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13 February 2019

Montreal: call for proposals to convert the iconic Silo 5

A quarter of a century after it closed, Silo 5, an emblematic building in Montreal’s Vieux Port district, Silo 5 is set to become the heart of new mixed-used district with housing, shops, a hotel, and leisure and tourist facilities. The request for proposals to redevelop the silo and the Pointe du Moulin site is based on the responses obtained during the associated public consultation. Priority will be given to showcasing the silo and its industrial history, and the building could be used to create spectacular viewpoints!

Full article : NewswireMontreal Gazette ; View Plan

13 February 2019

The Port of Cork (Ireland) begins urban design studies and consultations for the Tivoli Docklands, whose container terminal is set to be relocated

Full article : Port of Cork

13 February 2019

Shenzhen (China): KCAP joins forces with Chinese firm CAUPD, winners of the competition for the Longgang Riverfront, including plans for parkland and cultural facilities

Full article : World Architecture (+ images) ; KCAP

13 February 2019

Memphis (United States): an ecological and recreational park designed by Studio Gang partly inspired by the former terminals and silos

Full article : Dezeen (+ images)

11 February 2019

Valparaiso (Chile): citizens opt for the Parque Barón project

Some 11,344 people voted in the “Imagina el Muelle Barón” competition organised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, and the Municipality. They were invited to choose from a shortlist of three proposals for a future “Promenade of the Sea” to be developed on a 10.9 hectare site owned by the Port. New green spaces and four pedestrian access paths will recreate links with the city, notably for the cruise terminal. A wetland area, underground aquarium and marina are also planned. Work is set to be carried out in 2020 and 2012.

Full article : La Tercera, 27/01 ; La Tercera, 28/01 ;

11 February 2019

Port of Vigo (Spain): tender launched for the creation of the plan to define port spaces and their uses, and the “Especial Plan”

Full article : Faro de Vigo ; Licitation

11 February 2019

Gandia (Spain): a ferry port to be developed in time for the summer by shipping company Armas-Trasmediterránea in a port hanger

Full article : 20 minutos

6 February 2019

Shanghai (China): Minsheng Wharf, a new promenade

After almost two years of landscaping and development work, the site along the Huangpu has become a new space in which to relax and walk, particularly along the raised promenade alongside the ferry terminal. Presentation by the project architects, Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images, plans)


Citizen Port

10 June 2014

MSC Cruises finally ready to have its ships built in Italy by Fincantieri

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10 June 2014

The Port of La Rochelle opens its doors again and salutes the growing success of this demonstration of its awareness of public opinion

Full article: Port Atlantique La Rochelle

10 June 2014

The Nice Côte d’Azur CCI shows off the heritage of the Port of Nice

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10 June 2014

Port of Quebec (AIVP member): a sustainable future

At the last public meeting, Mario Girard, president of the Port of Quebec, was careful to underline the importance of developing the recreation and tourism dimension, especially with the increase of cruise ship activity. To ensure the continued quality of life of the community, he undertook to implement concrete environmental measures and to pursue the development of large projects while making space for public consultation.

Full article: Port of Québec

9 June 2014

Environmental and social policies of the Port of Cartagena (Spain) rewarded by the European Commission

Full article: Diario del Puerto

2 June 2014

Long Beach: the city mayor receives compensation together with ship-owners for their ecological commitments

Full article: Port of Long Beach

30 May 2014

Long Beach, municipal elections 2014: the two final contenders commit themselves to the port

Port-city relations have been troubled in recent months: the outgoing team in the city hall is accused of interfering in port affairs. Whoever wins the election, the next mayor of Long Beach is committed to supporting the port as a motor for economic growth, but without interfering in its everyday management.

Full article: Journal of Commerce

30 May 2014

The Port of Valparaiso holds the 39th edition of the Sea Marathon, which has become a not-to-be-missed event in the port community

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30 May 2014

The Port of Dunkirk redevelops a natural space of 38 hectares

Dunk_gm_jui2014This new space, devoted to Biodiversity, is part of the Master Plan for the Natural Heritage of the Port of Dunkirk. It takes the form of an eco-landscape corridor to allow the local flora and fauna to develop. The partner institutions and associations will open it to discovery by the public at its official inauguration on 6 and 7 June 2014.(© photo AIVP)

Full article: Port de Dunkerque

Enterprise-driver Port

13 February 2019

The ports of Ghana are crucial to the country’s development, while gradually integrating environmental issues

As the region’s third largest economy, Ghana is able to rely on a port system. In addition to terminals, investment has also been made in infrastructural links, notably with Burkina Faso, and smoother goods tracking procedures. Alongside this, and with the help of an international pool, the port of Tema has become a pilot project for an integrated and sustainable approach to port design.

Full article: Greenport / Marcopolis

13 February 2019

Saudi Arabia: LogiPoint, a member of AIVP this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, is now in charge of 178 hectares of logistics zones

Full article: LogiPoint

13 February 2019

Hamilton / Oshawa (Canada): jobs the priority in proposals for a potential merger of the two port authorities.

Full article: cbc

13 February 2019

The City and Port of Altamira (Mex) keen to work together to improve the competitiveness of the port and local region.

Full article: La Régión

11 February 2019

The City of Quebec is keen to strengthen innovation in the Littoral Est sector, as a complement to port development projects.

The initiative forms part of the wider Saint Lawrence project driven by the Province. At these sites, which have a clear economic purpose, a technological innovation zone will be focused on logistics activities, life sciences and clean technologies, particularly in the field of energy. The project is intended to generate synergies with plans to extend the port into the Beauport area.

Full article: Ville de Québec

11 February 2019

Futur port of Achères (Paris) dedicated to building materials: questions remain among residents about the height of the silos.

Full article: Les Echos

11 February 2019

Driverless rail wagons: inspired by baggage sorting in airports, the system could inject a whole new degree of flexibility into rail transport.

Full article: Flows

11 February 2019

Palermo: the port and Fincantieri, which will invest 20 ME in 20109/20, signed an agreement to reactivate shipyards

Full article: Palermo Today

11 February 2019

Bremerhaven: the planned terminal for the offshore wind industry ruled illegal due to a lack of economic justification. The decision may be appealed.

Full article: Junge Welt

6 February 2019

Helsinki is counting on regulation and multimodality to improve access to the port and smooth urban traffic.

Full article: City of Helsinki