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18 March 2019

Oakland (USA): new version of the waterfront stadium project unveiled

BIG, Gensler, and Field Operations have presented their updated plans for a baseball stadium on the waterfront. The new stadium will be circular shaped and more open, and will also have a landscaped roof open to the public. The aim is to ensure that the arena is better integrated into the surroundings of this Howard terminal site, which will also host a housing and office development programme.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; Howard Terminal

18 March 2019

Hull (UK), Humber Quays West: a COMPETITION to develop a waterfront district taking into account flood risks

Full article : H-Living with Water

18 March 2019

Santos (Brazil): the new port operator casts doubt on plans to redevelop the Valongo district for urban uses

Full article : A Tribuna

18 March 2019

Edinburgh (UK): 7N Architects announces plans for over 900 homes and a large park in the Western Harbour area

Full article : Scottish Construction Now

13 March 2019

The Wild Mile: a floating eco-park for Chicago

Designed by SOM architects, the park will use the existing canal walls to create a network of floating wetland zones and walking areas for residents and kayakers. The aim is to create both a natural habitat and recreational and educational spaces. The park is expected to open in 2020.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; World Architecture (+ images) ; WildMile Chicago

13 March 2019

The City of Glasgow (UK) launches a public consultation on plans to create a park on the banks of the Clyde

Full article : Urbanrealm

13 March 2019

San Francisco (United States): two ferry terminals redeveloped and adapted in anticipation of rising sea levels

Full article : SF Chronicle

11 March 2019

Oran (Algeria): the Wali keen for a port that is open to the city

Development studies currently under way will outline a range of options for improving the way the various port spaces are integrated and smoothing their visual impact. The final study will then be formally debated at a meeting. Another study on the development of a small marina and the fishing port was also launched a few months ago.

Full article : Algerie360

11 March 2019

Oakland (United States): BIG designs a zero-emission urban gondola for the future Howard Terminal Ballpark on the waterfront

Full article : World Architecture (+ images)


Citizen Port

6 January 2014

The Port of Santander mounts a highly successful exhibition on the wreck of the Cabo Machichaco, attracting more than 4000 visitors

Source: Diario del Puerto

18 December 2013

Climate Action Plan adopted to safeguard the bay of the Port of San Diego

Source: Cruise Industry News

18 December 2013

Genova: Blue World, a marine leisure project integrated with a museum, a maritime academy and an educational port for children, among other facilities


18 December 2013

Trieste Porto Antico: an old port territory which continues to provoke debate

After the check to the “Porto Città” project, Italia Nostra is now proposing a master-plan for making the area safe and minor rehabilitation, favouring the services sector functions such as training, education and research with the creation of a Harbour College.
Source: Il Piccolo

18 December 2013

For the ninth year running, the Port of Cork has started its Discover Cork programme for primary school children

Source: Port of Cork

18 December 2013

The Port of Bahia Blanca (AIVP member) salutes the Missions Charter of a Port Centre initiative

Source: Port of Bahia Blanca

13 December 2013

The mayor of Santos signs a law prohibiting bulk cereal operations in the island region

Source: Prefeitura de Santos

9 December 2013

Le Havre Port Center opens its doors

lehavrelogoPortCenter_gm-decembre 2013The official inauguration of the Le Havre Port Center took place on 9 December with the five founding partners in attendance: the City, the Port, CCI, the Maritime Union of Port Businesses and the Conurbation Community. Their shared hope is that a true port culture will emerge among the city’s inhabitants.

Apart from the founding partners, Le Havre Port Center also enjoys the support of the dockers’ union, private companies and cultural associations. They are fully associated with the initiative, the concept of which was launched by AIVP 3 years ago. Today, Le Havre is launching its Port Center in a configuration which aspires to evolve considerably in the coming years: to further develop partnerships with schools and teacher representatives; to institute innovative visitor routes in agreement with port, maritime and industrial companies; and to offer educational workshops and presentations which testify to the wealth of the past, present and future activities of the port of Le Havre. ©Photos AIVP
Source: AIVP

9 December 2013

Quebec: Labour appears to be the central challenge for the future development of port-cities and the maritime industry

Source: Technopole Maritime du Québec

6 December 2013

Eliship at Naples: the first Italian company to develop a technology for more ecological ships

naples_eliship_gm-dec-2013Two projects are in progress, jointly with the Rina classification society: Anfora and Stargas. The first for the creation of an ultrasound anti-fouling system and the second to develop a technology to convert traditional diesel engines into LNG hybrid engines.

Source: Informazioni Marittime

Enterprise-driver Port

18 March 2019

The Danish maritime sector employs 96,000 people and accounts for 6.5% of the country’s GDP

Full article: Maritime Denmark

18 March 2019

The Port of Marseille and MGI launch a blockchain pilot port for container traffic

Full article: Port Technology

18 March 2019

La Rochelle: businesses unite under the umbrella of the MER association to accelerate the energy transition and industrial ecology.

Full article:

13 March 2019

The Port of Vancouver joins the industrial Sea / LNG grouping, to speed up the use of LNG as a marine fuel

Full article: Marine Link / SEA LNG

13 March 2019

Taiwan set to call on British know-how to kick-start development of offshore wind in ports

Full article: Offshore Wind

11 March 2019

Hydrogen technology has a big part to play in decarbonising the port and maritime economy

The issue was the focus of a brainstorming workshop organized by the Port of Barcelona. It is believed that by 2050, some 25% of the world’s energy could rely on this technology which is taking its place in a new energy mix. To that end, the European public-private “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking” is supporting nearly 250 projects.

Full article: Puerto de barcelona / FCH Project

11 March 2019

The ports of Latvia and Hamburg move to strengthen their cooperation, with the focus on creating a multimodal link

Full article: Port of Hamburg

11 March 2019

FedEx, which handles 14 million packages daily, presents its vision of the advent of AI and automation in the logistics chain.

Full article: The Business Time

11 March 2019

Singapore becomes the latest country to launch a pilot project using a blockchain platform to encourage electronic exchanges of trade documents.

Full article: Port Technology