Urban Port

19 March 2018

Belfast: Waterside, a master plan by Henning Larsen

A total of 750 residential units, a hotel, offices and cultural facilities are planned for a 6.5 hectare site along the Lagan. The aim is for the outdoor spaces to be used for much more of the year than at present, for example by creating pedestrian or cycle areas, or by arranging buildings to reduce wind and noise. Work begins in the summer of 2018, and is due to be completed within four years.

Full article : Dezeen (+ images, video)

19 March 2018

Port-Louis Waterfront: Pad and Co. Ltd has begun work on the renovation of Coaster Sheds A and B and the esplanade development

Full article : Le Mauricien ; Le Défi Média

19 March 2018

Ipswich: the town buys the last silo at the entrance to the waterfront, an essential step in the global project

Full article : East Anglian Daily Times

14 March 2018

Porto Alegre: after years of waiting, conversion works on Cais Mauá start on 5 March

The works schedule was presented recently by the new President of Cais Mauá do Brasil, the organisation responsible for the development. Phase One will include the 11 historical warehouses at the centre of the site. They will be converted into cultural and recreational facilities, shops and restaurants, and public spaces. Phase Two will tackle the Docks area which will contain commercial blocks, a hotel and a conference centre. The final phase will be to convert the old gas plant into recreational spaces and shops. The redevelopment operation, along 3.2 km of the waterfront, is expected to generate 28,000 new jobs.

Full article : Cais Maua ; Video: Cais Mauá revitalization teaser ; Portos e navios

14 March 2018

Barcelona: new maritime dimension in prospect following the City–Port agreement to transform Port Vell and the Olympic Port

Full article : Naucher 07/02 ; Naucher 09/02

14 March 2018

San Diego: the port launches a study into a multimodal corridor along the Working Waterfront and opens a consultation of residents and users

Full article : Harbor Drive Study ; Port of San Diego

14 March 2018

Rouen (France): Hangar 107 opens, housing a contemporary arts centre, a day nursery, businesses, and restaurants.

Full article : Haropa Ports

7 March 2018

Bahia Blanca: the benefits and impacts of membership of an international city network

The Port of Bahia Blanca has been a member of AIVP since 2005. In this contribution, Patricia Viviana Del Cero, Professor at the University of Bahia Blanca, looks at trends among international networks of cities. Taking AIVP as a case study, she examines the impacts for a city of joining this kind of network, and highlights the benefits of sharing experience with other cities facing the same issues. This approach has had a direct impact on Bahia Blanca’s own projects, ranging from the Balcon Al Mar, to the port promenade and the various initiatives aimed at improving the Port’s societal integration. It is also a way of positioning Bahia Blanca on the international scene and enhancing the city’s appeal, with all the associated economic, cultural and tourist benefits.

Full article : Contribution

7 March 2018

Nueva York: 2.5 billion dollars to convert Brooklyn Navy Yard into a technological hub

Full article : Bloomberg


Citizen Port

30 September 2013

Antwerp: Havencentrum Lillo welcomes more than 2,500 visitors for the 3rd “Flemish Ports Day”

anvers_gm_Lillo_flemish day-septembre13Havencentrum Lillo, an active member of AIVP’s Port Centre Network, has made a significant contribution to the journey of port discoveries offered this year in all Flemish ports. Kris Peeters, Prime Minister of the Flemish Community, Marc Van Peel, president of the Port of Antwerp, and the Flemish Public Works Minister Hilde Crevits, were among those who discovered the different activities available. Crédit Photos: Havencentrum Lillo

30 September 2013

10 proposals for integrating ecological prejudice into French law. What will be the impact on port-cities?

Source: Le Monde

30 September 2013

The Steering Committee of the Port of Montréal visit Havencentrum Lillo Port Centre at Antwerp

logo PCN couleurLed by President and CEO Sylvie Vachon, the Montreal delegation met the Anwerp Port Centre Team with their director Philippe Demoulin. The Port is currently debating the opening of a Port Centre at Montreal. AIVP and its Port Centre Network are naturally following this project with great interest, which will be added to the list of other Port Centres currently in gestation: Leghorn (Italy), Le Havre and Dunkirk (France). © Photos Port de Montréal
Havencentrum Lillo
Port de Montréal

30 September 2013

The Port of Vitoria, Brazil, an AIVP member, develops interactivity between city and port

Called “from the City to the Port”, for the past 5 months the programme has offered organised port visits to schoolchildren in the region and anyone else who is interested. A preliminary survey carried out by the port shows that the majority of visitors knew absolutely nothing about everyday port activities.
Source : Port de Vitoria

30 September 2013

The “Fair Logistics” Foundation based in Barcelona launches a range of food products produced by a supportive economy

The Foundation, which is known for its commitment to fair trade, also offers services devoted to supportive logistics. Thus it provides maritime logistical support which improves and optimises shipments of food and materials in the context of international development cooperation projects.
Source : Diario del Puerto
Fundación Logística Justa

30 September 2013

The port-city of Helsinki beats its own record to receive more than 400,000 cruise ship passengers this season

Source : Port of Helsinki

23 September 2013

A multi-support guide for teaching about the sea

Created for use with college and high school students, this teaching material in the form of a book and DVD should aid understanding of the challenges represented by the sea and maritime activities. Among other subjects, the guide contains documents on globalisation, port management and cargo transport, as well as numerous case studies, interactive letters and photographs.

Source: Le Marin

23 September 2013

USA: a video cartoon to help get the reform of maritime transport infrastructures passed

Source: Youtube


23 September 2013

Los Angeles: reservations open for free visits by boat for pupils Primary School to Higher Education

Source: Port of Los Angeles

23 September 2013

The Action Plan of the Bilbao “Puerto y Ría” Foundation has been approved

The Bilbao Puerto y Ria Foundation was created in April 2011 by the Port Authority and 8 municipal districts which border the river. The object is to promote projects and actions of general interest with a socio-cultural and recreational dimension to increase understanding of the port, in the past and the present.

Source: Bilbaoport

Enterprise-driver Port

19 March 2018

New Bedfort: the Mayor throws his support behind moves to make his city and its port the focal point for offshore wind in the USA

Full article: Governing

19 March 2018

North Sea Port and industrial ecology: paper manufacturer Stora Enso acquires three wind turbines to improve its energy independence

Full article: North Sea Port

19 March 2018

City, port, private stakeholders: the port city of Valparaiso adopts a united front to boost the cruise business

Full article: Puerto Valparaiso

19 March 2018

Norway aiming for a fully electric ferry fleet by 2023, but without tax breaks the example will be difficult to reproduce

Full article: The Meditelegraph

14 March 2018

To retain their status as international infrastructures serving the territory, the EU’s ports need to invest 48 billion euros in the next years.

This is the conclusion of a recent study by the ESPO, which consulted 73 European ports. Without support for this investment programme from the EU Commission, ports risk being unable to play a full part in policy on transport, the energy transition and environmental improvement.

Full article: ESPO / Pdf Report

14 March 2018

France: the port city of Le Havre shortlisted as a future investment site for its Smart Port City project

Full article: Haropa Port

7 March 2018

Rotterdam moving towards a sustainable circular industry

The Port of Rotterdam has signed a development agreement with a business consortium to study the creation of a modern waste-recycling plant. The initial investment is 9M€. The consortium will take its decision on final investment in the project, estimated at 200 million euros, at the year end.

Full article : Port of Rotterdam

7 March 2018

Dominican Republic joins COCATRAM, a body which encourages port development to transform Central America into a logistics platform for the region

Full article : Actualidad Maritima y Portuaria

7 March 2018

Mary Rose Burke, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce has given a talk entitled: Why we should not move the Dublin Port to make room for housing

Full article : Fora