Urban Port

20 March 2019

Fremantle (Australia): a steering committee for Victoria Quay

The new steering committee met recently to look at possible uses for the 13 hectare site. A number of developments have already been realised, including the passenger terminal. The stated aim for this historic site in Fremantle is to combine an active port with a tourist hub.

Full article : Infrastructure ; Fremantle Ports

20 March 2019

Marseille waterfront: the Port selects three architects to design an office building, while a tower for shipping line CMA CGM is also planned

Full article : TPBM ; Le Moniteur

18 March 2019

Oakland (USA): new version of the waterfront stadium project unveiled

BIG, Gensler, and Field Operations have presented their updated plans for a baseball stadium on the waterfront. The new stadium will be circular shaped and more open, and will also have a landscaped roof open to the public. The aim is to ensure that the arena is better integrated into the surroundings of this Howard terminal site, which will also host a housing and office development programme.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; Howard Terminal

18 March 2019

Hull (UK), Humber Quays West: a COMPETITION to develop a waterfront district taking into account flood risks

Full article : H-Living with Water

18 March 2019

Santos (Brazil): the new port operator casts doubt on plans to redevelop the Valongo district for urban uses

Full article : A Tribuna

18 March 2019

Edinburgh (UK): 7N Architects announces plans for over 900 homes and a large park in the Western Harbour area

Full article : Scottish Construction Now

13 March 2019

The Wild Mile: a floating eco-park for Chicago

Designed by SOM architects, the park will use the existing canal walls to create a network of floating wetland zones and walking areas for residents and kayakers. The aim is to create both a natural habitat and recreational and educational spaces. The park is expected to open in 2020.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; World Architecture (+ images) ; WildMile Chicago

13 March 2019

The City of Glasgow (UK) launches a public consultation on plans to create a park on the banks of the Clyde

Full article : Urbanrealm


Citizen Port

29 November 2013

Dakar and Senegal bet on the port economy, logistics and ship-building

Dakar will thus benefit from the National Infrastructure and Maritime Equipment Project. Port terminals have been modernised. The marine terminal is getting ready to receive cruise ships. A “ship-building” industry consisting of small units is emerging and port professions are attracting young Senegalese.
Source : Le Marin, 22 nov 2013, dossier spécial, pp.21-38

29 November 2013

SeePort: The Port of Auckland launches an open-doors event for 3 days in January 2014

auckland-seeport_gm_november2013The object of SeePort is to allow the public to enter port premises, to observe and build a more lasting knowledge of the port industry. Games and visits by bus and boat will be accompanied by a display of educational panels.
Source: Port of Auckland

28 November 2013

The Port of Melbourne redevelopment project includes plans for direct access and an observation platform

melbourne belvedere_gm_novem2013Buffer zones around the future Webb Dock container terminal and two new access roads should reduce the impact of road nuisance linked to port traffic. A belvedere will allow people to observe movements on the terminal and enjoy a view over the city.
Source: The Sydney Morning HeraldPort of Melbourne

26 November 2013

Port of Ghent: a magazine with 4 issues per year to bring the port closer to the people

Source: Port of Ghent

26 November 2013

The Port of Dover offers a new scholarship to increase its commitment to young people

Source: Port of Dover

26 November 2013

USA: Washington State Ferries proposes the LNG option to reduce the environmental impact of its ferries

Source: WSDOT

21 November 2013

The European “Sustainable Cruise ship” project is directed towards the innovative management of waste on shipboard

Source: Greenport Sustainable Cruise

21 November 2013

A new law will oblige big businesses in India to invest in social works

mumbai_gm-novembre2013The Companies Bill, adopted this summer, will affect around 8,000 companies. They will have to devote 2% of their net profits to social actions. Questions remain as to how this money (estimated at between 1.4 and 1.9 billion €) will be distributed, and the issue of reporting to limit abuses. ©Photo AIVP
Souce: Novethic

21 November 2013

Groeningen (Netherlands): Seaport Experience Centre organises a competition between Universities to re-structure a seawall

groeningen-sxc-gm-novembre2013For one week, students will look for solutions to adapt the seawall of the port of Eemshaven to the challenges of rising sea levels without disturbing port activities. They will be helped in their efforts by experts from Groeningen Seaports and from RoyalHaskoningDHV.
Source: Seaports Xperience Center (SXC)

Enterprise-driver Port

20 March 2019

Belgium: with 254,800 jobs and €35.3 billion of added value, the six ports are more than ever playing their part as an economic engine

The figures, which come from the latest study carried out by the National Bank of Belgium, are the highest recorded since 2012, and were never achieved prior to the crisis in 2008. However, they do include the non-maritime chemicals sector. In terms of jobs, the challenge for the ports is to continue developing their attractiveness and working on their brand image in the community.

Full article: Flows 1 / Flows 2

20 March 2019

Sweden gives the green light to trial self-driving trucks on public roads between two depots.

Full article: Flows

20 March 2019

Danish businesses unite to position themselves in the flourishing global market for outfitting of cruise ships

Full article: Maritime Denmark

18 March 2019

The Danish maritime sector employs 96,000 people and accounts for 6.5% of the country’s GDP

Full article: Maritime Denmark

18 March 2019

The Port of Marseille and MGI launch a blockchain pilot port for container traffic

Full article: Port Technology

18 March 2019

La Rochelle: businesses unite under the umbrella of the MER association to accelerate the energy transition and industrial ecology.

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13 March 2019

The Port of Vancouver joins the industrial Sea / LNG grouping, to speed up the use of LNG as a marine fuel

Full article: Marine Link / SEA LNG

13 March 2019

Taiwan set to call on British know-how to kick-start development of offshore wind in ports

Full article: Offshore Wind

11 March 2019

Hydrogen technology has a big part to play in decarbonising the port and maritime economy

The issue was the focus of a brainstorming workshop organized by the Port of Barcelona. It is believed that by 2050, some 25% of the world’s energy could rely on this technology which is taking its place in a new energy mix. To that end, the European public-private “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking” is supporting nearly 250 projects.

Full article: Puerto de barcelona / FCH Project