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23 May 2018

Copenhagen: Blox, the Danish architecture centre, opened on 7 May

Designed by OMA, it will be partly raised above the dock on which it has been built, to preserve the continuity of the promenade. The multi-purpose building will house a museum, restaurant, offices, housing units, and more.

Full article : Le Moniteur (+ images) ; The Guardian (+ images)

23 May 2018

Newcastle (Australia): the maritime museum set to be relocated to the pumping station? The cost of moving the heritage site would be very high, according to the Port

Full article : The Herald

23 May 2018

Barcelona: Carnival Corporation has opened its new cruise terminal, capable of accommodating ships running on LNG

Full article : Cruise News

23 May 2018

Fort William (Scotland) wants to welcome cruise passengers directly onshore, in a bid to boost the Highlands’ tourist appeal

Full article : The national

21 May 2018

Winnipeg: a community-wide ideas competition for Alexander Dock

Activity ended in this sector alongside the Red River in 2015. The area is now owned by the City and a public consultation was organised in 2017. The main aim of the On the Docks competition is to restore access to the river, but all proposals for this public space will be welcomed.

Full article:  Competition Web SiteCompetition Brief ; Consultation report

21 May 2018

Montreal: public spaces at the Grand Quai and cruise terminal to be inaugurated on 3 June, with work set to start on the viewing tower in 2019

Full article : Radio canada (+ images ; Video)

21 May 2018

The Port of Valparaiso approves Agunsa’s plans for a priority dock for cruise ships, capable of accommodating two ships at once

Full article : Mundo maritimo ; Seatrade Cruise News

21 May 2018

Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival: over the years, the shipping container has become a symbol of the city’s cultural identity. A look back at the 2017 edition.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images)

16 May 2018

Valencia: the Mayor favours uses linked to culture and innovation for the Marina Réal docks

This announcement follows an agreement with Docks Logistics Spain, S.A., bringing forward the end of their concession which was to have run until 2022. Use of this emblematic building will then be returned to Consorcio Valencia 2007-CV07, which manages the marina. In March, CV07 launched a consultation process with a group of independent professionals and experts. The different proposals centre on the concept of a living space designed by the community as a whole, devoted to culture, education, research, etc.

Full article : Valencia Plaza ; El

16 May 2018

Houston: a vast tunnel network will not be enough to protect the city from future floods – a long-term approach is needed

Full article : Grist


Citizen Port

5 November 2013

Three-year operational plan for Genoa Port is adopted: site relocation in 2015 and rebuilding of the control tower.

Source: Genova Mente Locale

5 November 2013

The Port Centre Network (PCN) associates itself with the teachers’ mobility project, within the framework of a European project

Italia: Liguria hopes to make the regions teachers more aware of the world of ports through visits to various cities such as Le Havre and Antwerp. The aim is to discover the port, numerous educational initiatives and hold discussions with local stakeholders.
Source: AIVP

Regional School Management for Liguria ( will present the initiative “Leonardo project VETPRO Blueline” on teacher mobility at the press conference.
The project will officially start with a training program, linguistic and pedagogical training, and a more technical training about maritime and port issues. It will take place between November 2013 and February 2014.
The target audience consists of 67 teachers of high schools of different address – nautical, technical and touristics institutes – of the 4 provinces of Liguria Genoa, Savona, La Spezia and Imperia .
During the hours of training teachers , divided into groups , will be involved in the design of an educational plan – in the wake of two very useful and good experiences, “Let’s adopt a ship” of 2012 and ” Students at Work” of 2013 – that can be shared and exported at higher education institutions of the six goals identified through the partnership :
Marseille, Le Havre , Antwerp , Barcelona , Istanbul, Thessaloniki .

The School Management of Liguriawill help for the pedagogical training by means of its experts, the Association Ligurian Ports and Genoa Port Center will help for the more technical training, on maritime issues.
From March 2014 until March 2015, following the training of teachers and the realization of the educational project, the School Management, in turn, will initiate the teachers, divided into six groups, towards the six cities listed above.
In every destination, each group – made up of 8-15 teachers – will stay
7 days, from Sunday (arrival) to Saturday (departure).
During the week, the teachers will get to know some local school with whom to discuss educational pathways devoted to logistics and maritime and port issues in general, and share the experience with useful teaching methods.


5 November 2013

Ghent Port visitors information centre opens its doors

ghent gm_novembre 2013With a panoramic view of the modern port, the centre will welcome groups of 100 people. Free boat tours are also to be offered. The “Ghent Port House”, a second centre dedicated to the port, is envisaged for 2016.
Source: Ghent Port Company

5 November 2013

Chile: creation of the National Association of Port Cities

valparaiso_gm_octobre2013The mayors of Valparaiso, San Antonio and Talcahuano are to create the Port Cities Association of Chile. The first task: to try to obtain better financial compensation from the State and Port Authorities for the “negative impacts” of the port on the city, according to the Mayor of San Antonio.
Source :  Empresaoceano

30 October 2013

Melbourne (AIVP member): an artistic performance exploring the Docklands and their maritime character

Source: Melbourne Docklands

28 October 2013

Port of La Rochelle (AIVP member): the “modern music fresco” on the wall of hangar J1 is being extended

Source: La Rochelle Port

18 October 2013

France: Brest launches the first edition of its discussion forum on employment focused on maritime careers

Source: Le Marin

Enterprise-driver Port

23 May 2018

Brooklyn gets a new port vocation, with a large focus on serving the domestic economy, while it could also become a new centre for the wind power industry.

Full article: The Maritime Executive

21 May 2018

Between plastics and ship waste, the challenges around waste in ports are reaching critical point

Since the start of the year, China’s restrictive policy on plastic waste imports has been causing a build-up at European ports, where storage areas are becoming gradually saturated. Some countries are looking at landfill as a temporary solution. Elsewhere, such as at the Port of Amsterdam, new possibilities are being found, including turning waste into fuel. At the same time, Europe’s ports are calling for new legislation on the collection of ship waste to include higher taxation.

Full article: / Maritime Executive / ESPO

21 May 2018

The Port of Bordeaux welcomes the first clients at its experimental SEENEOH site dedicated to tidal energy.

Full article: Bordeaux Port Atlantique

21 May 2018

Energy transition: the port of Antwerp and Fluxys target a strategy to capture, transport, store, and re-use CO2.

Full article: Port of Antwerp

16 May 2018

With its new port at Turkmenbashi on the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan aims to become a regional hub between Europe and Asia.

Full article: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberté

16 May 2018

From the port of Montreal to the port of Quebec, the provincial government wants to promote – but not control – maritime development.

Full article: Le Soleil

14 May 2018

Quebec keen to encourage industrial synergies between the port zones of Contrecoeur Varennes and Sorel Tracy

Full article: Gouvernement du Québec

14 May 2018

Reducing logistics costs is crucial to efforts to attract industrial operators abandoning Asia and make Mombasa a new global trade hub

Full article: Business Daily

14 May 2018

Seychelles: the AFD and Europe back plans to extend Port Victoria, a vital project for lowering the cost of living in the islands

Full article: Le Marin

14 May 2018

Vietnam: a lack of investment is preventing the country from taking proper advantage of its maritime and river port system

Full article: Viêt Nam News