Urban Port

22 May 2019

Dubai: Emaar Properties unveils “The Dubai Mall by the Sea”

The $6.8 billion project includes residential units, a 430 berth marina capable of accommodating the world’s biggest yachts, along with retail spaces, restaurants and leisure facilities. It will be developed near Mina Rashid, where the Queen Elisabeth II is moored, having been turned into a hotel. The project will also improve the facilities available to cruise passengers arriving at the Hamdan bin Mohammed cruise terminal, which officially opened in 2014.

Full article : Transport & Logistic (+ video)

22 May 2019

The Port of Almeria (Spain) invites tenders for phase 2 of the programme to turn Cable Ingles into a promenade

Full article : Noticias de Almeria

22 May 2019

“Memory of Water”: a project to assess artists’ impact on the re-use of waterfront heritage in six cities

Full article : Intercult ; Memory of water

22 May 2019

Waterfront de Miami : la Royal Carribean aura bientôt son nouveau siège dans un bâtiment de dix étages évoquant un navire de croisière

Full article : Cerodosbe

20 May 2019

Barcelona: another step forward for Port Vell

Thirty years after the Special Plan for Port Vell was approved, the Gerencia Urbanística Port Vell is launching new projects in anticipation of future requirements. New spaces for leisure activities, culture, research and innovation will be created for the public. Examples include the development of the Hermitage Museum, reported in one of our recent newsletters, and a new Port Center at the former Port Authority headquarters.

Full article : El Diario ; El Periodico

20 May 2019

The Bellingham waterfront could host a new “food campus” for the local food industry

Full article : Bellingham Herald

15 May 2019

Melbourne: parks and public spaces for the Southbank

The project concerns the Southbank arts precinct and the 18,000 m2 of public spaces redeveloped there. The team selected after a tender process includes two landscape architecture professors from the University of Sheffield, and architecture firm Hassell. The project includes plans for raised parks, gardens and pedestrian areas.

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15 May 2019

The Port of Hualien (Taiwan) redraws its boundaries to better meet the needs of its customers and rationalise the interface with the City. The amount of space managed directly by the port will be reduced.

Full article : Taïwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd


Citizen Port

9 September 2013

The port of Cagliari will host an NBA Basketball demonstration

President Piergiorgio Massidda of the Port of Cagliari has long boasted a policy of openness. He wants his fellow citizens to retake possession of their port. Sports demonstrations and festivals are particularly good ways to do this, as well as the currently projected creation of promenades and cycle tracks.
Source: La Nuova Sardegna

5 September 2013

The wharves of Reunion Island turn to culture

“The whole town goes down to the sea.” The redevelopment of the wharves has allowed the creation of an attractive space inviting visitors on a cultural voyage. In June, several concerts took place just opposite the sugar terminal, giving the port a new image… and a new sound!
Source: Journal de la Ville du Port – Août 2013

5 September 2013

A week to discover the port of Le Havre and the careers it offers

Some dozen tours are offered to give the region’s inhabitants a chance to discover the many activities and careers associated with the maritime and port world of Le Havre. The main object is to make young people aware of the opportunities and encourage them to talk to professionals who work in this environment.
Source: CCI Le Havre

5 September 2013

The Flemish ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Ostend will open their gates on 22 September

The Flemish ports are inviting the general public to discover the extraordinary environment of the world of ports. A number of demonstrations have been organised for the occasion. At Antwerp, PSA and DP World will invite families into their terminals to see these usually inaccessible sites at close hand.
Source: Port of Antwerp

22 August 2013

Long Beach: the port has reduced its emissions of diesel particles by 81% since 2005

Source : Green Port

24 July 2013

Waterways – a sector looking to recruit but lacking applicants

The magazine Navigation Ports & Intermodalité presents a complete file on young people and waterways. This sector needs to provide a new vision of its industry and the opportunities for development which it offers. Reflections, testimonies and training opportunities will be presented.

Source: NPI

19 July 2013

The film “Cargo” takes a prize at the Genova Film Festival dedicated to the theme : Today’s port – between local identity and global networks

Source : Porto di Genova

18 July 2013

“Aportem – Port of Valencia United” sees the light of day

Valence_gm_APORTEM_12_07_2013The Aportem project has been officially launched by various partners from the logistics and port community of Valencia.  Initiated by the Port Authority and Valenciaport, it aims to promote corporate social responsibility. (©APV)

Source: Port de Valence – Valenciaport

17 July 2013

In Ghent, free boat trips are a victim of their own success: The port is already taking bookings for 2014

Source: Port de Gand

17 July 2013

A unique multimedia aquatic show in Quebec could inspire port cities

Source: BateauInfo

Enterprise-driver Port

20 May 2019

Antwerp: the planned extension of the container terminals on the south bank will spare the village of Doel, as demanded by local communities.

Full article: Flows

20 May 2019

Bordeaux: elected representatives unanimously agree to develop freight on the Garonne, but so far there is little in the way of practical measures planned.

Full article: 20 minutes Bordeaux

20 May 2019

Tema, Ghana: some traditional port stakeholders are concerned about the impact plans to expand the port could have on their business and jobs.

Full article: Ghana Web

20 May 2019

Energy transition: Nantes Saint Nazaire Port redoubles its efforts in the area of heat networks and the LNG industry

Full article: Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port

20 May 2019

Urban-port agriculture: the pilot floating farm created in the port of Rotterdam enters its operational phase.

Full article: Designboom

15 May 2019

Cutting CO2 emissions: proposals to limit sailing speeds do not enjoy unanimous support. But could we see the end of just-in-time?

For certain experts, slowing ships too much would make additional vessels necessary, which would wipe out the benefits in terms of CO2 emissions. But given the need to act against climate change, some are suggesting that cities, ports, logistics operators, industry and consumers should be prepared to accept a reasonable increase in delivery times. In which case that additional vessel would simply be unnecessary.

Full article: The Loadstar

15 May 2019

India: the Metropolitan Region of Chennai plans eight freight corridors to ease congestion in the city around the ports of Ennore and Katupalli.

Full article: The New Indian Express

15 May 2019

Croatia: the bankruptcy of the Rijeka and Pula shipyards sees a whole maritime industry disappear with the loss of 1,100 jobs.

Full article: Le Marin

15 May 2019

The Walvis Bar Corridor Group signals its confidence in Namibia’s development as a logistics platform for Southern Africa

Full article: Africa Ports

15 May 2019

The ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Rotterdam take part in the Porthos project to capture 10Mt of CO2 for burial beneath the North Sea.

Full article: The Guardian