Urban Port

14 January 2019

New York (United States): Brooklyn Navy Yard looking for a developer

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp oversaw the radical transformation of the yard which is now home to an industrial campus, film studios, and soon a food manufacturing centre. A call for tenders has been made for a final quay damaged six years ago by Hurricane Sandy. The aim is to maintain maritime activities in the area in conjunction with the ship repair activities already present.

Full article : Crain’s New York Business

14 January 2019

Guayaquil (Ecuador): in 2020, an aerial cableway across the river will improve urban mobility

Full article : Mundo Maritimo

14 January 2019

Cadiz (Spain): Puertos del Estado grants the port permission to sell more than 11 hectares of the Port of Santa Maria for urban development

Full article : El Vigia

9 January 2019

Singapore: redevelopment for Tanjong Pagar after the port moves

The relocation of port activities to Tuas will free up several thousand hectares of land in the southern waterfront district after 2027. The government wants to turn the area into a mixed-use zone combining high-quality housing and facilities to create an international tourist destination.

Full article : The Online Citizen

9 January 2019

Oslo: competition for a new cultural center in the Vippetangen waterfront district

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9 January 2019

Manilla: ESCA Inc. selected for a feasibility study on the development of a cruise port

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9 January 2019

Bellingham waterfront (United States): following the recent opening of Waypoint Park, numerous new developments are planned for 2019

Full article : Bellingham Herald

7 January 2019

The Port of Barcelona opens a new promenade

The promenade is located on the breakwater protecting Marina Vela. Additional work carried out under a public-private partnership has seen 36,000 m² of new public spaces created in the district. The second phase of the project is already planned for the marina, and should improve the attractiveness of the entire sector, while plans are also being studied to create a branch of the Hermitage Museum.

Full article : El Périodico


Citizen Port

21 May 2014

Brussels – the Port is celebrating

bruxelles_mai-gm2014Set in the heart of the city, the Brussels river port is celebrating its 13th Port Fete. The bi-annual event is intended to bring citizens closer to their port, offering numerous free activities and demonstrations. Brussels, a capital city whose maritime character is little known, offers a new way of discovering waterways. (©Photo: AIVP)

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19 May 2014

The Port of Valparaiso offers refurbished containers for classes in kindergarten schools damaged in the April fires

Full article: Mundo Maritimo

14 May 2014

See a video of the 5 main projects around the world for zero emissions ships.

Full article: Marine Insight

13 May 2014

The port of Huelva confirms its social commitment by backing sports events

Full article: Port de Huelva

13 May 2014

Containers to transport something other than cargo: the Port of Seattle innovates in how it handles run-off water

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13 May 2014

Leghorn will celebrate European Maritime Day with a series of events, including the signature of the Missions Charter of a Port Centre

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12 May 2014

Rotterdam: 100 “electronic noses” in the port have led to a reduction in the impact on the urban environment

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9 May 2014

Sao Sebastiao (Brazil): green light for port extension and multiple actions to reduce the environmental impact

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6 May 2014

The Port of Los Angeles assigns US$1M of subsidies to actions supporting civil society and the LA Waterfront

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Enterprise-driver Port

14 January 2019

Port and circular economy: growing potential, particularly for ports attached to large urban centres

In this article, the authors and researchers provide an overview of the potential of this new economic concept, which aims to re-use, recycle or re-manufacture. Numerous examples from the Netherlands highlight four priorities: preparing for a reduction in raw materials shipped, attracting new logistics and industrial activities, developing genuine clusters, and pooling energy flows.

Full article: Port Economics

14 January 2019

The Mayors of Valencia and Sagunto keen for dialogue with the port in the interests of their joint City Port territory.

Full article: Diario del Puerto

14 January 2019

The Mayor of Iquique hails an agreement between Brazil and Chile on a bio-ocean corridor that will strengthen the ports of northern Chile.

Full article: Portal Portuario

9 January 2019

Whether vertical or horizontal, port cooperation remains a key priority

Many ports are currently looking at establishing closer ties with operators in their hinterlands, in some cases even developing their own terminals there or seeking cooperation with neighbouring or complementary ports. Joost Hintjens of Antwerp University proposes an academic approach to these strategies, while on the ground the likes of Barcelona and Tarragona are working together.

Full article: Port Technology / Diario del Puerto

9 January 2019

Carbon capture projects made a comeback in 2018, providing an opportunity for ports in the fight against climate change.

Full article: Le Marin, 3 janvier 2019, pp 8-9

9 January 2019

The Port Community of Valencia comes together to share initiatives and promote innovation for the long term.

Full article: El Vigia

7 January 2019

The City of Hamburg wants to shift some of the port authority’s remit to the city

The plan is backed by the new Minister of the Free City for the Economy, Shipping and Port Affairs, who took office in autumn 2018. The areas concerned include flood defences, the management of Neuwerk island, and the management of certain roads. Most importantly, however, the Minister wants strategic port planning to be shared between the City and Port.

Full article: World Cargo News

7 January 2019

The Port of Busan chosen by the South Korean government for a blockchain trial aimed at optimising maritime activities.

Full article: Port Technology

7 January 2019

Puertos del Estado supports the World Food Programme, which has a strategic logistics base in Las Palmas.

Full article: Diario del Puerto