg Commuter Plan) validates its action plan

strasbourg_gm_fevrier2014The PEPS project is meant to facilitate employees’ accessibility to their place of work, in the context of sustainable commuting. After a period dedicated to dialogue and coordination with all stakeholders in 2013, the Steering Committee has validated the action plan involving an investment of approximately 2.3M€.Full article: Port of Strasbourg
Website : Mobilité PEPS

7 February 2014

Le Havre Port Centre: the opinions of its founding partners

Full article: UMEP

7 February 2014

Hamburg 2014: The port-city’s Birthday celebrations expect 1.5 million visitors, and introduce the concept of “HafenGayburstag”

Full article: Die Welt /

6 February 2014

Genoa, together with the Genoa Port Centre, is to offer people the experience of the Genoa Port Run for the third time

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3 February 2014

La Spezia (AIVP member): reopening of port village boosts maritime cluster through cultural activities

Laspezia_gm2014-fevrier03-6The village, created by the Port Authority, offers a programme which includes photograph displays, book presentations, school visits, a cinema and talks. It is installed on a 220 m² site on the waterfront, and includes a terrace with a view over the bay and the port.Full article: Port of La Spezia

3 February 2014

The modernisation of the Port of Nice (AIVP member) requires agreement between all the parties concerned

Full article: Nice, la lettre du Port

Enterprise-driver Port

19 September 2018

In San Francisco, ports are launching a new initiative to combat climate change

At the meeting of mayors of the world’s major cities, the ports of Hamburg, Barcelona, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Vancouver and Rotterdam presented a programme of shared actions. Logistical efficiency, territorial governance, renewable energies, sustainable fuels and carbon neutrality are among the goals announced. These measures will be brought together under the World Sustainable Port Programme, of which AIVP is a founder member, while five of the ports involved in the initiative are members of the AIVP network.Full article: Maritime Executive / Port of Rotterdam / El Vigia / Port of Vancouver / Port of Antwerp

19 September 2018

The Argentine government keen to hand control of the Port of Buenos Aires to the city, which needs to be able to take advantage of the resource.

Full article:

19 September 2018

Plans to expand the port of Valparaiso get the green light from the environmental commission and pass another milestone

Full article: Portal Portuario

19 September 2018

Blockchain could significantly improve port efficiency and provide the traceability demanded by end consumers

Full article: Greenport

17 September 2018

Empty transport, a logistics problem that is becoming increasingly important with the growth of e-commerce

Packaging leader DS Smith has joined Forbes Insight to publish a white paper showing that on average, maritime containers shipped are 24% empty – equivalent to over 60 million TEUs! That represents 122 Mt of CO2. Yet consumers are increasingly worried about this footprint, and wondering if they really need to receive their purchases in half-empty cartons. This white paper is intended as a wake-up call to all concerned.

Full article: DS Smith

17 September 2018

PierNext, the Port of Barcelona’s new digital platform, aims to stimulate innovation in the maritime and port sector

Full article: Spanish PortsPierNext

17 September 2018

The British Port Association sees self-sailing ships as an opportunity to kick-start coastal cabotage and revitalise smaller ports.

Full article: BPA

17 September 2018

The Spanish government launches consultations on the 28 strategic port plans and infrastructure blueprints.

Full article: El Vigia

17 September 2018

Brittany’s maritime economy provides 65,000 jobs, not including the tourist industry, and it set to be strengthened still further by the impending merger of the ports of Brest and Roscoff.

Full article: Ouest France / CCI Bretagne

12 September 2018

Keen to accelerate the transformation of port cities, Wärtsilä is calling for a collaborative approach

With its “Oceanic Awakening” initiative, the leader in maritime innovation has issued a wake-up call encouraging port cities to tackle issues proactively. Rapid growth in maritime connectivity must benefit all parts of society and be an engine for more sustainable port cities. The aim is to connect 20 port cities very quickly in the newly established SEA20 forum. Singapore, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Helsinki are already on board.

Full article: Sea20 / Splash 24/7Wärtsila